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2 weeks in Indonesia

Vancouver, Canada
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2 weeks in Indonesia


So I am having a rough time trying to figure out flights I am in Darwin and will want to leave for Indonesia May 20,21 to June 3,4,5 ish dates are flexible. I use kayak.com you think that is the best site? Return to Jakarta is $140 or return to densapar Bali is $190 just wondering what you may suggest?

There are three of us going.

What we are looking to do:

1. We all scuba dive so we want a really awesome spot with cool marine life that you can't get in other countries if you know the price and some cool spots please let us know

2. We want to do hike a volcanoe or do someone cool trek what is the cool thing to do in Indonesia and where?

3. Spiritual classes or group sessions we can join in on? Is that possible? I do vipassana meditation but I am open to anything else they may offer how would I even find courses or a class at night to attend even if it is just for two hours in the evening.

4. Culture, which City would show lots of culture

5. Waterfalls to swim in

6. Surf and beaches

That is all!

I know that sounds like a lot too do in two weeks but I am just hoping someone here knows Indonesia well that they can help me out with an itinerary. And how I could get to each place is plane cheaper or by ferry or bus? I'm finding it hard to research that stuff for this country for some strange reason. I know that my friends want to see Bali but I don't so I'm hoping we can go for just like 2-3 days max.

Please let me know if you can help I would really appreciate it. I am planning this trip for the three of us so I'd love it to be awesome. Lol.

Do you think we should take malaria pills doesn't anyone know the malaria outbreak situation right now?

We are leaving from Darwin Australia so any tips on a cheap flight and flights in between would be just wonderful

Thanks again

Aimee J

Darwin, Australia
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1. Re: 2 weeks in Indonesia

For flights from Darwin DO NOT book through a third party provider like Kayak, book straight through the airline website.

You have two choices - Jetstar or Air Asia, both fly direct Darwin to Denpasar (Bali). I recently booked return tickets on this route for $139 (during a Jetstar sale). AirAsia is currently advertising Dwn-DPS for $115 (or there abouts) - if you need to come back the return leg is usually much cheaper.

You can actually do all the things on your list in Bali. And with only two weeks it makes sense to try not to cover too big an area.

Why is it you don't want to go to Bali? If it is because of current affair reports on drunkenness and bad behaviour these are highly biased and only apply to one small part of the island, don't let them put you off.


Vancouver, Canada
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2. Re: 2 weeks in Indonesia

Hello shazdwn

Thanks for email. I have used kayak for every trip I've ever gone on even from Canada to Australia etc.... I've never had a single problem I am just wondering why you say not to use it or is that just specifically from Darwin to Indonesia? I will check the other sites u said. It was just really cheap with kayak.

I guess I wanted to go where there are not many tourists off the beaten track I don't know much about Bali but I just feel it's like a tourist trap. Not really into that.

Which of the gill islands you recommend? I just would love to go to another island and scuba dive, just trying to figure out which Island is best for scuba.

Thanks for time. I'll have to ask you about Darwin as the three of us will be there for 7 day may 15-21. But I guess that can be in the Darwin forum.

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3. Re: 2 weeks in Indonesia

@meowm As mentioned you have a choice between Jetstar, Air-Asia & Virgin. I haven't personally used Kayak so can't really comment on them, but if you have used them in the past then why not?

Return to Jakarta is slightly cheaper then return to Densapar but this depends where your departure point is to? Darwin? If so Jakarta is fine. These days Plane & Ferry are relatively similar in price, ferry services however tend to include pickup & drop services to your hotel. Check with your hotels if they offer airport transfers also.

1. You can scuba dive all over Indonesia, considering your group is split between Bali try Lombok or the Gili islands. Gili Trawangan is well renowned when it comes to PADI/SSI diving, there are several great spots off the beaches.

We can highly recommend Mohni Dive whom operates out of Teluk Kodek & Teluk Nare. Below are his details:

Mohni office number +6281805232385



http://www.lombokdiving.nl – (page temporarily offline)


2. A max of 3 days on Bali isn't sufficient to trek Mt Batu or Mt Agung. Check out Mt Rinjani on Lombok instead:


3. You can find numerous meditation or yoga classes in Bali & Lombok. Holiday Inn on Mangsit beach did have a class running in the late afternoon. For a spiritual retreat try Via Vacare on Gili Gede:


4. Ubud - Bali, Mataram - Lombok

5. Senaru - Rinjani National Park

6. Kuta, Seminyak, Legian, Sanur, Nusa Lembongan - Bali

Batu Bolong, Senggigi, Kerandangan, Mangsit, Malimbu, Nipah, Gilis, Kuta, Tanjung Ann, Selong Belanak, Mawun, Pink beach... - Lombok

So a rough itinerary:

May 20 - Depart Darwin -> Bali, Bluebird taxi to Ubud

May 21 - Ubud

May 22 - Ubud

May 23 - Ubud

May 24 - Depart Bali -> Lombok via Lion Air/Wings Air, Senggigi stay (either Damri bus @ 15,000 rupiah or Bluebird Taxi 200,000+ rupiah)

May 25 - Senggigi

May 26 - Senggigi

May 27 - Senggigi

May 28 - Transfer Senggigi -> Gili T via public boat @ Bangsal harbour (13,000 rupiah)

NOTE: BANGSAL harbour is only open between 08.00am and 16.30pm.

May 29 - Gili T

May 30 - Gili T

June 1 - Gili T

June 2 - Transfer Gili T -> Kuta via public boat (25,000 rupiah) & Bluebird taxi (200,000+ rupiah)

June 3 - Kuta - visit Tanjung Ann

June 4 - Kuta - visit Mawun or Selong Belanak

June 5 - Depart Lombok -> Bali via Lion Air/Wings Air

June 5 - Depart Bali -> Darwin via Jetstar or Virgin

Hope this helps!

Darwin, Australia
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4. Re: 2 weeks in Indonesia

Ok maybe I was a bit harsh with my advice on Kayak, sorry. I have nothing against that site in particular, although I'm not aware of it being one commonly used by Australians.

My comment was based on using any "third party" booking site for flights . They can be great when everything goes well (as you have experienced) but can be difficult to deal with if there is a schedule change or you need to make a change. I guess I have just read about too many bad experiences with third party sites on TA, which is why many regulars recommend booking direct with the airline.

Bali can be touristy, but much of it is not, especially in the central and northern areas. Northern Bali is a good area for diving too.

Lombok does, however feel less touristy than the popular areas in Bali. There is a volcano trek you can do there, sorry can't remember the name but I'm sure you could Google it.

I have only been to Gilli T and to be honest it is just as touristy, if not more so, than Bali. Nice spot though. Gilli Air is quieter I'm told.

The best diving in Indonesia is meant to be at Komodo, I think you need to do a liveaboard though which may not suit your timeframe or budget. But a visit to Komodo to see the dragons would be off the beaten track.

Happy to answer any question you have on Darwin on that forum.

Have a great trip

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5. Re: 2 weeks in Indonesia

I did a trip over to East java and did a night trek up Kwah Ijen , which was an amazing experience. I did it all by public transport and at times it was hot and crowded but what an experience and only $7.50 for the bus and the ferry to Banyuwangi. I met a guide called Pepe who runs a great guide business and couldn't do more to make it a great experience. Banyuwangi is like steeping back in time after Kuta. Pepe's details are on my blog you can just google my user name and read my last post Kuala Lumpur , Bali and Java. I also did the sunrise trek up Mt Batur in Bali with Bali Sunrise trek and Tours (who do great work with kids in the mountains) which was also great, the view is amazing at dawn looking down on all the houses and rice fields. It's was amazing standing on a volcano that inside another volcano. Both worth the effort but its a bit of a drive to get to Java and be careful which guide you use , make sure they have gas masks as Kwah Ijen is one of the world most toxic places.

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6. Re: 2 weeks in Indonesia

Sorry Kawah Ijen

Darwin, Australia
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7. Re: 2 weeks in Indonesia

Hi again Aimee

I've just been reading up on Komodo (I recently saw some photos from a dive trip there that have me inspired). It turns out you can go diving there without being on a liveaboard. You can also fly to the nearest town, Labuan Bajo via a direct flight from Bali.

Check out this link - http://divezone.net/travel/komodo-island

Could be worth checking out - it looks gorgeous enough that I'm now planning a trip there myself.

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8. Re: 2 weeks in Indonesia

check out scuba diving on Menjangan Island too, Its about 30 mins from North Bali and there are quite a few dive companies. Its known for the exceptional diving and North Bali is beautiful and less touristy. The East coast is also beautiful.

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9. Re: 2 weeks in Indonesia


I want to thank everyone for their time in helping me plan this trip for five ppl. I'm

Excited flights are booked its now only 9 full days. We arrive @ 1am may 26 and leave June 4 at 1:00 am. Weird times through jet star but it was the best deal at that time. So 9 full days we have to cram everything into. Ill make it work. Maybe we will just stay on Bali and not see other islands too much wasted time in ferry and bus or flights etc.

I just use kayak and then go to the actual company site. Kayak just shows the cheapest company to go with. I find it easier than going to each individual site.

I will now have to research all the places you have all mentioned and then I will post what my final plan is. I may ask for accommodation I checked airbnb omg they have so many places along with hostel world.com it has been overwhelming that I'm just going to take a break from researching. My head truly hurts.

That diving looks amazing I checked that out on Komodo island omg I want to do that. Looks so perfect. Thanks for sharing that

Keep you all posted on my final plan.


Vancouver, Canada
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10. Re: 2 weeks in Indonesia

USA bound that I really want to see manta rays, you think I'll see them there? I want to do a wreck dive and manta rays.

Thanks for link looks great