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Travel Itinerary Advice for a 2wk+ trip

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Travel Itinerary Advice for a 2wk+ trip

I would love to hear how other couples staying 2wks or longer are planning their trip. I'm having a hard time deciding what the best itinerary should be and looking for a little inspiration.

A little about what we're trying to put together. My soon-to-be hubby and I are going to Fiji for our honeymoon in mid-October and are planning on being there for 2 - 2.5 wks. While I don't want to be traveling all of the time, I think it would be great to stay at 2 or 3 different resorts or islands while we are there. So far all I can really define is the "mood." We would like to start the trip at a luxury "unwind from all of the wedding stress and start the romance" resort. Once we're settled in and started operating on "island time", I would love to go to a different resort/island where the focus is less on being the only two people in the world and more social, with activities and a nightlife. Wherever we go, we hope to do some fishing, scuba, and snorkeling. Our budget is around $7-8K US dollars.

Thank you for taking the time to respond ~Deb

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1. Re: Travel Itinerary Advice for a 2wk+ trip

Hubby and I went last year and stayed 17 days. Stayed a few days in Denarau (with friends who were only staying in Denarau).....then we went to LikuLiku...(gorgeous accommodations, wonderful food, very romantic dinners....went surfing, scuba diving, fishing....amazing.....then, as you wanted, we flew on to Quamea...very different experience, wet climate, waterfalls, amazing hiking. Everyone gets together at night there for happy hour and dinner. chance to meet fellow travelers and have drinks at night together. Likuliku is luxury and alone time....Quamea is more fun and activity at night. Oddly, we were the only Americans at Likuliku...but met 4 other couples from the states at Quamea....loved both spots !

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2. Re: Travel Itinerary Advice for a 2wk+ trip

I would definitely get out to the islands, Likuliku or Tokoriki would be great for the wind down maybe an island or two in the Yasawas would be good too, have a look at Navutu Stars or Paradise Cove or Viwa, and maybe Matamanoa.

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3. Re: Travel Itinerary Advice for a 2wk+ trip

This is wonderful. Thank you so much!

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4. Re: Travel Itinerary Advice for a 2wk+ trip

Look at Matangi Island Resort for the first days. It is spectacular.

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5. Re: Travel Itinerary Advice for a 2wk+ trip

We've slowly been doing our research (and possibly procrastinating too long on reserving hotel rooms) and right now I have this in my head as a good idea:

1 . Matangi for 5 nights since it is the furthest out of the ones we're considering and seems like the perfect way to start off the honeymoon (I have also considered Likuliku but thought Matangi sounded more interesting to explore. If anyone cares to disagree, I'm all ears!)

2. Quamea for 5 nights (since its a quick jump from Matangi and is more social)

3. Ratu-kinis for 3 nights (provides for more cultural exposure, helps lower the average cost of accommodations and last but not least there's an in-law that works there)

4. Outrigger for 2 or 3 nights (mainly to end the trip on Fiji at a resort-style place to get the kinks out of our backs from the backpacker place)

My preference wasn't to go to 4 places; we had hoped to go to Matangi, Ratu-kinis, and then Quamea in that order until we realized that Matangi and Quamea were so close to each other and Ratu-kinis was close to Nadi. It seems like a lot of travel to go back and forth to the Matani/Quamea twice.

My questions:

Thoughts on whether Matangi and Quamea should have equal time or should one be much longer than the other?

If we dropped Quamea, do you know of any other places closer to Nadi that would be about equal? I looked at Likuliku Lagoon Resort but the only rooms they have available are out of what I'm comfortable spending.

Is there a better 4th option instead of Outrigger? I was looking at Paradise Cove and while it takes us a little further out again, it isn't nearly as far as Quamea but I also haven't looked at specific travel times. If its strictly boat instead of plane, then I'm guessing that the travel times might be comparable.

I can't tell you how excited I am about this! Every time I start to get stressed about all of the things I haven't done for the wedding, I start to think about the honeymoon and get so happy (even thought there's a lot that needs to be done there as well). Thank you for your help

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6. Re: Travel Itinerary Advice for a 2wk+ trip

Travelling to Paradise Cove could be a lot easier than going back to Outrigger, and after your time at the other places you could find that a large mainland resort is a disappointment. Find out if you can get a boat transfer to Beachcomber where the Yasawa Flyer picks up from, and head straight to PC on that. It would be a shame to miss the Yasawas when you are so close.

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7. Re: Travel Itinerary Advice for a 2wk+ trip

Just what I needed to hear. Thank you TaiMarilyn! I had my doubts about Outrigger.

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8. Re: Travel Itinerary Advice for a 2wk+ trip

First congrats on the honeymoon and wedding :)

Your biggest issue is going to be your budget. $400 a night over 20 days or $571 a night over 14 days still won't get you into the "luxury" end of Fiji.

Likuliku you are looking over $1000 a night. Tokoriki around or under $1000 per night. Qamea/Matangi/Yasawa Island Resort again around $1000.

Most luxury resorts in Fiji (4.5 - 5 star equivalents) start at around $1000 per night and go up from there. As you can see, that eats into your budget quite a bit.

I would either increase the budget, or consider what options are available.

Matamanoa Island Resort (one of the cheaper adults only resorts in Fiji, yet still nice and popular), is $419 per night for a beachfront bure.

Lomani Island Resort is another cheaper island resort (adults only) is $507 per night.

On top of both those rates is normally a food rate per day too.

NOTE: When I state cheaper, I state that compared to the luxury adults resorts (though Matamanoa and Lomani are still very VERY nice.

HOWEVER one big problem you are going to face, is if you are talking about October 2013. It is right in one of Fiji's busiest times of the year, and resorts generally book out 6-12 months in advance. Unlike most larger countries, Fiji you can't just book at last minute notice to these resorts.

So a few things you'll need to do: Either

1. Review and increase your budget to cater for exactly what you want.

2. Reduce the amount of intended time in Fiji.

3. Stay at lower end places (circa $400-$500 a night isn't unusual for island resorts in Fiji).

Hope this helps.

Edited: 22 August 2013, 23:50
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9. Re: Travel Itinerary Advice for a 2wk+ trip

All sounds fantastic but if you're going to change to Paradise Cove, why not drop Ratu Kinis altogether & just go straight there for the balance of your trip? If it stretches the budget too far, try one of the budget bures at a resort that offers the facilities you're after (Blue Lagoon, Oarsmens Bay, Octopus, Botaira?). One of our Mana Island experts may be able to tell you if you are able to access the spa facilities at Mana Island Resort whilst staying at Ratu Kinis........ (or your relative?)

Alternatively, stick to your plan but spend your mainland time at one of the Denarau resorts or First Landing for easier access to the airport on departure.

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10. Re: Travel Itinerary Advice for a 2wk+ trip

No you can't use any of the facilities of Mana Island Resort if you are staying at Ratu Kinis.