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Is it safe to travel as a single mom with 2 attractive teens

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Is it safe to travel as a single mom with 2 attractive teens

Hi! I was thinking in taking my 2 teenage kids on a trip to Nicaragua. I am from Venezuela so I speak fluent spanish, but my kids are not fluent speakers, they are 1/2 Americans and very good looking. I am naturally concerned as I don't have a partner but I am used to travel by myself. We want to surf while we are there and travel throughout the country so my questions are:

1. Is it safe for us to travel without another adult?

2. Is it recommended to rent a car vs taking taxis or shuttles?

3. What is the best location to stay where we will have several choices to surf?

4. Any recommended hikes?

4. Trust worthy transportation?

P.s: We love cultural-historical, Eco - tourism, and arts and crafts made by locals

Your help is greatly appreciated


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1. Re: Is it safe to travel as a single mom with 2 attractive teens

This is a first time i hear of someone being very concerned about safety and their daughters beauty, i do not doubt that your daughters are beautiful but you have nothing to worry about, you will be fine. Please fine my answers to your questions:

1. Is it safe for us to travel without another adult? It si very safe, there is groups of women that travel alone all over the girl even in pairs, the safety in Nicaragua is very good.

2. Is it recommended to rent a car vs taking taxis or shuttles? I will recommend using shuttles or private transportation compared to renting a car. Running into police might not be as comfortable so having someone to take care of the driving will not be a bad idea.

3. What is the best location to stay where we will have several choices to surf? Beaches in the San Juan del Sur area, staying in town (San Juan del Sur) will allow you to take one of the many shuttles that bring you to the nearby beaches to surf, this way you are not confined to one beach

4. Any recommended hikes? Cerro Negro, Maderas, Mombacho

4. Trust worthy transportation? Thre is plenty of them. ORO Travel, VaPues Tours, Iskra Travel, Adelante Express, Nicaragua Escapade.

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2. Re: Is it safe to travel as a single mom with 2 attractive teens

while im sure your kids are very attractive, lets be honest. They wont be the best looking people in the country, and it wont be the first time there have been attractive people come visit here. The vast majority of people probably wont even bat an eye or notice your teens.

Keep in mind Nicaragua is generally a conservative place outside of the touristy areas (granada, san juan del sur), or the big city (managua). So if your teenage daughters wear miniskirts, low cut tops, short shorts, etc. They probably will get some guys attentions and get cat calls or people hitting on them. Many men are not shy about making comments, but thats as far as it goes. safety wise youll be fine, but you might end up annoyed at more than one guy on the street corner who makes a dirty comment to his friend.

1. You should be safe. Use commong sense. But many people travel alone, even late teen aged girls, and they dont find it unsafe.

2. Personally i recommend taking buses. They are 10x cheaper than private transportation and plentiful. If you have the money and want the luxury go with private transportation. Renting a car really isnt needed, and may give you more of a hassle and headache than its worth. Unless you are going well off the tourist path or have an odd schedule and need to travel in the middle of the night, etc. taxis and private shuttles are all over, and unless you use them multiple times in a single day, youll save money over renting a car.

3. San Juan Del Sur is known as a tourist party town. Its the only city of decent size on the beach so if you are looking to stay in a larger area with more options thats the place to go. Most of your other options will be more deserted beaches, which you may be interested in too. Places like Popoyo, Playa Gigante, etc. have some excellent surf. Or if you will be doing traveling up north, maybe look into the fishing villages like Casares, Las Penitas, Corinto, etc. Depends on what area of the country you will be focusing on.

4. i cant comment as ive never used private transportation here.

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3. Re: Is it safe to travel as a single mom with 2 attractive teens

Hi Cocomaria.

As any where around the world if you do not fallow your common sense and follow different tips to stay safe you will have some issues.

Follow these tips in order to stay safe in Nicaragua:

• Avoid political demonstrations as they can become violent.

• Some areas such as Managua can be dangerous, so if you’re travelling on your own, or arriving at night, you’ll need to have your destination set.

• Never drive on rural roads at night or better don’t drive at night at all, Most of the roads don´t have road lights so they are really dark and many horses or cows can be on the road. If you must, stay on major highways and carry a cell phone, cell phones ($15 to $20) can be purchase at any gas station.

• Do not resist a robbery attempt, as many robbers carry weapons and they are never alone.

• Carry all important documents on an underclothes money belt.

• Avoid carrying expensive jewelry and large cameras dangling from your shoulder, better around the neck. These items will only attract undue attention. When going out at night bring a digital camera instead of the expensive digital one.

• Bring as few valuables as possible, and if you have to carry expensive items, get travel insurance.

• Where possible, withdraw cash from inside a bank or well lit areas. Avoid help from strangers, count your money and put it away before leaving, always be alert of your surrounding. Whenever you can go with a friend do it.

• This apply for Managua: Make sure your taxi is authorized, look for the driver’s I.D on the right hand side of the front mirror and license plate that have red/White/red, at night time the light has to be on, but is always better to arrange a taxi back from bars and restaurants to your hotel before leaving your hotel, buy a cheap cell phone to carry around, And agree a price before you get in is always to carry Local currency (Cordobas) At the moment 06/05/13 the exchange rate is about 1US$ to 24.5 C$ Cordobas. For the rest of the country taxis also will have a red/White/red license plate but no Id on the mirrors and fare are fix center of the city US$1 a bit outside or after 10:00pm US$2 out of city agree the price before getting into the cab.

• Cover up, it’s fine to wear tiny shorts to the beach, but make sure you dress respectably in large towns and cities, In Nicaragua we have laws that protect women and kids but is better not to attract unwanted attention

• Hikers should have appropriate dress, footwear, and sufficient consumables for any trek undertaken. Individuals who travel to remote areas are encouraged to hire a trusted local guide familiar with the terrain and area. Individuals hiking Volcan Maderas or Volcan Concepcion on Ometepe Island are by law required to hire a local guide.

• Don’t leave valuables in your backpack. You’re usually asked to leave your backpack under the bus or on top of the bus on long journeys so carry valuables with you. Don´t put your bag under the seat as it can be taken (or cut open).

• If need a orientation or consult a map go to a public place get your paper map not the Map on your iphone or ipad and ask to a police officer or go to the closes church and ask the name of it, all of the cities in Nicaragua the highest point will be the churches and are a reference area on the city that you will visit.

• If you moving around is fine to bring with you a copy of your passport and the entry stamp.

• If you leaving your room make sure all of your valuables are lock on the safe but if the hotel does not have a safe on the rooms and only at the reception count your money and valuables in front of the receptionist or person in charge put it into and envelope and wrote on the envelope what you are leaving.

• On Restaurants specially on La Calzada street on Granada don´t hang bags or purses on the back of the chair and always keep your belongings with supervision even if you are only standing to ask something do not leave valuables on the table.

• If hiring a guide or tour operator always ask to carry a license to see if it has accreditation from the minister of tourism of Nicaragua as many people as been robe or given a really bad service by not authorize tour guides and companies even companies or people recommended on TA ( As The Nicaraguan blog and Maria Jose from Masaya or some others ) if something like this happened you are welcome to call 25526858 or write to inturgranada@gmail.com

• While in Nicaragua if you suffer from petty theft or something else please call to 118 or if you are in Granada call officer Amaruck (84640122) as he is in charge of the police tourist department. And for emergencies all around Nicaragua 119 and 115.

Driving around on a rent is not bad but is better to get a bit of the country before doing it for long transfer is better with somebody that know,

I agree with the idea to stay in a bigger city that stuck on a beach and SJDS as many people that offer shuttle services to different good breaks

Good hikes around will be the volcanoes on Ometepe, volcanoes in Leon city.

For history culture and artcraft you have to visit Granada, Leon and Masaya.



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4. Re: Is it safe to travel as a single mom with 2 attractive teens

Of course it is save with teens as long as they don't reveal too much, cultural they might think the teens are looking for something but if they dress adequate and no flirting with anyone...they will leave them along.

Have a save trip :)


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5. Re: Is it safe to travel as a single mom with 2 attractive teens

It is safe to travel with your teens. If you want assistance, there is a tour operator that I used when I went to Nicaragua and they were wonderful and very helpful. Here is their contact info: travel@itaglobal.com / www.nica.travel

If you're interested, send them an email and let them know what you're interested in seeing and which places you want to visit. In many cases, they can arrange transport for you to other cities and book your rooms as well. They are based in San Juan and do offer day trips to the beach for surfing and include surf lessons. Have fun on your trip.

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6. Re: Is it safe to travel as a single mom with 2 attractive teens

We would love to answer your questions in detail but we will need high resolution photos of yourself and your daughters to determine just how attractive they are.

We will be scanning the posts regularly for updates.

7. Re: Is it safe to travel as a single mom with 2 attractive teens

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