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Antigua Guatemala

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Antigua Guatemala

How safe is Antigua and can you drink the water in the larger Hotels.

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1. Re: Antigua Guatemala

Antigua is safe- just carry yourself like you'd do in any large city. We were there for 2 weeks in 2001 and had no problems. There is a tourist police near the zocalo. They'll accompany you on a walk up the hill to see the cross. It seems that they want to encourage tourism by having the police force.

As for water, we drank only bottled (on our own in the room) and the hotels (Meson Panza Verde and Casa Azul) served bottled water. It doesn't hurt to verify. We didn't brush our teeth with bottled water, just tap.

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2. Re: Antigua Guatemala

Antigua is such a wonderful charming city. I was there a couple of months ago and felt perfectly safe walking around by myself. As long as you use common sense and street smarts, you will be fine. Read the warnings on the Embassy's website so that you are aware of some bad things happening but also understand that they slightly exaggerate too.

As far as water I was unfortunate enough to become sick. But I also hiked to a very primitive village where it was easily contaminated despite our efforts at prevention. In the city's I would stick with Agua Pura, their bottled water. Have fun!


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3. Re: Antigua Guatemala

Just like in any city of the world where tourism is the main source of livelihood, Antigua is relatively a safe place to be in. It is full of history and reflects the true "colors" of old Guatemala. When I was there, I had no problems walking even at night. Of course, one has to exercise caution. Any traveller should not drink tap water, that's a common rule everywhere, not just in Guatemala. Stick to bottled water which is the safest bet. In my one week stay, I did not have this traveller's disease because I stuck to bottled water. I also did not buy from mobile vendors the comidas tipicas (native food) even though I was very tempted to do so.

You will surely love Antigua. Don't forget to check out the jade shops which are relatively cheap and genuine.

Antigua Guatemala
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4. Re: Antigua Guatemala


Antigua is safe. The safest town in Guatemala. But the suburbans isn't, so take your precautions, even in the mornings in abandoned places.

Don't drink the tap water what so ever. The frequent earthquakes down here make the city's fresh water pipes leak and the sewer system and everything run together.

Best regards


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5. Re: Antigua Guatemala

Just in a case you would feel secure drinking the water in any bottle, use a U.S. Nikken filtered water, good for more than 800 fill up. not expensive and may safe your healt.

Those bottle are use by military and red cross.

Pierre Brunet Nikken Consultant

P. S. We and our friends in Pana use these bottle without problem. U can drink any water with those bottle.

Sicerely Yours,

Los Angeles
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6. Re: Antigua Guatemala

I've been there twice by myself and I would not reccommend walking alone at night past 9pm. The family I stayed with also told me this. I had 2 friends who had 2 Guatemalans come after them with a knife on a street late at night. The best thing to do if you are out late at night is to walk in a group of at least 3 people or take a "Took-Took" which is a small taxi without doors and seats 2 people. They are the safest and I would always take one home from wherever I was late at night - even if it was only a couple of blocks. One night before I got wise I had 5 policemen that were following me - even when I started walking faster. They were closing in right when I got to the house I was staying at, so I was ok, but you can't trust anyone there. Also, if you meet any Guatemalan friends there, it's good to go places with them because the other Guatemalans won't bother you if they see you with one of their own - this includes taking a hike up one of volcanoes - if you go with all gringos, you'll most likely get robbed. If you go with other Guatemalans or have at least one in your group, chances are you'll be fine every time.

Also, I wouldn't drink the tap water anywhere there. Most restaurants and places use bottled water. Bottled water is super cheap.

Indianapolis, IN
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7. Re: Antigua Guatemala

My wife and I just got back from Guatemala. We had a great trip. We went to Antigua, Pana, Tikal, and Puerto San Jose. We didn't have any problems but as other people have said you do have to be careful.

Water - you can drink water in larger hotels, but I always ask if its agua pura. If you have any doubts or just want to be safe ask for bottled water.

I've been to Guatemala and Antigua 12 or 13 times. I've never had any problems but you do have to use common sense. Outlying areas and the bus depot are places you don't want to be after dark. Carry your bag/purse in front of you, not on your back. Just be aware of your surroundings - look behind you every once in a while, watch what other people are doing, etc.

I sure don't understand comments like "The State Dept exaggerates stuff". They don't exaggerate - they report based on what is happening. The incident rate may go from 1 incident per 10,000 visitors to 5 incidents per 10,000 visitors but that is a 5X increase. You may go and "feel safe" but that doesn't mean there isn't a higher probability of something happening. It just means you were one of the lucky 9,995 people. There have been murders, kidnappings, rapes, etc of north americans visiting Guatemala and it has definitely increased the past year.