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cet total rewards changes

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cet total rewards changes

Hey Guys!!

I have a copy of the 2013 Total Rewards Progran Enhancements in my hand that I picked up this morning at Horseshoe Casino

It states that there will be three level of diamond -

15K for Level 1 with a $100 annual dinner celebration- also turn rcs into free play up to $500 each day at 1.75 to 1


40K for Level 2 with same benefits as Level 1 plus a comped 4 night stay at any TR destination

80K for Level 3 with all benefits of Level 1 and 2 plus annual getaway with $750 airfare credit, companion card for a guest and transportation to/from airport within 50 miles ... and more!!!

150K for 7 star


500 tier credits in a day - get 125 credit bonus

1000 tcs in a day - get 1000 tc bonus

2500 tcs in a day - get 5000 tc bonus

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1. Re: cet total rewards changes

I will stick with Level 1. Thanks for posting.

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2. Re: cet total rewards changes

No difference between level 1 & 2. A 4 night comped stay is a joke, unless it includes airfare which I doubt. Any word if the DL perk remains at 25,000? Did they up the level for platimun?

Edited: 30 December 2012, 17:07
Dallas, Texas
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3. Re: cet total rewards changes

Platinum goes from 4k to 5k

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4. Re: cet total rewards changes

it appears as if the widespread internet rumors did not tell the whole story. in fact, they told an entirely different story! saying that tier level requirements would increase without explaining that there would be tier level bonuses (making it easier to achieve those new levels for many people) created mass hysteria and the false impression that achieving those new levels would be harder.

for many people - the people CZR considers to be their best customers - those who play for long periods of time, further exposing themselves to the house edge - it appears that it will be easier.

i can be one of CZR's harshest critics, but in this case, i must say that i think these are good changes. i like the new program. with regard to the diamond tiers, it addresses a longstanding problem with the gap between diamond and seven stars.. they finally figured out how to make their failed "diamond signature" experiment of a few years ago work.

here is a more detailed explanation of the changes from darryl mcewen in the seven stars newsletter:

"It was probably the worst-kept secret since Katie Couric announced on the Today Show that she was leaving to anchor the CBS Evening News. By now, it’s no surprise to anyone that the number of Tier Credits required to attain Platinum, Diamond and Seven Stars status starting April 1, 2014, will increase, effective January 1, 2013. In November word about this began circulating through the Internet (on message boards such as harrahscasinos@yahoogroups.com and on the Web site, www.vegastripping.com). In December the discussion intensified, and I began to get daily emails – sometimes as many as 10 per day – questioning rumors or passing on “inside knowledge” about changes to the Total Rewards program. Most of the information that was published – or questioned – was incorrect or incomplete.

The following (sloppy writing, syntax errors and all!) is from an internal memo distributed to certain Caesars employees:

In 2013, guests are able to earn Tier Credits at a faster than ever before. For the first time ever, we are offering Tier Credit bonuses. All day, every day.

· Bonus Levels – There are three bonus levels a guest can reach. The more Tier Credits they earn in one day, the more Tier Credits they will receive.

Earn this many Tier Credits in a day. . . . . .Get this many more Tier Credits

500 Tier Credits +125 Tier Credit Bonus

1,000 Tier Credits +1,000 Tier Credit Bonus

2,500 Tier Credits +5,000 Tier Credit Bonus

· Things to know

o Guests can only earn one bonus level per day.

o Tier Credit bonuses are based on play within a single day.

o Tier Credit bonuses are awarded based on Tier Credits earned in a promotional day (not a calendar day).

o Tier Credit bonuses will post to the guest’s account the following day.

o Bonuses will be added to the guest’s Tier Score only (RCs will not be added).

o Tier Credit bonuses do not count toward Reward Credit Multipliers and other Earn & Get Promotions.

o Tier Credit bonuses do not apply to daily criteria.

Since guests will earn Tier Credit bonuses based on their daily play, allowing guests to earn Tier Credits faster, we have increased the number of Tier Credits required to achieve each Tier.

Gold (0-4,999 Tier Credits)

o Gold status is still free for all guests.

Platinum (5,000-14,999 Tier Credits)

Diamond (15,000-149,999 Tier Credits)

Seven Stars (150,000+ Tier Credits to qualify)

o Membership in Seven Stars will remain by invitation only. Once a guest has earned 150,000 Tier Credits, their account will be reviewed for approval for Seven Stars.

§ Any guest who is Seven Stars in 2013 (based on their 2012 Tier Score) will be able to maintain their Seven Stars status if they earn 100,000 Tier Credits in 2013.

§ Tier Credit bonuses do not apply.

§ Only valid in 2013.

Daily Criteria

· Diamond (5,000)

· Guests who earn 5,000 Tier Credits at one property, in one day, will qualify for “Diamond in a Day.”

· “Diamond in a Day” is only valid for the current year.

· Tier Credit bonuses do not count toward “Diamond in a Day.”

· Platinum – there will no longer be Daily Criteria for Platinum status.

· Guests who earn 2,500 Tier Credits in a day will be awarded an additional 5,000 Tier Credits. This will give them a total of 7,500 Tier Credits, which qualifies them for Platinum."

Edited: 30 December 2012, 17:14
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5. Re: cet total rewards changes

Great info UK, I'm liking the bonus perks. With those in play, I could possibly hit the high Diamond Level.

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6. Re: cet total rewards changes

Wow, 500 tier points in a day... I've only gotten close in the past few months ONCE! And that was a day that I arrived early in the morning, won $400 in short order and couldn't lose it back the whole day - ended up with ~450 tier points. I guess I won't be shooting for the daily bonuses at all... so diamond will be MUCH harder to achieve.

I do see how it may make it much easier to go for diamond if you got to diamond in like 4 trips in the past...

Philadelphia, PA
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7. Re: cet total rewards changes

Hmmm, I wonder if "promotional day" and "gaming day" are the same thing in this case. The next logical question for DIAD...is it 5000 counting or not counting the bonus? What they really need to improve at CET is your ability to get an answer to a question like that, lol. Have to check out their site and see what they have put out I guess.

Sounds promising overall though.

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8. Re: cet total rewards changes

UK: I believe it will be harder for the gambler to achieve diamond, unless one consistently earns at least 1000 tier points/day. Even with the 25% bonus at 500, it does not come close to the 36.4% increase in tier points required.

My guess is that CET realized last year that they could shift up the requirements due to the 25k DL perk. Then went and probably found out that there was a concentration of customers with average tier points per day was slightly below 1000 for these low to mid level diamond players. By dangling this bonus, it will essentially force players to overplay in hopes of hitting the 1000 tier level each and every gambling day - quite crafty I must say.

Of course I stumbled upon my diamond with a hard "grind" (I probably average ~200 tier and 5-6 hours/day - certainly exposed to the house edge) - over 50+ trips to AC this year. I don't think the bonuses will help me at all the next time I try to go for diamond (if I ever do)...

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9. Re: cet total rewards changes

Jimk: The memo quoted in the Seven Stars Insider piece that UKstages shared says:

"Tier Credit bonuses do not count toward 'Diamond in a Day.'"

Edited: 30 December 2012, 22:46
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10. Re: cet total rewards changes

Do I have this right?

5,000 tier points for DIAD but only good for the current year.

However, if you split the 5,000 points into two 2500 point days, with the bonus, you would earn 15,000 points which would get you Diamond for an addtional year.

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