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Where do u go when you not goin to Dubai

Preston, United...
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Where do u go when you not goin to Dubai

It's that time again to start planning holidays and we love Dubai but can we got back for the fifth year running!!! Anyone else got any inspiration for somewhere new?

Leicester, United...
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1. Re: Where do u go when you not goin to Dubai


There is nothing wrong in going to the same destination so many times. Since 2001 I have been to Dubai 4 times and it is 90% certain that I will go there this June/July, so it will be 5th time for me. Dubai is just fantastic.

You can possibly be do a two-city break. E.G. Kuala Lumpur or Hong Kong or Singapore and Dubai?

Kilmarnock, United...
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2. Re: Where do u go when you not goin to Dubai

I try to combine Dubai with some other places as well as it gives me a chance to visit other countries.I try to go to the furthest destination first then come back to Dubai,that way it is a shorter run home and if I was to be dissapointed with the other country then at least i know what I will be doing when I do get back to Dubai

For my extra holidays in November or March I look for a place in the sun and a lot cheaper than DXB prices

This year I hope to change my travel times to take in DXB in May and September.


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3. Re: Where do u go when you not goin to Dubai

im kind of thinking the same for this year,was looking at egypt or even thailand but i hate long flights so might have a second think about that especially for a week,if i decided to go thailand direction,i need at least 2/3 weeks and that wont happen at the moment

although then u know u will have the nice people and luxury in dubai

its a tricky one

Bangor, United...
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4. Re: Where do u go when you not goin to Dubai

Welcome Back bidly!!! Wondered where you had got to!

Sorry haven't got any inspiration for you as we are going back to Dubai twice this year.

Lovely to see you back on the forum anyway and hope someone will come up with a good destination

Muscat, Oman
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5. Re: Where do u go when you not goin to Dubai

Bidly, it really does depend on what you want to get out of your holiday. Mr Hugedxb was spending ridiculous hours at work in London at the office and at home, too, and we found that Dubai was the place we relaxed most. And the flight wasn't too long and the time differences were do-able. We visited twice a year for about 10 years and then moved here 2 1/2 yrs ago when he retired. We did go to other places occasionally, and maybe we're just sad people, but we always ended up wishing that we'd just come back to Dubai. Apart from when we went to The Boulders in Carefree Arizona - another desert setting ... funny that lol.

As Gibby says, though, if you're planning a longer range holiday, do that part first and stopover in Dubai on the way back. Not only does it break the return journey - it puts off that dreaded day of return to ... aaaaargh ... reality!

To be honest, it rather sounds like you've got the "Dubai Bug". I'm guessing that you've looked around at other holidays and can't think of anything that really grabs your imagination. Maybe you should check out some other forums and ask a few questions on them - not forgetting to mention Dubai while you're at it. Dubai is a massive transit hub so you'll likely get some responses from others who've done two-centre holidays through Dubai.

Good luck - and don't feel it's wrong to go back to the same place. Others may tell you that you're being unadventurous but, hey, who pays the bills for your holidays - you or them?!

Happy holidays!

Bawtry, United...
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6. Re: Where do u go when you not goin to Dubai

I haven't actually been to Dubai before (my post's refer to my newbie status!) but have been through the airport on quite a few occasions on my way to Thailand.

This time I have decided to do a 3 night stopover in Dubai on the way there and 2 nights on the way back. It's so easy to combine the 2 destinations.

I can recommend Thailand - very safe and if you go in a 3* or plus hotel the standards will be excellent. Much better than standards in the caribbean, mexico etc.

Don't spend much time in Bangkok if you will also stay over in Dubai unless you want to sightsee. From what I hear the shopping is much better in Dubai.

The weather is good almost all year. I went in monsoon season in August and arrived in torrential rain, but I came out of the airport and never saw another drop for two weeks!

The people are what make the country so special for me. They call it the Land of Smiles and it really is. They are exceptionally friendly and are genuinely pleased to help.

Of all of the places I've visited in the world Thailand is my favorite.

I hope you have an enjoyable time wherever you decide to go!

Broxburn, UK
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7. Re: Where do u go when you not goin to Dubai

Bidly, as others say, there is nothing wrong with going back to the same place often. I always said I would never go to the same place twice as their are so many wondeful places I want to visit, but after visiting Dubai, that all changed. We have been 5 times now. As said earlier, it all depends on what you are wanting out of your holiday and what your budget is. If you are considering doing a 2-centre with Dubai then you may consider Seychelles. We did that as a 2-centre and absolutely loved it. We went to the Seychelles first. Thought it better to go to Dubai last incase you hit the shops there and saves you having to carry it all on to your other destination. If you are considering missing out Dubai this time, then if you give us an idea of what you are looking for then we can help you with some ideas.


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8. Re: Where do u go when you not goin to Dubai

i love thailand and the shopping is better than dubai, some of the hotels in thailand are out of this world, Oriental and Peninsula in /bangkok, banyan tree /meridien yaht club in phiket etc

Thailand has also far more obvious culture with the opulence of great hotels.

Personally i go to dubai because it is 7 hours against 13 hours but if i was totally honest , thailand would be where i would return. Although i do love dubai.

id also recommend arizona , dry heat, good hotels that are sooooooo cheap with the dollar being low.

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9. Re: Where do u go when you not goin to Dubai

Depends what you are looking for. We have been to Goa for the past two years as well as Dubai, and although they are very different, they are both great places. Goa is very laid back, you eat in beach shacks, feet in the sand watching the sunset for about 10£ for two for the freshest sea food ever, but it is totally relaxing and I can highly recommend it (The South anyway)

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10. Re: Where do u go when you not goin to Dubai

I also love Bangkok and America, but I would love to visit canada some time soon.