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Worth an overnight in Machu Picchu

Hey All, currently in Cusco and just working out plans for MP. Is it worth staying overnight in MP ... seems that accommodation is a bit all or nothing ... not a lot of middle of the road options with good reviews. Very keen to do an early start, so it would seem that an overnight would be the only option.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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1. Re: Worth an overnight in Machu Picchu

We did an overnight last June and are certainly glad we planned it that way. We hiked to the sun gate and "toured" the first day. The second day, we went back for the climb and also to just savor being in a place we'd always hoped to visit. We just let ourselves stop and savor. I am really glad we had that second day. You're right about all or nothing for hotels. We stayed at Inkaterra Machu Picchu, and it was about $500 a night, but included meals and many things to do on site---orchid tour, tea tour, bears. Even if you're not sure how you'll use a second day there, this is a beautiful place to slow down and enjoy the beauty of the setting.

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2. Re: Worth an overnight in Machu Picchu

The advantage for many people is that you get to see a bit more of Machu Picchu, so it is all less rushed. If you want to climb Huayna Picchu or Machu Picchu mountain then you will have time to do so by taking a second day. And you will not have spent the morning travelling to get there, so you will probably be a bit more relaxed on a second day. If you have the time we always recommend it.

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3. Re: Worth an overnight in Machu Picchu

We have just done dawn to dusk to/from Ollan using the first and last daylight trains. Plenty of time to do MP and a climb up HP. But of course you cannot be there for sunrise or sunset.

While MP is great we also did Ollan ruins, two day hikes from Ollan (along the river and up into the mountains); plus Pisac, Chinchero and Moray. And of course travelled very light to/from MP, no luggage hassle or changing hotels.

It really is horses for courses.

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4. Re: Worth an overnight in Machu Picchu

can you elaborate more on the Sun gate hike and MP mountain hike-we are staying the night for the reasons you describe and trying to figure out which hike for 2nd day. We also have time in Ollantaytambo.


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5. Re: Worth an overnight in Machu Picchu

Hi, we stayed Inkaterra MP and enjoyed it also quite pricey - especially if you have to get 2 rooms when traveling w kids. I'd recommend to check the weather FC - we went there begin of April, hoping for an early start at 6am f sunset and HP - we got completely rained out w downpour, thunderstorm and fog - so, whilst it cleared up luckily by 10:00am the money spend f the early rise was certainly not well invested

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6. Re: Worth an overnight in Machu Picchu

we were there a week ago and stayed at La Cabana. We only paid about$120 and it was clean with a big room. they took our bags to the hotel on arrival, and stored them for us during our second day at M.P., then delivered them to the train station for us to leave. I would do it again.

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7. Re: Worth an overnight in Machu Picchu

I'm considering doing the same one month from now (May 30). We could do 3 nights in Ollantaytambo with a day trip to Machu Picchu, or 2 nights in Ollan and one in Aguas Calientes. Opinions from others would be greatly appreciated. Questions:

* If we have entrance tickets to MP ahead of time, do we need to also arrange the bus up to MP ahead of time or will there be plenty availability if we want to wait out a rainstorm, get sidetracked, or whatever?

* If we don't arrive in AC until late morning, will we still be able to get a bus up to MP?

A little off topic: There will be two adults and two young adults who are students. From reading other parts of this forum, it sounds like I can't get MP entrance tickets for the students online. If anybody knows differently, please let me know.


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8. Re: Worth an overnight in Machu Picchu

I would definitely stay one night in Machu Picchu Pueblo (aka Aguas Calientes). No point touring MP then rushing back on the train at night - take your time at MP, then spend a relaxing evening in Aguas Calientes. Not a lot there but it's a pleasant town with loads of restaurants. Nice to stroll around in. Then take a leisurely train out the next day.

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9. Re: Worth an overnight in Machu Picchu

Hi jrkey, We are going in mid-May - also traveling with two young adults/students. Decided to do the 2 nights Ollantaytambo/1 night AC because we want a full day at MP and it would be a challenge getting the boys up for the pre-dawn train from Ollanta. Briefly researched the student ticket option - they are only available to kids with international student ID cards. I ended up paying full price because I wanted to reserve the 10:00am HP climb (which fills up) and didn't want to have to wait for the boys to get their cards.

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10. Re: Worth an overnight in Machu Picchu

Cassamurray, you asked for a little more elaboration on our hikes. We took a morning train to Aguas Calientes from Olly. Then, when we got to AC, we stored luggage and got in line for the bus (you don't need tickets, it's $17 round trip). We got there, went through the entrance and just got oriented. Then, we hiked to the Inca Drawbridge (an easy hike but great to see the drawbridge). Then, we went up to the Sun Gate and just soaked up the views. We came back, and late afternoon, took the bus back to AC. The next morning, we went on an early bus. We toured and then went to HP for the 10:00 hike. We had a packed lunch which we enjoyed overlooking MP, took our last pictures, and leisurely went back to the train and went to Poroy, just outside of Cusco. Yes, this is more expensive, but we definitely felt one of the big things on our bucket list was MP and we didn't want to be shortchanged, especially if weather didn't cooperate.

Also, while you're going through the entrance to MP, there is a place where you can get an MP stamp on your passport, Certainly not an earth-shattering thing to do, but we look at the MP stamp, and it brings back great memories. Hope this helps. We had a guide who actually went up the mountain with us. He met us at the train station and accompanied us to Sun Gate and Inca Drawbridge. He was knowledgeable and knew we wanted to hike but we were in are in our sixties. Super decision on our part!