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Boys trip JBR Pt1

Drouin, Australia
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Boys trip JBR Pt1

Ok. This could be a bit erratic in writing styles because I'm trying to translate my own hand writing. I will try to knock this over during the Easter break so It's all done.

Here we go:

The trip was once again just myself and my son who turned 12 whilst we were in Bali.


Stuffed up right off the bat. My wife dropped us off at Tullamarine and jumped back on the freeway for the long trip home. It's at this point I notice I've left my phone in the car. One very tentative phone call later and a very unhappy wife has returned with the phone.

Check in was easy enough but when we hit customs they decided to confiscate the toothpaste from my sons bag because it's 10ml over the limit. Rules are rules but really?

We finally board our Jetstar flight only to find out the aircon in the plane is broken and can't be turned on until we leave the airport. 45mins of sweat later.....

We arrive in Bali only to be told we can't disembark because there is a fault with the plane and they can't shut down the engines. This is not a great start but I'm on holidays so I'll get over it.

The VOA lines are longer than I've ever seen here.

The taxi ride to Sun Island hotel (Wotif mystery deal) was uneventful and check in was no problem at all. The hotel has a Money Ex at reception which was handy and after cold towels and a welcome drink we are shown to our 4th floor room number 409. There is a lift luckily.

The room is small but comfortable and has everything you need in it. The bar fridge is a stock your own system which works for me. The beds are great but the walls are paper thin and you can here everything.

Mason got some sleep on the plane but I was no hope. I finally crashed about 1:30am Bali time.


Woke up at 5:30am (4 hours sleep, not bad for me) and stuff around for a while waiting to go down for breakfast. The weather outside is beyond crappy but I had booked an ATV ride with Paddy Adventures so the rain looked pretty good to me. It wasn't to last as my sunburned neck would attest to later in the day. I went down to reception to get a power adaptor. I must find out what they call them in Bali because every time I ask for one nobody seems to know what I'm on about. The hotels wifi (free) is very hit and miss.

Breakfast at Sun Island is enourmous. So many choices.

Time comes for our pickup. Time passes for our pickup. Pickup time came and went a bloody long time ago.

After a lot of getting run around we finally find out the Paddy Adventures has forgotten us. They change our pickup to 12:30pm. Half a day wasted and now plans changing rapidly as we had other things to do in the afternoon which now won't be possible.

The day out was great (see review) but definately not for the feint hearted. The young fella was not at all sure what he had gotten into sitting behind me on the back of an out of control ATV.

That done we return to the carpark to see the same wombat that forgot us waiting to take us back.

You wouldn't believe it. Aside from driving like a bloody maniac, he decided to drop us off at the wrong hotel. This is after me telling him 5 or 6 times he was going the wrong way. Idiot!

Called in at Dolphin Leather to get a jacket made for my daughter. All good. Pick up in 3 days. $140 aud for a military style jacket in suede. No idea if this is good, bad or indifferent.

Decided to eat at New York Sports Bar for dinner because it was close. (See review).

Did some shopping at Rika fixed price store across the street then the exhaustion caught up with me. Time to sleep.


Mason's 12th Birthday.

After another HUGE breakfast we packed up for our 100mtr move to Bali Garden for the next 8 days.

We arrived way too early to check in but we had organized a pickup for Mason's first ever surf lesson with Dekom so we stowed our bags and off we went.

Because I wasn't surfing they charged an extra 50k rp for transport for me. Fair enough I thought. That was until we hit the beach 150mtrs from the back of our hotel. Oh well, live and learn.

Mason had a great time and after wiping out on his first attempt he rode wave after wave into the beach. I don't think he liked wiping out so he decided it was best to stay on top of the board.

His instructors name was Evan and they bonded immediately which made it easier for both of them.

Back at the Dekom office we bought the disc their photographer had taken. 190 photos. They presented the little bloke with a certificate and for his birthday, a wooden surfboard on a stand which said "Happy Birthday Marson". Nice touch. Even Mason laughed at the spelling mistake.

After this we wandered up to see Yoga and Ibud at the tattoo shop to sort out my artwork. Ibud was busy working but Yoga was eccstatic to see Mason. They keep in touch through my facebook page. Much hugging and high fiving ensued and what have you been doing?, What's going on?, have you got a girlfriend etc. Nothing like seeing old friends haha.

Back to the hotel via more shopping for Mason to get checked in. Showers then out to find some wifi so Mason could ring his mum on viber.

We ended up at Bali Station hotel. I needed to use the toilet so I told him to order whatever he wanted to drink and I'd probably have a scotch. I came back to find a large watermelon juice at my seat. What is this kid? My mother???

It was getting on at this point so we struck out for tea at Mason's favorite restaurant Un's and to see our good friend Putu. More hugging and high fives and Putu gave Mason a unit cap for his birthday which he was rapt with.

We ordered way too much food and by the end felt like bloated walruses. Then Putu brought out a fruit/ice cream platter with candles and all the staff and patrons sung to Mase. i think I'm going to have to find a "Bali Loves Mason" t-shirt.

We had planned to get a massage on the way back but no chance with our over full stomachs.

Waddled back to the hotel and crashed.

More next time.

Sorry for the length.

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1. Re: Boys trip JBR Pt1

Sounds like the luck I usually have. Trip sounds fun so far despite the hiccups.

Perth, Australia
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2. Re: Boys trip JBR Pt1

Hopefully all the hiccups are over with... Great read look forward to hearing about the rest of ur trip

have fun :)

Gold Coast
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3. Re: Boys trip JBR Pt1

Shame about the start of your trip. Onwards and upwards. Had a giggle about the name thing. I had a similar problem with my name badge at work.

Can I ask where Un's is? Might need to add it to my long list.


Edited: 29 March 2013, 03:22
Geelong, Australia
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4. Re: Boys trip JBR Pt1

Happy Birthday Mason! Sounds like he had fun and hope all hiccups are over now:) are you happy with new hotel?

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5. Re: Boys trip JBR Pt1

keep it coming knackstorm.

my son loves uns too.

islandtraveller, its at the legian streetend of poppies 1.

Melbourne, Australia
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6. Re: Boys trip JBR Pt1

Great read, looking forward to the rest :-)

Perth, Australia
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7. Re: Boys trip JBR Pt1

Thanks Knackstorm. You didn't mention what you had done at tattoo shop. Look forward to reading more.

Drouin, Australia
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8. Re: Boys trip JBR Pt1

Thanks all. I've done reviews for most of the places mentioned unless I've done them on previous trips.

The tattoo is a day of the dead girl the length of my inside forearm. It's healed now but the hair is starting to grow back so she may become a ware wolf unless I keep shaving my arm lol

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9. Re: Boys trip JBR Pt1

Great JBR Knackers, I really enjoyed it, I am amused by other peoples misfortunes. You must have got an "L" tattood on your forehead, to have been charged $5 for 150 metre trip and also to have been "forgotten" about and then driven to the wrong hotel? Sounds like Mason had a great day, well done and keep em coming.

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10. Re: Boys trip JBR Pt1

good JBR thanks for sharing LOL @ Werewolf!