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Day 7... my turn to feel hungover....

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Day 7... my turn to feel hungover....

Woke up at 5am went outside and read on the Bale. I love how quiet the Kusnadi hotel is and that there is always an empty Bale to crawl up onto. Had a very early breakfast and went in search of a massage. My arms were throbbing - not sure if it was a combination of the spice pounding at cooking class and all the sawing at silver smith class or just a flare up tied to the allergic reaction....

Favorite regular spas were not open, walked down Rum Jungle Road away towards the beach and a girl called me into her spa. Minni's cannot be seen from the foot path, down a little path between a couple of market stalls. Almost oppsite Tommy's or Warung Tropical. I asked for a one hour hand and arm massage. One girl got to work on me and then the other offered to do foot massage. Why not I thought... Make the most of it.

Arm massage was a bit half hearted, but when the older girl would tell her something in Balinese she would start trying harder and doing a good job. Had my feet washed, scrubbed with a toothbrush, legs and feet massaged. After an hour and 110k (which I think was more than they said, but still a bargain). I was done. Salon is not fancy. You know the type, pedicure chairs have cracks in the vinyl, no soothing music and whilst it was clean, in need of a paint and some replaced tiles. Would be happy to come here again for simple treatments.

Went back to hotel to try and wake hubby... still asleep and not going to wake up anytime soon. He went out with guy that works at Captain cook bar again last night after I went to sleep. Then when he came home he sat out by the pool finishing off the bottle of bourbon with a back packer from Finland, til his girlfriend came out and yelled at them to got to bed! Well it was 2am.

So left him to suffer a bit more and went and read by the pool. I love my kindle - sooo good for traveling, gone are the days of lugging 4 books on a week holiday or hunting down cheap books over there.

Had brekkie and chatted to a few of the regulars. Quite a few couples staying at the Kusnadi for the whole month. They have a routine all figured out and seem to be loving it and come back every year.

Hubby eventually woke up, took in the rest of the laundry and we decided we would walk down to the beach and check out Cocoon. I was starting to feel like I had been the one drinking til 2am everynight. Think the "non sleepy" allergy medicine was having a delayed reaction and I was not much use to anyone.

Got a lovely day bed up the back at Coocoon. great view of the beach, the pool and all the beautiful people. If you are wanting a more up market luxury day out this is a lovely place.

Day beds are comfy, waiters are attentive and it was not at all croweded (it was a Monday). Hubby ordered a Bingtan (50k) and I got a diet coke (30K) and after that I was almost too scared to look at the food prices. I had a lovely sleep in my shady day bed, whilst hubby swam in the pool and oggled the beautiful people. The dropped past food menus, massage menus and cocktail lists. Whilst the prices are not expensive by Aussie standards they were very dear for Bali and when we travel to Bali these days we have to stick to a budget or we can't go back as often. Cocktails were 120k, meals were from 120k and up. To rent a towel (if you forget to sneak one out of your hotel) is 50k.

So after enjoying a few hours here (wel I slept for most of it) we were feeling guilty about taking up space and not spending much money, so thought it was time to head down the beach path for lunch. Went back to Seaside, as I had really enjoyed the tacquitos here the first night. I was still dead on my feet so ordered a "Black Spider" which was espresso coffee, coke and icecream. Figured if anything was going to wake me up, this was it (25k)!. Had the tacquitos again (65k), hubby had some spring rolls (30K) and a bloody mary (55k). Great food, good service.

Halfway through lunch realised how sleepy I must have been, when I pulled my kindle out of my bag to find it covered in sunscreen. Looked all through my bag for the lid, only to find it wasn't there. Did a mop up job with some napikins and was starting to panic, but it is working fine... now the mystery of why I would put a full bottle of sunscreen in my bag without a lid???

Now hubby starts complaining that his new glasses have "bubbles" in them. I could'nt really understand what he meant, but then again I have never had transition or progressive lenses. He was starting to whine more and more and I was still sleepy so I said lets go find the glasses man (meaning he could whilst I slept!). Glasses man wasn't out the front of the bank where he said he always was. Called him and he met us at the room in about 2 minutes. Apparently if he is not out the front of the bank in Rum Jungle Road he is out the front of Padma Clinic.. He and hubby discussed the problem and the main kept buffing the glass, trying to make the problem go away, but it didn't help. In the end he said they were "little bit broken" and he would go into Denpasar and have new lenses put in. I explained we were leaving the next day and he promised to be back by 8am the next morning.

I went back to my favorite spa next door Mauriti. I had a facial (figured I could sleep through this if need be!) It was lovely. Washed, clensed, scrubbed and massaged my face for ages. Put on a mask (i feel alseep around now). Woke up some time later and she was doing the squeezing the skin with the bright light and magnifying glass. More creams, more lotions (little bit more sleeping) and all good to go. 85K. Very happy. Would have loved a facial with a steamer, but couldn't find anyone who did it that way.

Was walking back to the room when the reception guy grabbed me and said the "glasses man" already come. So went back to the lobby and the man with the glasses is waiting for hubby... ( I call up hubby who had somehow found himself at husband day care again!). Hubby hurries back. Turns out the glasses man was so worried about what went wrong, he had ridden into Depasar swapped the lenses and come straight back to see us. Hubby was much happier and the problem was solved. He asked for little bit extra money to buy a drink... I laughed and wouldn't have paid extra for simply exchanging faulty goods, however hubby was so pleased with the quick service (and seemig he had bought off the street with no real gurantee) gave him 50k for the trouble.

Caffine was starting to kick in, so thought we would pay our beach friends a quick visit. Went and at at the Roo bar - on the beach out the front of Jayakarta. Made got me a fanta and hubby a Bintang 30k all up. Made played his guling guling music for us which I love! My friend Sandra was busy..... They had told me when they sew new tourist (with white skin and fat wallet) they must work. She was getting lucky with some hair plating, and manicures and pedicures, so we didn't chat for long, as we know she needs to make the most of customers when they are there.

Had a few laughs with a few Aussies who were drinking at the Roo Bar, and of course with Harry Hat and Honest Eddy and Michael.... They have figured out I don't shop on the beach, but I guess they feel obligated to at least try me three or four times each day... bless them! As we are walking home along Rum Jungle Road we hear screaming... the Screams travel down the road.... we finally figure out a rat is running along the footpath and all the girls that are sitting out the front of the stalls and spas are screaming as it passes them! Ha haha, so glad I was on the other side of the road. First rat we had seen all trip.

Went and picked up some sewing I had done at Manki sari (shop that makes dancing clothes and costumes) in the little road that runs from the Jayakarta, past sue cottages and down to Double 6. Everything was as ordered, and ready to go. I had provided my own fabric and prices were 85k for leotards (like a one piece swim suit) 55k for boys shorts (special gymnastics ones) and 6k for scrunchies to match the leotards.

Hubby went to pick up the mat covers from pillow 514 and checked it all and seemed pleased with the job.

I had booked to get my hair done at 6pm so headed to te salon. Left hubby at the hotel and asked him to ring me some food and check on my, as last time my hair took 4 hours. So they wash the hair, dry the hair, cut the hair (a little bit shorted and more layered than I wanted, but it will grow!) then one hour of putting the goop in, half hour of letting it sit. Around now hubby brings me a to go box of nasi goreg and a coke. No spoon and the coke needs a bottle opener. So I send him back on a mission to solve these issues. He promises the restaurant across the road (Champs Bar) that he will bring the spoon back. I open my food and for the first time of the trip there are satay sticks and a fried egg with the nasi goreng. Lucky hubby has left me and is back at the Champs bar, as he is allergic to both. Eventually they wash the goop out. Dry my hair, straighten my hair, then put more goop and leave it to sit for 20 minutes. Around now two great big rats crawl out out a hole in the wall and start chasing each other around the spa. I am a little freaked out, the hairdresser just laughs, but I was sure glad when I saw them go back into the hole. They had been doing work on the drains all night the night before, so figure maybe this is why the rats were out in full force.

Eventually hair is done. Pay the remaiining 500k (had already paid 100k deposit). Headed over the road to where hubby was watching the Olympics at Champs bar.

Decided I could eat again and walked down to Warung Murah but it was shut. Then thought forold times sake we would go to Warung tropical. The boys here used to be sooo funny. With thier "Ice Cold Pi$$" and the "Bloody wanker" cocktails we have had fun nights here on other trips. It looks more run down than it used to and the stuff are not all young funny guys like Tiger and Yogi any more. Still I had a banana split and hubby had a bloody wanker cocktail and a cheese jaffle. Jaffle took about 25 minutes, but we had fun listening to the band and chatting with the staff). Drinks are very cheap here. If you were not in Bintang they had lots of vodka type options for around 30k.

So after a big day I fall into bed and apparently snore the loudest i have ever snored in my lift... agh revenge can be sweet!

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1. Re: Day 7... my turn to feel hungover....

What a big day.

I had my hair colored in rum jungle at Xmas time. Sounds like the place you had your arms and feet massaged. They almost ruined my hair by over processing. It has taken all this time to recover.

Enjoyed your hangover day

Gold Coast
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2. Re: Day 7... my turn to feel hungover....

Glad you were feeling better by the end of the day. I will have to check out Cocoon, it was on my list last trip but I didn't make it. The rat stories freaked me out, I would have been running in the opposite direction, lol. Thanks for sharing again.

Brisbane, Australia
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3. Re: Day 7... my turn to feel hungover....

Love the rat story, we have heard several good ones over the years. Waking up early and curling up on a bale sounds like my kind of morning. Hope you have your next trip planned and the Bali Blues don't hit you too hard.

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4. Re: Day 7... my turn to feel hungover....

Great stories Melbcowgirl! I'll be sad when you go home.

The Melasti Day Spa does facials with the steamer next time you're looking for one.

Geelong, Australia
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5. Re: Day 7... my turn to feel hungover....

Sleepy bale morning - love it! Hope you were happy with your hair - you were brave to sit there with two rats running around! Safe trip home and thanks for the daily updates (I love my Kindle too).

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6. Re: Day 7... my turn to feel hungover....

Wow, massive day. Love it :) .

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7. Re: Day 7... my turn to feel hungover....

Love my Kindle too. Glad yours didn't die with a bath of sunscreen. Where do you coach Gymnastics? I used to coach years ago at Bayside Gymnastics in Frankston.

Really enjoying your reports, hope the rest of the holiday is great.


Perth, Australia
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8. Re: Day 7... my turn to feel hungover....

Just to let you know, Yogi and his wife Nikki now have their own restaurant! They have beautiful, cheap food, but they are a bit hard to find. If you stand outside the Melasti in Legian there is a laneway almost opposite with several signposts. Head down there to the end and turn right and you will find them :)

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9. Re: Day 7... my turn to feel hungover....

thanks for the tips. Next trip will definitely have to try the Melasti spa, i just always seem too tired to walk that far when im ready for a massage. Also good to know about Yogis restaurant, will have to seek it out!

Pam - i own Essendon keilor gymnastics. Only been around for 7 years, but we regularly compete against Bayside Gym Club and Frankston / Dolphin. great to hear from another gym coach!

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10. Re: Day 7... my turn to feel hungover....

Another great blog ,but the rats freak me out .