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How much money! Haha

Hobart, Australia
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How much money! Haha

Hello I'm 15 yrs old and will most likely be going to Bali with some family in May 2014... I'm paying for everything myself and was wondering if anyone has a rough estimate on how much money I would need! I need enough for Hotels, Taxis, meals, drinks, occasional entertainment and of course Shopping! I have been to Bali before with my parents but as they won't be coming this time I need to pay for everything myself! Thanks heaps!

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1. Re: How much money! Haha

Try to have $50.00 a day Ollie.Some days you will need more, some much less. I am sure you will need to have your hotel paid for before you go, do the family you are going with know where you are all staying?

Hobart, Australia
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2. Re: How much money! Haha

Yes I'm going with my aunts and some others.. My aunty has been 8 or 9 times before and will be all on top of it before we go! By $50 a day does that include all meals, shopping and taxis? Thanks by the way!

Perth, Australia
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3. Re: How much money! Haha

So imagining you have to pay for everything without splitting it. So if there is 2 of you in a taxi you would split it if you get my drift and as Linda said, you would need to sort the accomodation before you go as hopefully they have chosen a budget hotel or a villa where the cost for you isn't too much.


Taxi a day for small trips $6

Meals x 3 $25 if eating at the cheaper places (you could probably get this down to $15)

Snacks and stuff $4

Shopping $25 (depending if your a big shopper)

So all up $60 a day but of course you could spend less on shopping.

Then if they are doing tours ect you would need to budget around $50 a tour.

We took our 15 year old and she spend 250 over ten days but of course we paid accom and most meals.

She bought a couple of lunch meals.

So you can see there is a lot of variances you can make.

Coffs Harbour...
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4. Re: How much money! Haha

Hi Ollie

It's hard to advise anyone how much money you need for YOUR shopping. One item of brand clothing can cost you $100 or $200. I think you need to calculate without actual shopping calculations included .

BLuvsBali has given you a good indication. You might not have to buy breakfast as it may be included. Just remember to put 150,000 rupiah away in you passport for departure tax. many people set $100 a day as their budget.

Hobart, Australia
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5. Re: How much money! Haha

Ok thanks everyone!

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Gold Coast
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6. Re: How much money! Haha

Lindas $50 a day is about right.

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7. Re: How much money! Haha

I personally could never survive in bali on 50.00 a day lol , I always budget $100 at the end of the day your in a holiday and want to enjoy yourself not watch your wallet everytime you open it

Sydney Australia
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8. Re: How much money! Haha

Good for you Ollie on getting organized. A lot of 15 year olds would just let the trip roll around without worrying.

You should be fine on $50 a day. You can eat very cheaply on Bali if you choose to. It might be a bit harder if you all dine out and split bills. You should only pay for what you eat and drink.

Good luck with your planning.

You must have a good part time job to enable you to pay for all of the trip yourself.

Good on you :)

Hobart, Australia
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9. Re: How much money! Haha

Thanks everyone! Yea just been saving my money aye! Haha buying a car soon to that's why I wanted to know around about how much money for Bali! Haha

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10. Re: How much money! Haha

When me and my husband go we spend about $50 per day each and then about $40 each for the hotel. Visa on arrival is about $30 and you need about $16 for departure tax.

If you do a search on here there is a market price list and that will give you an idea for shopping. Dvd's are about $1 each. Bottle of water / soft drink / ice cream about $1.