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word of warning about antinal

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word of warning about antinal

my friend has just come back from the doctors, she asked about taking antinal if she came down with the trots, we go 1st september, her doctor has told her to keep well away from it, she has had a bad reaction once to antibitics, so if anyone else has had this problem check with your doctor, he has given her a patch test to make sure she can take ciprofloxacin, he said some of the stuff u can get especially in egypt and the far east as well can cause anaphatatic shock , sorry if spelling is wrong, please check,he said it can do more harm than good if not used for the right reasons, ie the right type of the runs

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1. Re: word of warning about antinal

I totally agree that you should be wary about taking drugs in any foreign countries, particularly if you have had any bad reactions to drugs in the past, but it's very difficult for doctors here to pass any judgement on Antinal, meaning that in the majority of cases they try to deter patients from taking it. The problem is that the drug and it's contents are not licensed in the UK, so UK doctors know very little about the drug. When I asked my doctor about taking it he had no idea what it was and couldn't tell me whether it was an antibiotic or not etc, even after checking his medical books, so told me to steer well clear (which is sensible, as of course he shouldn't recommend something he knows nothing about). If doctors did go around saying that people should take it then they'd be going against the rulings of the drug in the UK and would expose themselves to potential comeback if people do have problems.

If you look up the contents of the drug on the internet some sites state that it is an antibiotic, but I was assured by three pharmacists in Sharm that it was purely an intestinal antiseptic.

I would also say that checking that the drug you are using works for the specific problem you have works both ways - my doctor recommended Immodium - and we all know that firstly it doesn't kill the bug, and secondly doesn't work (in many cases) with the sort of tummy problems you get in Sharm - it's an English drug after all.

I'm no medical expert but I'd say if you get any problems that won't go away with drinking more water, and rehydration sachets then speak to the pharmacist and tell them exactly the problems you have and they will recommend the best treatment. They are very knowledgeable and deal with hundreds of holiday makers getting ill every day. And if you have any more serious problems, or a complicated medical history then see the hotel doctor for peace of mind.

That's my thoughts anyway.


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2. Re: word of warning about antinal

I quite agree Sarah.

In fact, at HSB area, friends went into 2 pharmacies asking for antinal, and the pharmacists had never heard of it! Yet I know if was freely available at HV last year.

Also, several people have said that after taking it, in 2 days they were fine again. It is my experience, just keeping hydrated after a tummy problem and eating sensibly, you'll normally be okay in a couple of days anyway, so did the drug actually do anything?

Immodium may be ok in an emergency, but best leave the body to adjust on it's own, and if there is a nasty bacterial infection, best to go to hotel doctor!


Nuweiba, Egypt
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3. Re: word of warning about antinal

Information on Antinal...


Nifuroxazide (INN) is an oral nitrofuran antibiotic used to treat colitis and diarrhea. It is sold under the brand names Ambatrol, Antinal, Bacifurane, Nifrozid, Ercefuryl, Endiex (CZ, SK, PL) and Septidiaryl. It is sold in capsule form and also as a suspension.

Price for a pack of 12 capsules is currently LE 5.00


ANTINAL® has a wide range of bactericidal activity against Gram positive and Gram negative enteropathogenic bacteria, e.g., Cambylobacter jejuni, Shigella, Salmonella, E. coli…etc.

ANTINAL® is nonabsorbable and locally acting without systemic actions or side effects.

ANTINAL® does not develop plasmid resistance and is effective against antibiotic resistant bacteria.

ANTINAL®does not disturb the equilibrium of the intestinal flora.

ANTINAL® activity is not affected by the pH of the stomach or food.

ANTINAL® has an excellent tolerability and a wide safety margin, therefore it can be prescribed safely during pregnancy, lactation and infancy.

ANTINAL® ensures rapid clinical response on the intestinal bacterial infections, thus helping prevent dehydration.

The one and only time I have come down badly in Egypt with stomach cramps, fever, vomitting and the runs was way back in 1987 at Hurghada. The doctor came me an injection of Primperan which made me seriously worse as it seems I apparantly was allergic to it.

I have not used Antinal but have over the years met plenty who have and apparantly no one suffered any problems, yet with Immodium people just do not get better... they just seem to be delaying the symptoms.

Glasgow, United...
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4. Re: word of warning about antinal

Can only speak from personal experience too, but again I was in Sharm in October and suffered really badly from a dodgy tum, and then back in Egypt in Jan for a prolonged period teaching English and personally imodium didn't even touch the problem, having spoken with a local doctor I tried Antinal and within hours felt a lot better, and there were no 'repercussions' that can sometimes happen when you mess with your system, ie, going from the runs to being constipated..... I certainly wouldn't have any hesitation in using it again, It's always right to be cautious, but what I will say is that if you ever read the possible side effects of any even standard medicines the 'possible' effects are often worse than what your actually suffering from and would be enough to put anyone off!

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5. Re: word of warning about antinal

I have used antinal and boy did it work very quickly! We all react differently so of course checking possible side effects and any allergies or reactions is advisable.

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6. Re: word of warning about antinal

We have a lot of questions regarding antinal, from where to buy, how much, should kids take it, what is in it, etc.

I see Swiss has got the information about Antinal which would be useful as alot of people are intreasted in what is in this tablet and why it is not avalible over here.

My own opionion is, to check with your GP before you go, i am sure GPs have heard of Antinal. Your GP knows you and your familys history and health. If your GP say yes that will be fine, or no take this medicine with you at least you have been assured which is best for you.

Also for those of you that maybe dont have a GP that is a GP and not one that waves you away, then a chemist is the next best thing, the head Pharmist would be able to advise.

For people that have have had Antinal, or other medicines and have been fine, then that is also good to hear, as we all know be careful when receiving and taking medicine, try to explain that you have allgeries also if you are allergic to pencillin, i understand if it may be difficult if they do not speak english well.

On a differant note, our last trip to Malaga my daughter has tonstailutus, very ill, we needed a doctor, insurance sorted one out, he was excellent.

Though he spoke no english at all, we had a translator with us and we sorted out a antibotic for my daughter. It was differant to over here, antibotic daughter said was nasty, we had to chase round the first two days for her to take it (she was 3 and a half).

Maybe Swiss could prehaps keep the info on Antinal as i said earlier we do get questions on this medicine and at least people can then see what the ingredients is in the drug also if the antibotic is pencillin based or not, then they can decide if they want to take it or not.

Julie. xx

Windsor, United...
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7. Re: word of warning about antinal

I went to Sharm for the first time earlier this month. Like your friend I checked with my Dr. before going, he said something similar and gave me a prescription (albeit a private prescription) for Ciprofloxacin cost me under a fiver.

Luckily I did not need it, however, the son-outlaw had a dodgy tum and he took it and was fine.


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8. Re: word of warning about antinal

Long live Antinal is all i can say.If it wasnt for this my Husband and my holiday in Sharm would of being ruined.Rememer Egyption bugs need Egyptian drugs.Imodium only makes you feel worse.People we spoke to had brought various pills with them some on private prescription but all ended up on Antinal.

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9. Re: word of warning about antinal


Another thing to bear in mind is that immodium slows down the empying of your gut , great if its just a gippy tum but not so great if it is a bacterial infection - you need to get it out of your system - thats what your body is trying to do. So if you do take something to simply slow you down please don't take it for more than a few doses as you can do yourself a lot of harm

Antinal is not licensed in the UK and is a trade name so your GP will not have heard of it but s/he will know the class of drug as mentioned by Swiss


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10. Re: word of warning about antinal

her doctor sorry to say is egyptian by birth but has practised over here for years, he knows antinal , he also knows her medical history, she is very allergic to pennicillin and all the generic family if that is the right way to phrase it, that is why he is doing a patch test, ciprofloxiacin is something she has never taken and he wants to make sure she will be ok if she needs it, i only meant this as a word of warning to anyone who has had allergic reation to antibiotics of any sort, he also said you need to know the type of runs, is from viral or bacterial source , they need differnt treatment

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