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HELP! Is it safe for a female travelling alone at Boracay?

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HELP! Is it safe for a female travelling alone at Boracay?

I am getting really nervous now and don't know if I should still go to Boracay as initially planned a month ago... I had thought to stay at Boracay about a week with my friend but some family thing just came up and she has to cancel her trip, though we already bought all flight tickets and managed to get days off- everything is done and now just waiting for seeing the white beach. So I decide to stay on my plan. Here are some of my concerns.

-- Is that safe for female traveling alone there? Which station (hotel) will be the most safe place for a single girl staying?

-- I'd like to follow a diving course in English. Any good coach or diving center you may recommend? How much will it cost? I am a truly beginner.

-- Any stealing thing on the beach? Will it be ok if I leave my stuff on the beach and go swimming?

-- Where can I meet some new friends or join mini-tour around the island? I really don't want to spend all the week just by myself on that beautiful island!

-- Advice on any other fun things to do or fun places to go are much appreciated!

BTW, I will be at Boracay from 23rd to 29th October, I will be more than happy to meet some friends if anyone might also be there by that time!

Thank you for all your replies!~~~

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1. Re: HELP! Is it safe for a female travelling alone at Boracay?

Boracay is very safe and you will be there during Fall Break from schools. You should have a blast and most dive centers will have no difficulty instructing in English.

I will defer to the locals on the forum to give you specifics to most of your questions. I just wanted to know that Boracay and the Philippines is a welcoming and safe place to enjoy life. Just use common sense (i.e. no jewelry, don't bring things you wouldn't want to lose, stay out of dark alleys at night) like you would anywhere and you will be absolutely fine.

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2. Re: HELP! Is it safe for a female travelling alone at Boracay?

It is safe for single woman or else we would hear the nightmares. Just dont walk late at night alone or drunk. Never leave things alone on the beach or in clubs unattended...anywhere, not just Boracay. I recommend Blue Mango to dive but ask for discounted rates at any dive shop on boracay. Dont buy into the fixed price nonsense. We got lower rates than the fixed prices. Take Allan boat tour around island, we had a good time and met drinking partners.

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3. Re: HELP! Is it safe for a female travelling alone at Boracay?

I travelled to Boracay alone -- stayed for 4 nights without incident. I stayed on the far end of Station 3 because I wanted peace and quiet. You have numerous options from Station 1 to Station 3 to choose from, but I suggest that you stay in a beach front establishment so that you don't have to walk into any side streets, if that's what you're worried about. On most if not all of those nights I walked back to my resort alone and never encountered any problems.

For scuba diving, try Calypso http://www.calypso-asia.com/main.htm -- they have a very good reputation and you will probably be able to meet some people that you can hang out with when you take your course. Enjoy Boracay =)

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4. Re: HELP! Is it safe for a female travelling alone at Boracay?

Hiya Petitebleu

You will be fine, don't worry. Boracay is probably one of the safest places in the Philippines.

All the hotels will be safe, you'll probably get a cheaper rate at boatstation 3.

There are loads of dive shops, don't go with the first.

My wife and I went to Aqualife divers near station 2 on the front (i think they've got a website). My instructor (pancho) was really good and relaxed, but very professional. He threw in a free video of my final padi dive and my wife's 'discover scuba'. Some dive academies compress the 4 days of diving into 3, I wouldn't recommend that because your life depends on safety, knowledge and experience that you pick up in your training. For the Full padi it was around $400, but try to negotiate - it's a buyers market! You'll meet other divers and can chill out.

I'd hire a motorbike to cruise the island and chill, or a mountain bike! You can also go on a boat trip (vendors everywhere) or go on a flyfish or banana ride!

I wouldn't leave my stuff on the beach anywhere in the world, even in Boracay. I guess if it's just a towel and sun block it's ok, but not an ipod....

Enjoy the trip!

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5. Re: HELP! Is it safe for a female travelling alone at Boracay?

Thanks your guys very much! Seems I just need to calm down myself and then get ready for a vrey relaxing and enjoyable vacation~

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6. Re: HELP! Is it safe for a female travelling alone at Boracay?


...if calm is what you need you are going to the right place

...Boracay always provides me with calm

..it is very safe..safer than the western city I live in

..be careful with your valuables

..if you hotel/room has a safe you can put your things away and dont leave anything you cant afford to lose on the beach while swimming

..nobody will bother your sandals or towel

..have a great vacation

..I know you will love Boracay


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7. Re: HELP! Is it safe for a female travelling alone at Boracay?

it's really safe to travel alone to boracay... i have done that a couple of times already... just make sure that you know ahead the transportations to take and the fees to be paid… in any case, there will be people at the airport and jettyport who will able to guide you...

i'll recommend any beach front resort at station 1 that has access to both the main road and the beach...

you may try red coral diving and look for mike... he and his divers are very nice and will really take care of you throughout the course...

it’s ok to leave your stuff on the beach, especially if you're staying in a not so crowded location... though you can ask a resort staff stationed at the beach to watch out for your things just to make sure...

family-owned resorts usually have friendly staff that you can easily get along with... you can ask them to arrange a tour for you and can even personally guide you around the island... some will recommend island hopping where you will take at pump boat or a paraw to go to crystal cove and puka beach and go snorkeling... or take a tricycle, multicab or atv for a road trip to go to mt. luho, one of the highest peak at boracay, and to bulabog beach, to see where boardsailing, kite surfing and other water sports are held...

if you are an adventurous type, try trekking and spelunking at the bat caves at yapak… for some relaxation, have a massage by the beach… you may also want to see the chapel at pearl of the pacific, it may be a long walk from the main road, but once you get there, you will be at awe…

i’ll be there on halloween… if you can stay longer, we can go out partying, because there will be various parties, concerts and other events at that time… anyway, i do hope you have an enjoyable and memorable trip to our island paradise, boracay… =)

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8. Re: HELP! Is it safe for a female travelling alone at Boracay?

It's very safe. As a woman living here for 10 years I can vouch for that. Just take basic precautions - don't leave a purse or phone unattended on the bar, don't drape your bag over the back of your chair or place it under your chair where you can't see it. Bag snatchings and pickpocketings are rare but occasionally happen in the mall and in crowded discos.

Don't wander alone in remote areas at night; sticking to the White Beach pathway is best.

Belongings left on the beach during the day are usually safe, but don't leave valuables there. At night it's a different matter - many people who have gone for a late night swim or skinnydipping come back to find all their belongings - including their clothes - missing!

I'd recommend small, friendly places like Blue Mango or Villa Camilla for single travelers. They will make you feel at home.

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9. Re: HELP! Is it safe for a female travelling alone at Boracay?

Hi Petitebleu,

I will do the solo travel in Boracay same situation as you but my time will be 17 Nov to 21 Nov.

Security is always a big consideration for a alone woman in resort.

Your experience in Boracay will do me a great favor and be a big important advise.

I will consult you about Boracay if you don't mind.

Thanks :)

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10. Re: HELP! Is it safe for a female travelling alone at Boracay?

A bit update first... I actually postponed my vacation a bit and I will be there from Nov. 4-11.

Boragirl13 -- Not sure how long you will be staying on Boracay after Halloween... It will be a pity to just miss you... Anyways I sure a Halloween party on the beach will be so amazing... enjoy~

sirenna -- Thank you very much for all your cautions!

Rob -- Yeah, calm is what I need so much right now... all your guys' nice words make me believe it is right choice for going to Boracay.

Sylvia -- Pity to just get to know that you are also doing a solo trip.. Otherwise we could arrange a trip together.. Anyway I will be happy to share my travel experience there with you when I am back.

Finally, I am counting down to the white beach... I know I gonna love there!