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Recharge Telkomsel simPATI/Loop with Flash Data

Melbourne, Australia
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Recharge Telkomsel simPATI/Loop with Flash Data

Hi Folks, thought I would put this together based on my first-hand investigations whilst I was on holiday in Bali. I've mentioned some of this in my HNRs but thought I should put it here in one spot for convenience. Hope you find it helpful!

Recharging Telkomsel simPATI/Loop SIM with Flash Data

Basics concept is to load up the SIM with pulsa credit for voice calls then convert it bonus flash data.

Do this by navigating through USSD menu available by calling *363#

Obviously can't dial these USSD codes on a hotspot - so you'll need a regular handset that can make voice phone calls to slip the SIM into to navigate these menus.

*889# to check on data left. Example response would be:


Anda memeiliki: 938 MB (it used to say 1024 MB indicating 1GB of data)

Flash. 1024 MB Flash (indicating I have an additional 1024 MB or 1GB of data to use)

(so in this example I'm led to believe I have 2GB of data to use initially - little less now since I've used some)

*888# to check voice credits or pulsa left. Example response would be:


Sisa Pula Kamu Rp 6561 (meaning I have Rp 6561 of voice calling credits left and it's roughly Rp 1000 per min)

Aktif s.d. 16/02/2015 (meaning active until Feb 16, 2015)

*808# to check mobile number on SIM. Example response:


Nomor kamu 0822xxxxxxxx.

Layanan ini dikenakan tariff Rp 17 (termasuk PPN)/permintaan. Info CS: 133/188

Apparently you also receive occassional txt messages advertising special offers - but buggered if I know what they are. But I understand now I can use existing credit or pulsa to take advantage of them. Example might be spend x to get y amount of bonus flash data.

Anyway - here is the sequence to convert pulsa credit to flash data.

*363# to convert pulsa credit to data flash MB / GB

as of Jan 17, 2015 the menu response were:

Need to know that

Rp 50,000 will give 1GB

Rp 100,000 will give 2GB

so you will need at least one of these pulsa credit balances inorder to do the following to get data flash GB. Get this by topping up your pulsa at the cellular shop dealer.

1. Info acktivas paket internet Kartu Lopp lewat *567#

2. Paket Internet Lainnya

Select 2

0 Menu Utama

1. Indonesia Genggam Internet

2. Paket Internet Menarik Lainnya

3. Menu Sebelumnya

Select 2

Pastikan Andamenerima dan menjawab SMS konfirmasi utk setiap pembelian paket Flash.

Blackberry dan Internet lainnya.

1. Menu Selanjutnya

Select 1

Pilihan Paket Internet

Cepat dan Handal

1. Hot Offer

2 Telkomsel Flash

3. Blackberry

4. Opera Mini/Nokia Xpress

5 Facebook

6 TAU/Smartphone

7 Berhenti

8 CekStatus

Select 2

Pastikan Anda terima & menjawab SMS konfirmasi

1. Genggam Internet

2. Flash Ultima

3. Flash Optima

4. Flash LTE

5. Flash SocialMAX

6. FlashGIFT

7. Modem&Tablet

0. Home

Select 2

Pastikan Anda menerima dan menjawab SMS konfirmasi.

1. Flash Harian (day)

2. Flash Mingguan (week)

3. Flash Bulanan (month)

4. Info

5. Unreg

6. CekStatus

9. Back

0. Home

Harga Pkt sesui dgn


1. Mulai 30rb (600MB)

2. Mulai 65rb (2GB)

3. Mulai 110rb (4.5GB)

4. Mulai 250rb (8GB)

5. Mulai 450rb (9GB)

9. Back

0. Home

Select 2 for 2GB and it will cost Rp 65,000 - so you will need at least that much pulsa credit to get the 2GB

Anda akan beli flash 2GB dgn masa akitf 30hari?

Tunggus SMS Konfirmasi sensuai lokasi

1. Ya

2. Berlangganan

3. Info harga dan lokasi

0. Menu Utama

Select 1 to accept to flash 2GB in this example.

I also noticed that with Telkomsel 3G - if it's not active for a set period of time (not sure what it is as have not measured it yet) the data connection will drop.

You'll need to reconnect again manually on the hotspot.

Just to note also about using the Telkomsel SIM in a hotspot.

Hotspot needs to be unlocked. I used the NETGEAR AirCard 790S from Telstra which comes unlocked (no need to pay for it to be unlocked). It's a postpaid hotspot you can buy it out-right from Telstra. Most prepaid hotspots (anything prepaid) is usually locked to the carrier - so you will need to call the carrier to have it unlocked.

Set the APN to be internet in the default connection profile.

In the router settings - set the DNS to be manual and make it (use Google's DNS).

You should be able to get a Telkomsel SIM either simPATI or Loop for Rp 20k. Some places will sell it for Rp 30k to Rp 75k (e.g. Hardies) It's unregulated so cellular dealers can set their own price. Pulsa top ups are set though but the dealer will usually add Rp 2000 to the price to cover his service charge for doing the top i.e. Rp 50,000 credit pulsa will cost you Rp 52,000

Places to get a Rp 20k - Rp 25k Telkomsel SIM that I have found this trip are:

Ubud - Rp 25k at Jeneng Cellular, Jl Raya Ubud, Ubud - ph (0361) 97 6104

Sanur - Rp 20k at Goning Tailor, Jl Bumi Ayu No. 8, Sanur - Ph (0361) 28 1259 Email minah_gt@hotmail.com

It's sometimes easier to just buy the SIM with data on it - these range in prices. Typically I've seen people pay about Rp 110k to Rp 180k for about 3-4GB of data included. Obviously easier - but if you use up the data - you'll want to recharge it somehow (and possibly keep the same number for the duration of your holiday trip).

On the topic of keeping the number alive whilst back in your home country - I've not found anything easy / cost effective yet.

Option 1 - have a friend who lives in Bali keep it topped up with about Rp 5000 each month?

Option 2 - use Recharge Me app for Android but it looks like minimum value is about AUD $10

Option 4 - use recharge websites but can be expensive like www.teleponindonesia.com (min $9.76) or www.BabbleBug.com (min $13.00)

Option 3 - a person has volunteered on TA forum to accept PayPal and recharge each month but I don't know him.

Option 4 - best one - come back every month and recharge it yourself :)

Seriously, none of the cellular dealers I've spoken with to date are willing to do the top up for me whilst I'm overseas.

By the way to check pulsa credit on

Telkomsel simPATI / Loop call *888#

XL call *123#

Indosat call *338#

Good luck with it!

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1. Re: Recharge Telkomsel simPATI/Loop with Flash Data

I think a lot of people would appreciate this post being placed in the top questions list. We just need someone a lot smarter than me who can move it there. Thanks for all your research..

2 posts
2. Re: Recharge Telkomsel simPATI/Loop with Flash Data

When I check my balance it says I have zero packet flash but says I have flashlokal 3408mb. I just spent about 100kRp a few days ago for 4gb. Now my internet doesn't work. It suddenly stopped. Any insight? You seem to be the only one who mentions anything close to what I'm trying to fix

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3. Re: Recharge Telkomsel simPATI/Loop with Flash Data

The internet is unstable in Bali, sometimes a simple restart of your phone fixes things!

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4. Re: Recharge Telkomsel simPATI/Loop with Flash Data

Great post.

I find the Telkomsel App also very handy as you don't have to go into the USSD Menu and you can select English

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5. Re: Recharge Telkomsel simPATI/Loop with Flash Data

I can't seem to find where to select English in the app. Can you help?

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6. Re: Recharge Telkomsel simPATI/Loop with Flash Data

I downloaded the app and even understanding a bit of Indonesian I could not find anywhere to change it to English!! Mambolib, can you please help here!?

Jakarta, Indonesia
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7. Re: Recharge Telkomsel simPATI/Loop with Flash Data

Flash lokal is quota you can use only in the area (town/zone) where you activated the data. If you go outside that area, the regular flash or pulsa credits will be used. To know about further info about your town or zone to use flash local, you may call 188 (contact center) choose English, and talk to the operator.

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8. Re: Recharge Telkomsel simPATI/Loop with Flash Data

Dragged out the phone I take to Bali and it is definitely in English, I'm using the Mytelkomsel v2.7 app on an iPhone 4, Once you login with your local number and the sms code Telkomsel send you when you dial *323#, there is a settings option (second tab) for language.

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9. Re: Recharge Telkomsel simPATI/Loop with Flash Data

It appears in the later version of the app they have removed that option........Bugger

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10. Re: Recharge Telkomsel simPATI/Loop with Flash Data

Yes it looked like a good app but too hard trying to understand what everything says!

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