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Anyone else getting annoyed with slot machines?

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Anyone else getting annoyed with slot machines?

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1. Re: Anyone else getting annoyed with slot machines?

Like you said **Slots are Fun**

For us not annoyed,still enjoyable!

Syracuse, New York
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2. Re: Anyone else getting annoyed with slot machines?

Here's what I do know: I used to be able to play longer with less money.

However, slot games have changed. They've come up with increasingly larger line configurations and additional coin ins to be bonus eligible. They also have increased volatility. Take one look around the website of a major slot manufacturer and you will see that word repeated over and over again. Volatility. All of their big research studies must have shown that this brings players back for more.

I personally feel slots have become more fun, but they do generally eat your money faster. But, it's called gambling for a reason. The negative expectation is on the side of the player. I go, I play, I don't expect to come home with my money (though it would be nice!). All I ask is to shown a good time on the dollars I play.

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3. Re: Anyone else getting annoyed with slot machines?

As much as I enjoy all the new penny slots, I agree. I get frustrated that it is becoming increasingly hard to find quarter machines, and when you do, it is likely one that ranges from 9-45 quarters (9 minimum to play all lines). When you do find the old 3 quarter reel machines, they are all in use. I enjoy the penny slots, but we are just not winning anything like we did years ago when we played quarters and dollars. I guess I should just try to play higher denominations, but my money will not last long that way-(sigh....) Only 5 more years til there are no college tuition bills...!

Long Island
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4. Re: Anyone else getting annoyed with slot machines?

I found that when I play the $1 2 coin machines, I do better and get better ratings than a penny or 5 cent machine at max ($3.00 and up)

I agree, we used to go with $300 for 2 days, now we go with $700-$1000 and sometimes we're down to our last $200 after the first few hours.

This past trip we were playing in the Showboat VP Joker Poker room and my girlfriend and I were saying how much we liked it way back when, you'd hit a lot of 4 of a kinds to keep you going and at least every other trip we'd hit a Royal. We'd play for hours and hours in that room. Not any more. I don't see anyone hitting and I'm just sick and tired to getting baby pairs and not matching anything up.

Edited: 04 July 2012, 13:32
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5. Re: Anyone else getting annoyed with slot machines?


- a wise man once said that changing up your bet (b/t .25 and $3) plays right into the casinos hands. It increases your session variance and subsequently your risk of ruin.

- sit at just about any slot machine(non-vp) in AC and you have to figure it is a 90% (or less) game, when you factor in how many losing spins are programmed in to pay for the huge jackpots/bonuses it gets really ugly

-mysterious/fixed??? if you are suggesting that the machines are NOT random then you should absolutely quit right now and report to your local GA meeting.

- "should we really be boycotting them instead"

there has never been a better time to quit. Slot paybacks as well as casino incentives/cashback/promos etc are at/near all time lows.

From your post it doesn't sound like you are having as much "fun" as you'd like. Perhaps consider just taking a break for awhile.

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6. Re: Anyone else getting annoyed with slot machines?

Agree with C above, holds are at all time lows and the design of the machines doesnt help. Look at your newer penny machines compared with 8-10 years ago and nickle or penny machines.

Most penny machines now have individual mega and mini jackpots that pay up to $1000 or more. To be able to pay this and still have a long term hold of 85%, you need a lot of small losers.

10 years ago when the themed videos werre big, you never hit more than $200-$300 even on max bet, but got a lot of smaller winners. It seemed like your playing time was much longer, but in the end you still lost. Games such as Lucky Lemmings had you hitting a "winner" for 1/2 your bet on almost every spin.

On those machines 5 of a kind was a big winner. Now 5 of a kind pays 10-20X your bet if only on 1 line. You need a screen full of something to get paid and even then only if it is the right symbol.

Old Bridge, New...
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7. Re: Anyone else getting annoyed with slot machines?

I agree with most everyone. I definitely feel that slots are paying less, and you must play more to try to win the big jackpots.

Yes, years ago I would play max bet on a quarter machine and it cost 75 cents. Now playing max bet on a penny machine is often 3 or 4 dollars! So your 20 dollar bill can be gone in 5 spins!

But the penny machines, when you do get a bonus round, are so much more colorful and entertaining. I just wish the bonuses came around a lot quicker.

Found 2 new machines at harrahs that I liked A LOT-even without winning A LOT!

A Baron von Bacon penny slot and some frog machine where every once in a while the frog would do a "cannonball" and jump down changing you lines to wild cards. FUN!

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8. Re: Anyone else getting annoyed with slot machines?

Great and honest replies from all of you! Hope to read more!

What I was really hoping to read was some "self observations" from seasoned slot players who have been playing them for many years.

I see many of you have your own suspicions of less play time. Higher denominations paying better, and i totally agree.

I see that there are a few of you who are still playing slots, but believe what you have read in books and from manufacturers, about the fairness of randomness.

Suggesting that anyone who dare questions the validity of slot machine programing today needs to attend a Gamblers anonymous, is a just a wee bit too opinionated in my view.

But I am not insulted in any way.

I would however attend a GA if i liked them enough to keep suggesting to myself that they are clearly random and that random jackpots are appearing all over the casino floors, But I just don't see that or hear it any night that I go.

I clearly pointed out that slots are fun and entertainment, So i say that with the knowledge that the casinos will win and I will lose.

Example Sex in the city, very entertaining but almost always the same outcome, "boom" bonus rounds, max bet oddly small payouts, then minimum bet "boom" a bigger payouts, The same with Hangover, and other newer machines.

I also noticed that there are some obvious patterns to slot macines, that i hear not only from gamblers sitting next to me, but from friends and family as well.


These things must be rigged, one would say, i have been playing max bet all along as soon as i lowered my bet to minimum I get in a bonus.

Or wow i just hit a nice 200-300 on a spin, but the machine took it all back just as fast.

Now i really didn't say i don't "enjoy" slots, I just asked if anyone else is getting annoyed with the outcomes that i have observed over the past few years at ALL casinos. Especially on the newer machines.

Should we boycott the newer slots in protest?

Well one op said the casino return comps, freebies etc. for playing is getting less and I totally agree, but that might be simply the tough economy we are in, there simply is not enough comps to go around with so many new slot players in the market now. Well then the casinos have no choice but to cut back so that each of the smaller gamblers like myself get a share of the pie.

One op said she brought 200 in the past and suggested that now you need 800-1000 a trip, I couldn't agree more, slot playing is becoming very expensive for the same outcomes.

My main gripe is NOT that I do not enjoy them as much, but that the newer slot machines seem to be more programmed controlled and much tighter, less random outcomes and more pattern like programming.

Keep posting your personal observations, i am sure most agree that something is just not right with today's machines.

Oh and please anyone who feels they need to quote me a conspiracy theorist from a ask the gambler web site, please save it for another post.

This is my personal observation after playing for many, many years and I am not looking for defense of the slot machines, i can read that on the internet from gaming sites that promote gambling.

I am looking for players to post, who have noticed changes that are not in the gamblers best interest, that's all!

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9. Re: Anyone else getting annoyed with slot machines?

"These things must be rigged, one would say, i have been playing max bet all along as soon as i lowered my bet to minimum I get in a bonus."

ok I take it back.... instead the person who said the above to you ...... the player who believes the game is "rigged" but continues to hammer away at max bet, is the one who should report directly to their local GA meeting

Meadow Lands...
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10. Re: Anyone else getting annoyed with slot machines?

I agree with everyone who says the same amount of "fun" is costing more and more these days. I well recall when $60 gave you several hours of "fun" in front of a three quarter machine.

We were at Hollywood/Grantville yesterday and if I had a quarter for every "near Bonus" I had, I could buy stamps for all my Christmas cards. And I send a LOT of Christmas cards.:) And a bonus round that pays $3.50 on a dollar bet??? Puh-leese.

I am doing lots more faux gambling online, and that costs nothing. I do lots better.:) Now if I could just take out my winnings. . .