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I'm Hooked Part V

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I'm Hooked Part V

So although we were in Dubai officially for 12 days it was more like 10 with the flights so really we only have 2 and a bit days left.

Day 9

The day after the night before we are both feeling slightly on the rough side to say the least and actually have a lie in, the first one since we got here, well I got up at 8:45am but not bad considering I'm normally at the pool by 8am. Guess what Lauren doesn't feel like breakkie today, so I go myself. I was in the breakfast restaurant for approx 15 Min's and I was asked at a dozen times where Lauren was! I think it was really nice that the staff noticed she was missing and wondered if she was ill, or if she left me, or ran off with a rich Arab etc. Actually they only asked if she was ill or shopping, when I told them she was ill but it was self inflicted they gave me a basket of toast to take back to the room. I don't think they get that many tourists in this hotel, mainly business guests who only stay a couple of nights so the staff didn't really get to know them but as we had been here for around 9/10 days by that point they did seem genuinely concerned.

So I get back to the room and Lauren has gone from bad to worse and is now doing her toilet hugging impression and promptly has her head down the loo!!!

It must have been the Nacho's she says!!!! I just laugh, obviously it has nothing to with the copious amounts of alcohol either. So out comes the Resolve out of the case and a piece of dry toast and an hour later she is feeling a little better.

So we venture out to the pool and get our beds etc. Waiter comes over and even he remarks that Laurens isn't looking well, I say don't give her the sympathy cos if it had been me, all I would have heard is, its self inflicted ..................... The waiter says he has a perfect cure for a hangover, so I get a water and Lauren get this concoction of green and red stuff.( Its actually just a fresh fruit cocktail but lots of vitamin C should help)

So by around lunchtime she is back to her old self again and is starving, so we decide to have lunch by the pool for the 1st time today as the weather is a bit cooler and is actually quite nice to sit in. The menu is a bit posh for a lunchtime and I stick to a burger and Lauren has a chicken sandwich these both come "al la posh" with fancy relish and salad etc but still very good.

Have to say although it is very hot in Dubai we both managed fine with the heat, apart from the 1st day after that we quickly got used to it and didn't think it was much hotter than say Greece in August, without Air Conditioning. Maybe just me or a freak cold snap, I don't know.

So tonight we are going to go the Le Meridien Hotel which wasn't to far from the Irish Village as from our recommendations on here it has a nice little Italian restaurant called Casa Mia. (Thanks Hannah)

So we have a drink in Jules? bar ( I now see why you told us not to go there, a bit pervy!!) which we didn't like and then went around to Dublins? and sat outside inside if you know what I mean, like in a little courtyard but in a tent with Air Conditioning.

We went to Casa Mia's at 9pm and it was really packed so we had to wait a while for our table and eventually order whilst at the bar so that it is ready when we sit down. Have to say this was a really nice meal and really quite reasonable for what we had, from memory I think it only came to around £50 although we had no wine and Lauren only had Coke.

As this is really our last full day we are up bright and early have breakfast and go straight to the Mall of the Emirates for around 10am, its really quiet and we get round reasonably quickly. We are hoping to get a few presents and momentos of our honeymoon/holiday as it maybe a few years till we can afford to return. We basically buy the usual souvenirs for everyone and head back to the hotel for our last afternoons sun as we are flying first thing in the morning we have room service for our meal and pack the cases and finish off whats left of the Duty Free on the balcony and basically reflect on what has been the most perfect holiday we have ever had, we really couldn't fault anything nor would we change anything. At around 10:30pm I go to reception to pay the bill as we don't want to mess on at 5 in the morning.

So finally Ive got say a really big THANK YOU to everyone on here who help me, initially get over my nerves and then helped us by telling us where and where not to go!!

I really hope we can afford to go back in the future but I think it will be a very long time as we have just found out that Lauren is Pregnant (literally yesterday) so doubt we will ever be able to afford it now!!!!

Thanks again all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ben and Lauren + 1 on the way!!!! (hope the alcohol doesn't effect the tot)


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1. Re: I'm Hooked Part V


what fantastic news

Dubai will definitely always hold a special place in your heart.

So glad you had a great (and productive!) honeymoon, it's been lovely reading about your trip, and what a perfect ending.

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2. Re: I'm Hooked Part V

Awwhhhh Ben & Lauren: I have goosebumps!!! Congratulations to both of you. That is just wonderful!!!!! All the very best for the three of you!

By the way the trip report wasn't too bad either LOL. Imagine even getting a hangover cure for Lauren, now that is what I call service!

Glad you both loved Dubai and I hope in the future you will be able to return as a family. Oh I think I am going to cry! (Big Softee)

You take care and look after your lovely wife


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3. Re: I'm Hooked Part V

Congratulations!!!!! Thats such wonderful news!!!

Ive really enjoyed reading your trip report (and cant wait to go myself later on this week! :) )

Congratulations again to you and your new wife!

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4. Re: I'm Hooked Part V

Thanks for the good wishes. When we spoke to the Dr yesterday she actually said that Lauren is 6 weeks pregnant so she was actually pregnant before we got to Dubai, and before we were married for that matter!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will let you all know what we have in 7 and a half months time.

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5. Re: I'm Hooked Part V

How sweet!!!! congrats you 2 +1. i loved reading your reports, much better in instalments, what a fabulas honeymoon, wasn't Lauren lucky got pregs, u never seem to be in bed long enough lol !!!! a right couple of night owls and then up at the crack of dawn even with a hang over!!! well done, and I also hope you get the chance to go back again.

Good Luck x

PS Benny you will have to let use know what you both have a boy or girl x or maybe both lol !

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6. Re: I'm Hooked Part V

Congratulations to you both.

You said Lauren was poorly due to drink it could have been morning sickness, poor thing.

I'm glad you both had a great time and perhaps you will go back some day as a family. Great trip report (I did warn you about jules bar though, LOL)

Yes you have to let us know whether it's a boy or girl.

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7. Re: I'm Hooked Part V

Congratulations - glad you both had such a good trip.

Was going to add that I hope you have apologised for accusing her of a 'hangover'!!

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8. Re: I'm Hooked Part V

congratulations to you both, enjoyed your trip reports, will toast you and the baby when in the park hyatt in October!

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9. Re: I'm Hooked Part V

A fabulous report and what a beautiful ending!!!! Well, I suppose it's actually only the beginning :-)

I wish you and Lauren a lovely life together and all the very best with the new bundle of joy! I am sure this trip will remain in your memories forever and that one day you get to return as a family of 3... or maybe even more!!!!!!

All the best



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10. Re: I'm Hooked Part V

she told you it was the nachos, i'm sure they play havoc on the stomach when you are pregnant!!!!! Congratulations!!!