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cash passport or just my visa debit to Bali?

McLaren Vale...
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cash passport or just my visa debit to Bali?

Hi I'm going to Bali soon and was wondering if it is better to take my money on a cash passport or just take my Visa Debit card? I've heard a few different things, any advice will be great :)

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1. Re: cash passport or just my visa debit to Bali?

Last year got myself a cashpassport card, found it very handy additionally only topped it up online when needed to, there if lost would not be in a major panic.

Was a relief knowing I was not using my credit card also not carrying or locking up in a hotel safe (not very at some places).

Very easy to view you balance and transactions. www.cashpassport is the site for reference.

Never again will I use my credit card there, heard of and know many recent stories of fraud.

Good luck with your choice. PM if you need anything further.


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2. Re: cash passport or just my visa debit to Bali?

Cashpassport cards are a very expensive way of getting access to your money. If you are considering one of these cards please add up all the fees - NOT just the 1% loading fee they seem to tell you about.

If you have a card loaded with AUD$ and withdraw money in Bali you will pay 5.95% PLUS the 1% you paid to put the money on the card. That is in addition to the flat fee they charge you every time you make a withdrawal. Plus a fee per month if you don't have a transaction, plus a fee to close the account, plus a penalty if you withdraw your own money in Australia! Read the terms and conditions because none of the agents who sell them (for commision of course) ever seem to tell anyone about the fees - which are significantly more than the typical bank ATM account.

If you have concerns about using your normal credit cards or ATM cards then a better option (cheaper and just as safe) is to open special travel account - 28 Degrees Mastercard for a credit card and Citiplus Transaction account for ATM access. These are both internet based so they are very easy to apply online and neither charges account fees or fees to withdraw your money overseas.

Compared to the Cash passort you will save somewhere between 7% to 10% which is $70 to $100 for every $1000 you spend.

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sydney australia
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3. Re: cash passport or just my visa debit to Bali?

I think it comes down to cost (read fees).

I also wondered about the cash passport and what the exchange rate it like

I normally just take cash from home - and have a card as a back up - my credit union has a visa debit - and they charge $3.40 a transaction if its an ATM withdrawl, but they charge 3% on any Visa Debit transactions.

I think that is a lot - so I just take the cash - into the safe at the apartment - and have the card in case I run out of money - only happened once in 11 years.

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4. Re: cash passport or just my visa debit to Bali?

I did lots if reading up on this, the fees are crazy if you use a cash passport and you are also restricted to how much money you can take out of an ATM, so if you want a larger amount out, you will have to do multiple transactions! We went in September last year and are going again in 2 weeks time. I usualy take majority in cash then I open up a visa debit account with my bank (nab) it's the gold card account. It costs me $10 per month to have it and I don't get charged a fee to use it and the conversion rate is comparable to cashing cash. Then I close the account in full when I get home so if fraudsters do get the account details, it's a close account and they have nothing to take. I hope this helps :)

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5. Re: cash passport or just my visa debit to Bali?

I take mainly cash (50's and 100's get the highest exchange rate)

I have the 28 degree mastercard (used to be called wizard clear advantage)

No fees or charges, great exchange rate and well worth having when you travel overseas.

Brisbane, Australia
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6. Re: cash passport or just my visa debit to Bali?

There are commonwealth bank ATM's scattered all over the place in the main tourist areas including Ubud. You are charged $2aud per transaction which is fantastic considering I think nothing about a $2 charge to use a different ATM here in oz. It's all I used when i was in Bali in Feburary. Didn't bother with my cash passport at all this time.

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South Morang
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7. Re: cash passport or just my visa debit to Bali?

I have always used the NAB GOLD CARD. Just like a previous advisor. No fees, only the 10 fee to set up or a month. I also then closed it when I got back. The NAB paid all transaction fees and international conversion fees. Easy as. If I needed to transfer more money to it, I just used my Internet. I could use it every where...

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8. Re: cash passport or just my visa debit to Bali?

Has anyone used the cba travel card in bali? Was going to use cash passport as have done in the past, but the person selling them said that a feq people have had trouble using them in bali. any thoughts?

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9. Re: cash passport or just my visa debit to Bali?

Just use cash and have a credit or debit card as a back up.

Note Lizzie, the nab gold card is no longer free to use overseas but you still get free travel insurance when you use it to pay for $500 or more of your travel and/or accommodation costs.

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10. Re: cash passport or just my visa debit to Bali?

The NAB does not have the free travel insurance either now. They changed it in app. May this year.