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HNR day 4 why did the chickens cross the road?

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HNR day 4 why did the chickens cross the road?

Went to Breakfast and chatted with the staff. I brought over some chocolates from Australia with Aussie flag on the wrapper (left over from Aust. Day celebrations). I've been giving them to cab drivers, waiters, reception. Any how breakfast staff at Kusnadi have caught on today they tell me "one new word one chocolate!" Not only do they teach me plenty at breakfast, they hunt me down in my room, at the pool with "one more word." Think I'm going to have to invest in Cadbury and get some dodgy printing done ASAP to keep my end of the bargain. Now I know "tidak arpa arpa" no problems and something that sounds like "up ya jumper" which allegedly means " see you later". Had a lovely swim then headed off for an early massage at Briella spa near Jayakarta. I had "feet treatment" and husband had massage. All up 115k for two of us. Good to see them open a new blade for the scraping the dead skin off my feet. Don't want to go home with any diseases you can't get rid of!

After that back to hotel shower, eat quick lunch and then wait for our driver. We hadn't used Made before, but my friends mum had been using him for over 20 years. He used to do all the transport at Kusnadi so some of you probably know him.

Made is nice and early, nice aircond car, speaks good English and from my text messages knows where i want to go and has it all planned. Nice!

First stop Penatahan hot springs nearish to Tanahlot. It had rained the last 25 minutes of the drive and I was starting to get cranky. Husband asked was I worried that I would get wet when I was swimming? Yes I was, stupid me. Driver came up to reception with us to make sure we are all set. 50k each for public areas or 100k each if you want a private pool. We were happy to pay extra for the private but then he told us 40 minute wait, so public it was. Water is lovely and yellow so you just know it has some sort if healing minerals in it. Nice and warm and the water coming out if the concrete frogs and statues is sooo hot. Loved it. We were the only non Asian people in the place. I had a couple of little Indonesian girls stalking me around the pool, very cute. Beautiful setting and atmosphere. However be warned. Change rooms are very very rustic. I contemplated getting husband to hold a towel up so I could get dressed in the open without having to go below ground into the smelly cave of a change room, however the rain ruined that idea. So brave it I did. Of course when I came out rain had finally stopped. So into the car and off to Tanahlot. As we pull out onto the msin street we have to stop so a chicken can cross the road. Husband and i have a chuckle, Made doesn't think the chicken is that funny. However 2 minutes diwn the road when he starts honking and swerving to avoid a bunch of free range chickens Cant tell us why they crossed the road only that 'chickens meant to stay in the house not on the road'.

Tanahlot is next stop. All up 65k for tickets and parking. Made drops us in the driveway and says he will be at the Warung when we are ready. Away we go. Head down to see the temple. Despite the overcast hazy sky, husband is impressed with it. Lots of busloads if tourists from Java. Keep hearing announcements that sound like "table 32 your chicken parmigiana is ready, table 32" turns out to be the different tour groups announcing when they are leaving, times if tours etc. silly me. Head up the very top for a drink and to enjoy the almost sunset. Got a front row table. 30k for small Bintang, 20k for diet coke. Enjoyed the view, laughed at some Aussies who must be even cheaper than I am whining about having to pay to get in. Honestly at these prices you won't go bankrupt. Though sometimes husband says ill go broke saving money. Walk back through the markets (lots of fixed price shops and cheap places to eat). Now the fun begins. Ever read the "where's Wally?" Books? Well our next adventure was just like that, only with Wally being a middle aged Balinese man, camouflaged by at least 100 other drivers spread amongst 25 Warungs. Just when I was thinking we would have to hitch hike home made waves us over (walked right past him a few times, oops!).

All good and off to Eccho Beach for dinner. Never been here in all my Bali trips. Went to the Eccho beach house. Great table right on the ricks overlooking the ocean. Ordered drinks, then they explained if you want seafood bbq you are order up at the bbq and they bring it down. We had seafood platter for two ( help yourself to salads, baked potato, rice etc. we also got 100gms of scallops. Food was very fresh and flavorsome. Not the very best I've ever eaten, but I've paid a lot more to eat a lot worse at less spectacular places so we were both happy 210k all up including a Bintang and a tropical slushi. Bargain at twice the price!

Driver drops up home now 8pm. I give husband 400k to pay him (been 6 hours) husband tells me to give him more. He needs to read trip advisor.

Go for a walk to buy some shorts. I like the fake Adidas ones for the guys at work so I want 15 pairs. All the market stalls are happy till they accept I want 15 of the same style and colour. Word gets around and eventually Johhno says he will have them for me by 8am tomorrow. Probably paid too much but these are the "good" fakes not just shorts with a logo badge ironed on. 50k (wanted them made slightly different to the standard) so we will see if it works out tomorrow. Walked down to Garlic lane for DVD shopping still no new tv series anywhere. Oh well guess we will have to talk to each other when we get home instead of watching DVDs.

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1. Re: HNR day 4 why did the chickens cross the road?

Another awesome JBR. Keep it coming!

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2. Re: HNR day 4 why did the chickens cross the road?

Great read! Thanks for posting. Actually we have a very similar day planned for May do it was great to read your jbr. Love the chicken crossing the road. Lol. Mono

Sydney Australia
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3. Re: HNR day 4 why did the chickens cross the road?

I havent been to Tanha Lot since 1986, and keep thinking I should go back for a peek.

Maybe I will.

Keep up learning the new words. I wonder if the staff will be so helpful when the chockies run out ;)

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4. Re: HNR day 4 why did the chickens cross the road?

I'm thinking the up ya jumpa saying is sampai jumpa (forgive the spelling, it been 6 1/2 years since I've had to write in indoneisan haha).

Love your reports, makes me anxious to get over there (only 11 days to go) and experience it all for myself again!

Perth, Australia
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5. Re: HNR day 4 why did the chickens cross the road?

Thanks, enjoyed the read and reliving your visits to tanah Lot and Echo beach. At Echo Beach, like lots of places IN Bali i find they overcook the seafood so I usually have the marinated pork skewers or the marinated chicken. I hope its not a chicken that didn't quite cross the road.

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6. Re: HNR day 4 why did the chickens cross the road?

love reading your reports...

Sydney, Australia
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for Legian
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7. Re: HNR day 4 why did the chickens cross the road?

I am impressed with your new foreign language skills.

Hubby plays this Indo language learner on cd in his car and you put him to shame.

Enjoy the rest of your holiday.

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8. Re: HNR day 4 why did the chickens cross the road?

Another good one Cowgirl, the hot springs sound good, apart from the change rooms. Your comment "water is lovely and yellow so you just know it has some sort if healing minerals in it" , would mean yellow water is completely different to yellow snow?

I understand what hubby means about you saving money..... I hate it when the wife says she saved $200, cos that means she just spent $500.

Waiting for the next one......

Geelong, Australia
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9. Re: HNR day 4 why did the chickens cross the road?

Another great day Cowgirl - enjoying every step right there with you! Thanks again for sharing:)

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10. Re: HNR day 4 why did the chickens cross the road?

enjoying your hnr's. i can never recognise the driver, ever! i always shoo them away saying "no i already have transport" and they say "yes thats me miss".