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JRB very eventful 30th May - 13th June

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JRB very eventful 30th May – 13th June

Hi everyone well I promised I would write my JBR and also my JBR Spa Review. So here is part one “JRB very eventful” and the JBR Spa Review hopefully will follow in the next day or so.

Firstly to give you all a bit of background this Bali trip was to include three other Bali fans myself Caro, M a Bali Travel friend, her friend B, and B’s friend K. They all arrived a few days prior to me … M from Melb, and B & K from Perth.

Also to put you in the picture currently I am suffering with ‘frozen shoulder’ and two quite large tears in my right shoulder rota cuff. Although my arm movement is a bit restricted and there is quite a bit of pain/discomfort it didn’t end up really restrict my holiday too much…and just as well as more health dramas were to come.

We all stayed in Legian for the first several days M and I at the Grand Kumala in Jl. Werkudara at 425,000rp per night including breakfast a pretty good deal. I got good exercise as mine room was on the third floor lucky M was on the second. Rooms were comfy, clean, in a good location but the breakfast was very basic which didn’t concern me too much as I went to either Mugshot or Café Moca most mornings. I’m a very early riser and love a good long walk each morning before the day gets too hot so I only ate at the hotel once.

The first morning I did a bit of shopping and placed an order at Merry Leather for a handbag and purse, picked up about 100 plus free DVD’s and of course went to Bintang Supermarket for essentials plus got my SIM card from the little booth out front. And a cool-down stop at Café Seminyak for their famous Super Elixir … love that drink and can’t visit Bintang without stopping in. Also if you have an upset tummy this drink is amazing fix-it.

That afternoon M and I went to Santai Spa one of my favourites I had a pedi and foot massage and she had foot & back massage. As I had recommended this spa I was very pleased that M agreed it was a great treatment… more in my spa review.

We caught up with B & K that night to have tapas at Metis on Jl. Petitenget in Kerobakan we had all been very excited to visit this trendy stylish restaurant. The night started off very well with cocktails on the deck overlooking the rice paddies … so beautiful. On the lounge where I was about to sit I noticed a mobile phone attached to a charger and power outlet so of course I had to be very careful not to bump it off the lounge and into the rice paddy. After about an hour of having a good time and a cocktail or two the phone was still happily charging away. We told the waitress but still no one came to claim it. Well eventually it became too much for B and she started taking photos on this mobile of us pocking tongues and generally acting silly buggers, and her signature photo of our feet…strange I know but many foot photos were taken over the next week…Of course when we finally left the deck to go into eat a very kind gent raced after B to tell her she had left her phone. Wonder what the phone owner thought of the new photos on his/her phone….anyone on TA the owner???

After these fun and games we settled down to have what we all thought would be a memorable dinner. Unfortunately it didn’t live up to expectations don’t know why but we were largely ignored …did they think a group of ladies wouldn’t leave a large tip? Maybe in any case even when we did get served the meals were not all they are raved up to be. Personally my Lamb Shanks were nice but not outstanding and not nearly as good as the beach cafe at Bali Gardens in Tuban. But the girls who had the Duck Confit were very disappointed as it was extremely dry…I believe B has posted a review on TA with the full lowdown.

Saturday was a great day with M and I going to Biku Tea house for the Asian High Tea yummy and then that night we all went to the fabulous Mama San …oh I love this place. We were upstairs in the bar/lounging area the girls all tried numerous cocktails not being much of a drinker I only had one then turned to the non-alcohol variety and we shared several tapa plates …all equally good. The atmosphere was great and the service excellent well worth the good tip.

On Sunday we went to the fabulous St Regis brunch and M had also organized a tour of the hotel so we hopped on board a golf buggy and were driven all over this stunning hotel including a tour of the spa which was very impressive I might add. The pre-dinner drinks both alcoholic and non-alcoholic were excellent and the variety of food was as good if not better than we had been lead to believe. Needless to say it was just a light snack night that evening.

Next day M and I were off to Ubud for the day to attend Bruce Sherratt’s Bali Centre for Artistic Creativity (BCAC). We did the 3 hour class and had an absolute ball. Bruce is a well travelled English artist and excellent teacher…he needed to be with us not having a lot of ability but even we especially M ended up showing a small amount of talent. But for those who have some artistic ability it would be a very worthwhile addition to their holiday.

After our art class we went to visit Villa Kitty the cat refuge Jl. Ambarawat Banjar Tengahi Lodtunduh run by expat Elizabeth the most caring and kind cat lover I have ever met. We took boxes of dried cat food and cat toys that were much appreciated. If you are in the area please call in and support this wonderful sanctuary it is so well run and all the kitty’s are housed in immaculate enclosures and so loved and cared for. Elizabeth is doing a marvellous job and welcomes visitors to play with the kitty’s and you will come away amazed at how healthy cats can be in Bali with a little love and attention.

On the way back we called into the Bali Brasco Outlet on Sunset. We didn’t find it as big as expected and except for buying two little baby outfits …Sara and Baby Gap for a relatives new bub we didn’t see anything else that took our fancy.

That night M and I just went next door to the Sang Ria one of M’s old favourites and now firmly one of mine. I love Mexican so I had the burrito and it had wonderful favour M had a soup dish can’t remember its name but she said it was up to the usual high standard. Another night all four of us went back and had another lovely meal great spot nice atmosphere we sat inside for the fan both times but they have a lovely outdoor setting as well and live music.

Next day was a big shop-up at the Golden Buffalo Jl. Teuku Umar Barat 9F, Denpasar and then onto Carrefour. I have been to the Golden Buffalo several times and love the place for wholesale silver and brass. M had never been before and she was blown away with the variety and prices. She bought a cute kiwi-bird and a yoga lady. The yoga lady was about a third of the price so she was happy. Last time I was there with my daughter and her hubby they had bought this large crab … sounds strange but looks amazing in its spot at the edge of their pool. So I bought them a hermit crab to keep him company. Then onto Carrefour where we stocked up on all the toiletries everyone recommended on BrisbaneLizzy’s list as well as snacks etc. I bought a new cheap suitcase for the extra going home 23 kilos …46 in total plus cabin baggage…whoopee plenty of room for lots of shopping.

Then we come to the eventful Tuesday …. M and I had a booking for a spa package at Prana Spa in the afternoon so I was up at sparrows to walk to Kuta Square with many shopping and cool drink stops on the way and a loaded cab back. Spent up big at Bagus Watches as always and Mataharis plus even more DVD’s. Got a cab back to the hotel by 12.45pm to drop off goodies and have a cool shower before our pickup at 1.30pm for our spa trip. At 1.10pm my phone rang and it was M to say the car was here already and to meet her at reception. Well by the time I got down stairs 10 minutes later poor M was being administered to by the security guard acting as first-aid officer. She had tripped and fallen with many cuts and scrapes and a hurt wrist.

Of course the spa trip was cancelled and rescheduled and rescheduled till the Friday. M insisted that she would be ok if she could just rest for a while and put an ice pack on the wrist. While she lay down I raced by cab to the Apotik next to Bintang for a sling and more Betadine to clean out the cuts. So now we were the “two one armed bandits” me with the frozen right shoulder and having difficulty dressing myself but managing and M not being able move her right arm and hobbling around with a very sore knee.

After a rest M decided she could soldier on and we met B & K for champagne Moet (medicinal in M’s case) in B’s beautiful suite at the Pullman before heading to dinner at Ultimo on Jl. Oberoi (Laskmana) I think this was K’s last night in Bali.

The next day B moved to the Mecure Sanur and M & I moved close by to Kamuela Suites & Villas. Kamuela had been recommended by Karin and Gabby from TA and I have to say it lived up to its rep. Suite #230 was spacious, modern, clean and the beds really are sooooo comfy.

B, M and I went to Ristorante Sale e Pepe (Gabby’s recommendation) that night and loved it. M and I also tried out Cafe Jepun a couple of nights later but not as impressed but loved the Beach Club next door at the Puri Santrian. Tropical across the road was also a nice meal and of course Carmel at Kamuela was outstanding and well and truly lived up to its reviews. One day when I walked all the way to the beach markets I stop off for lunch at the Glass House … had a yummy toasted chicken, avocado and almond sandwich and a great coffee so if you’re looking for a great lunch this is a good place. And yes you read it correct almond was on the sandy and it made for extra great flavour. Had lots of other nice meals here and there but can’t remember some of the cafes names.

B and I also had a great walk from the Mecure all the way along the beach path to the markets and back starting at 7 am one morning…great way to start the day. Then it was time for B to head home to Perth.

The next day I had business in Nusa Dua doing a spa inspection at the beautiful new Mulia Resort and Spa. And by this time M had realized that her wrist was not getting any better so my driver dropped her off at BIMC. After my spa inspection and treatment (I am in the spa industry and was on assignment to write about the Mulia Spa for Spa Australasia magazine) but will also include info in my TA Spa JRB …I found out M had in fact broken her wrist and was going to have to have it set and remain in hospital over night.

Next morning M returned to Kamuela with a bright new white cast, meds and instructions to keep the cast dry…not easy to do when you’re on holidays in Bali and especially when you want to cool off in the pool. Casts are also very hot things so she was grateful for the excellent aircon in the suite.

Over the next few days while M relaxed at Kamuela I walked all over Sanur, spend time in many spas, spent heaps of money on gifts for my family and had a great time. At night M comes alive so we visited many lovely restuarants had some excellent meals and some ok but not outstanding. Then it was time for M to head back to the cold of Melbourne and I had the last two days to finish up my shopping list check out a few more spas and chill out.

I will get to doing the Spa Review soon hopefully within the next week.

Hope you enjoyed the read,


Perth, Australia
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1. Re: JRB very eventful 30th May – 13th June

Thanks for the wonderful read Caro, especially the places in Sanur, it will be my first visit there in August. Pity about ur shoulder and M's fall. At least you could still enjoy Bail though :)

Am looking forward to ur Spa JBR :)

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2. Re: JRB very eventful 30th May – 13th June

Thank you Caro! What a great read. Thanks for posting - exactly the pick me up I needed. : ) mono

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3. Re: JRB very eventful 30th May – 13th June

Glad you enjoyed the read and if there's any additional information I can share I would be happy too.

Sydney Australia
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4. Re: JRB very eventful 30th May – 13th June

I too enjoyed reading your adventure

I love Santai spa. I think I fell asleep during my foot massage a couple of weeks ago. My snorting woke me up. How embarrassing.

Metis has been on my list but we are yet to go there. Sounds like your evening wasn't as good as it could have been. That's a shame.

Thanks for the read

Brisbane, Australia
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5. Re: JRB very eventful 30th May – 13th June

Hi Caro, Have been hanging out for your JBR. Great read and looking forward to your Spa one in a couple of days. Miss Pixie I did the same as you, I had a bit of a cold at the time and the most amazing massage taking place. How embarrassing it is when you "snort" yourself awake. - lindiluu

Edited: 18 June 2013, 08:49
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6. Re: JRB very eventful 30th May – 13th June

Hi lindiluu glad you enjoyed the JRB and don't worry you and Miss Pinie are just one of many who doze off during massage and most therapists take it as a compliment that you are very relaxed.

Cheers Caro

Gold Coast
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7. Re: JRB very eventful 30th May – 13th June

Hi Caro

I've been waiting for your jbr too. Glad you still had a lovely trip even with the injuries. I'm looking forward to your spa review. It will be just in time for my trip next week. My girls are so excited.



Perth, Australia
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8. Re: JRB very eventful 30th May – 13th June

Wow you are very lucky to be sent to bali for work caro! Your friend must have a pretty good pain threshold too! Looking forward to your spa reviews :)

Adelaide, Australia
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9. Re: JRB very eventful 30th May – 13th June

Sounds like a great trip ..thanks

Melbourne, Australia
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10. Re: JRB very eventful 30th May – 13th June

Hi Caro, so glad you enjoyed your stay at Kamuela! Sounds like you had a great time apart from your friends injury, not at all comfortable to have a cast on in Bali!

I would love to try St Regis one day, sounds really good. Thanks for sharing your informative JBR. I am so glad that I decided to check the Bali forum now as I have not been on for weeks, I was so excited to see your post :)

I am currently tanning by the pool in Positano and would recommend to anyone to try to visit here one day. The weather is sunny, sunny, sunny and its a gorgeous town with the best views but not a shopping place. We have seen market stalls by the beach selling all sorts of clothing, jewellery and sunglasses that are exactly the same as the items sold in Bali but at 20 times the price!!