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Mekong Express Bus

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Mekong Express Bus

My husband and I are in our early sixty and we want to travel from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh on Mekong Express bus. I need recent riders to tell me what it is like. Is it fairly comfortable. We want to see the country side. Is it worth it or should we fly. I have researched all of the buses and it appeared that Mekong is the best. Are there any day tours that transport to PP. Any advice will be welcome.

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1. Re: Mekong Express Bus

Cat, the bus is fine - really

sure we all like to grumble about the drivers use of the horn or the awful karaoke but on the whole they are great, quick, easy, cheap and a great way to see the countryside - go for it!

enjoy Cambodia



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2. Re: Mekong Express Bus

I can do no better than to repeat a very recent posting.

Whilst not mentioned by name in my post you can confidently assume that it is the company you are enquiring about.

Best regards. Ian

2. Re: Phnom Penn to Siem Reap

Aug 20, 2011, 7:08 PM

Bus travel is anything but hideous. If it were, I wouldn't be such a frequent bus traveller and I really do travel a lot by bus within Cambodia and cross-border Cambodia/Vietnam, as my ongoing postings and updates on different bus companies and routes will attest.

Indeed, I will once again be going from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap by bus and stopping off at Kg Chhnang and Battambang along the way in just a couple of weeks time and I will certainly be using lesser bus companies on this trip for the simple reason that the best overall bus company in Cambodia does not service this route. But there are perfectly acceptable alternatives. And, to be honest, there is fun to be had at the bottom end of the low cost, "pick-up/drop off" services and with the plastic stools/chairs down the aisle too. I've often been the only non-khmer on a crowded and ancient bus and and I have enjoyed the experience every time. Great fun and great people.

But there are several other sides to this. Firstly, some of us need to ask ourselves just why are we travelling? If its to shield yourself from the country and its people then please stay cocooned in your privately chartered vehicle for sole and exclusive use.

But if you want to see and experience the real Cambodia, its peoples and their way of life then travel by bus with them but choose a bus company that fits your personal "comfort zone". Bus travel is also one of the great bargains in Cambodia. It's also a great travel experience too.

For the route Phnom Penh - Siem Reap - Phnom Penh you have a wide selection of bus companies and fare prices to choose from. As with most things in life you pretty much get what you pay for. But on this route, one company stands out above the others for its punctuality, reliability, safe driving and service and security and checking in/out of checked bags. That said, none of them are infalible but some most decidedly are better than others. You pays your money and takes your choices as the saying goes.

Contrary to the posts of others, I have never experienced the drivers of this particualr company making unnecessary use of horns nor experienced the exceedingly loud audio visual entertainment on what is, in the first place, a Cambodian bus service increasingly used by foreign tourists. Why is it so heavily patronised by foreigners? Because of its overall better reliability, dependability, adherance to published timetables/schedules and accountability for checked and receipted bags etc. And the toilet on their buses have always been clean even if basic. Yes, the buses are secondhand buses but this is how developing countries start off their scheduled services for the benefit of their own nationals. If you want Pullman then you are not going to get it. And travelling "The Dog" Greyhound by the way is not much cop either given its' first world country status.

But some people only want to sleep under the stars - all five of them. Regardless of where they are in the world or the state of development of the country they are in and complain at anything less.

And finally, your chances of survival in a crash are far better in a heavy bus than in a flimsy, lightweight Camry taxi or van.

Just never, ever, use night bus services no matter how pushed for time you are or how bad your travel planning is.

Best regards. Ian

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3. Re: Mekong Express Bus

Mekong is definitely great. Used them 3 weeks ago SR - PP and then a week later PP - HCM. They were comfortable and the "entertainment" wasn't too loud at all.

a great way to see the countryside and I even got some half decent photos from the bus


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4. Re: Mekong Express Bus

I agree with others that Mekong Express is comfortable.

You can look at these links.




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5. Re: Mekong Express Bus

Hi Cat - my partner and I (60 and 64) traveled throughout Cambodia in January for the month on buses - and I have to say it was one of the highlights of our trip. While we didn't use Mekong Express (due to the route we traveled - started out in Ban Lung - ended in Siem Reap), they are well recommended. By taking a bus you'll see and experience much more than you would by flying. We're going back in October and looking forward to the bus trips:) Enjoy your time in Cambodia!

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6. Re: Mekong Express Bus

We also didn't use the Mekong Express but can confirm that road travel is the best option from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap.

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7. Re: Mekong Express Bus


We used Mekong Express a couple of months ago to get from HCMC and then from PP to SR and found them to be fine. They have comfortable seats and plenty of leg room - you get allocated seats so can make sure that you sit together. You get a snack and water when you get on and they also stop for about a 45 minute break about half way. There is also a toilet onboard (the smallest cubicle I have seen but it is there if needed !). I am no mechanic but the buses seemed well looked after, the staff were pleasant enough and spoke good English and you also 'check in' your luggage and get a receipt for it. I would recommend them and would definatly use them again when we hopefully get to go back to this lovely country. When you can see some of the countryside and have a comforable journey for only $10 or so each, I really don t see the need in doing this journey by plane.

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8. Re: Mekong Express Bus

The Mekong Express bus is the best, biggest and reliable bus company in Cambodia. PHOM PENH to SIEM REAP IS $11 for 7 hrs trip with snack/water/toilet. They will stop half way for lunch /relax (lunch not included).

the road is in good condition and the countryside is amazing.

highly recommended.

have a great trip:)

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9. Re: Mekong Express Bus

We used the Mekong Express from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap and back again about 5 days later. I would recommend it overall, we only had one problem with the experience (see below).

The pluses to using the Mekong Express are many. The company seems pretty reputable and is well-known, which meant that we could call ahead to our hotel in Phnom Penh (even though it was a very small hotel), and they knew just who to call to book us tickets. They charged $15 per person (but a dollar or two of that was a fee from the hotel). We also had our (larger) hotel in Siem Reap book for us, and it totaled only $13 per person (I believe it was $12 for the bus and an extra $1 for pickup at the hotel--and the hotel didn't charge us a fee).

The Mekong Express is cheap, and if we hadn't taken it, we would not have been able to see the Cambodian countryside--which is something I will always remember. It was certainly much more interesting (albeit a lot longer) than taking an airplane would have been.

Here's the one problem I had: On our first bus, from PP up to Siem Reap, the driver insisted on showing a horrific movie about the Mai Lai massacre in Vietnam. It was extremely offensive, and after asking if we had to watch it, they turned the loud profanity down a little in the back for me (and then somehow turned it back up later). Several other passengers complained to the attendant woman, who apologized afterwards. To make matters worse, I had my three small children with me (thank goodness they didn't understand what they were hearing, and we kept them occupied enough not to see anything).

I felt it was such an oversight, that I almost flew back to Phnom Penh instead--but the nice concierge woman at our hotel in Siem Reap called them to explain that I only wanted to book if they guaranteed no offensive movies.

The ride back to PP was just fine--they showed a bunch of Cambodian/Thai music and one normal movie.

It really was too bad, as I wanted to focus on the countryside I was seeing, but instead had to try to block out the filth that I wish I could wash from my brain!

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10. Re: Mekong Express Bus

Well said!