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Anyone booked through makemytrip.com packages?

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Anyone booked through makemytrip.com packages?

It includes air+hotel for 7 nights and a driver while you are there....5 nights in port blair and 2 nights in havelock....includes all the ferry expenses etc...

$32500 per person from bangalore...

has anyone done these trips before and know if it is worth it? This is a last minute thing as I will be flying on sunday for 7 nights...If I book on my own..the tickets alone are more than the total price...

price wise it seems good, I am just not sure if the accomodation etc is good or not?

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1. Re: Anyone booked through makemytrip.com packages?


we have booked for 'exotic andaman'. We are flying on jan 16th 2011 to PB. We booked in make my trip.com through some travel agency. We got the Booking id but voucher and all will get only on 13th Jan 2011.

Chandigarh, India
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2. Re: Anyone booked through makemytrip.com packages?

hi, i m also planning the same trip, same apprehensions, please let me know how your experience was?

agra india
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3. Re: Anyone booked through makemytrip.com packages?

Make my trip is very big name in tourism now and they provide good service.There may be some problem with individual travellers but they are good and with good price.


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4. Re: Anyone booked through makemytrip.com packages?

Hello... Now that you are back from the trip, would you recommend it?

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5. Re: Anyone booked through makemytrip.com packages?

Now that you are back from the trip, would you recommend it? Are there better options out there?

Noida, Uttar...
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6. Re: Anyone booked through makemytrip.com packages?

Hi How was the trip with Makemytrip ?

Did u book th std/deluxe/premium package and how was the whole experience

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7. Re: Anyone booked through makemytrip.com packages?

Just back from a trip to A&N. I saw many of the Make my trip pacakge travellers around the place. I dont think its a great idea. They spend 5 nights in Port blair, which is an absolute waster. You should be spending 5 nites in havelock and just 1 nite on ur way back in Port blair. Its always best to plan your trip on your own by mailing the resorts and making direct bokings.

Aside, the groups on make my trip did seem a bit on the senior side. If you are younger and willing to explore, its always better to make your bookings directly.

Vapi, India
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8. Re: Anyone booked through makemytrip.com packages?

Thanks a lot GAGTVM . I had heard the same from my friend who had made his individual bookings.He also suggested the best way to tour andaman is to spend most of the time in havelock

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9. Re: Anyone booked through makemytrip.com packages?

Make My Trip Andaman is a rubbish experience. I with my family went on their trip in November first week and do i regret my experience or do i regret my experience.

I have an unlimited number of complaints:

i. The hotels they make you reside in are based more than 20 kms away from the city and without Make My Trip vehicles, you cannot step out of the hotels. Andaman is filled with jungles and the Hotels are right in the middle of them. You would regret your Hotel location more than anything in this world.

You would not even find a shop offering biscuits (a mere example) within 10 kms radius of the Hotel as it is in the jungles away from the main city.

ii. They tire you out with long journeys from the Hotel to city tour and back because it takes no less than 30 mins to get inside the city from the Hotel where they make you stay.

iii. If you indicate you are a Make My Trip traveller to anyone in Andamans, people will look at you with a laughing attitude because nearly 99.99% of the travellers complaint and that too in public and the public very well knows about Make My Trip's phoney sales.

iv. They change the itinerary according to their wishes. I shall elaborate below.

v. We arrived in Port Blair Airport from Kolkata and as per our travel itinenary provided by Make My Trip, we were supposed to have our lunch at Havelock where we would reach by lunch time by taking the Macruzz cruise after our arrival at Port Blair at 10.35 in the morning.

But no. They changed the program after our arrival there. They made us wait at a Hotel lobby for 3 hours in Port Blair, served our lunch there and then we reached Havelock at 4 in the evening.

If this was not enough, it was only us passengers who reached Havelock at 4. Our luggages arrived at 6 because Make My Trip wanted to save on shipping cost and sent it by Govt Ferry which takes a very long time to sail.

ii. They separate the group into so many different sub - groups that you cannot interact with anyone other than when you arrive at a tourist spot. They shall divide you all into various different hotels, all based in different parts of the jungle where it shall be only you or other fooled Make My Trip travellers because no one after landing at Port Blair or at Havelock would select such outskirt hotels in the right frame of mind.

iii. The Tour Managers are more than rude. One Yash (Yarshit) is a very good example who was our Tour Manager also. I have never met a more displeasing personality in my life.

iv. They shall change the travel itinerary without informing us. On Day 4 of the trip, we were supposed to have a city tour and leave at 8 in the morning. We waited at the lobby in scorching sun because the Hotel Lobbby (Thanks to the great Make My Trip) has no A/C and then if that was enough after our wait for one good hour till 9 and having fried in the sun, when we call our Tour Manager (Yash), the person had the guts to tell us that the city tour was cancelled and we would have an evening excursion. He did not find it important enough to inform the travellers this. Knowing the day tour was cancelled and keeping passengers in such discomfort makes him very joyous i beleive.

v. The destinations they advertise as Harbour Cruise, Cellular Jail Light Show, etc are such a boar. You travel hours just to see khandars for 3 - 5 mins!

These places cost between Rs. 20 - 90 to enter per person but the way Make My Trip advertises them, it seems they are such hot tourist spots when hardly people visit these spots unless they have sufficient spare time.

It is better to plan your own trip and buy tickets for these spots yourself when they are extravagantly cheap. I do not understand the point of paying Rs. 39000 for all this crap.

vi. The main tourist destination for both Indian and International Travellers to Andamans, the Baratang Island to see the Tribals is not included in their itinenary. Could anything be worse considering you are paying such a hefty amount.

You would have to take the Baratang Island on your own expense despite having paid for it.

vii. Our check out at Havelock was scheduled at 11 A.M. and as per the itinenary, we were supposed to be at Port Blair in the afternoon before lunch. But the plan changed.

We were thrown out of the Hotel at 11 in the scorching sun and made to wait like refugees at the Beach till 3.30 P.M.

viii. The Hotels they make you stay at are all under construction where there are no TV's, Water Speed in the shower is slow, construction sound irritiating you through the day and night, labourers staring at you when you step out!

ix. The place at the Hotel to dine is open with mosquitoes all over the food which they make you eat!

x. The name of the Hotel being referred to above in Havelock is TSG and the jungle resort in Port Blair (25Kms away from the city) is Rose Valley.

xi. They arrange for cars like Sumo / Omni, etc which are all without A/C though this was not communicated at the time when you place the booking.

They also have an option to ask for a separate A/C car once you arrive printed in their booklet because they know that once a person has arrived, he / she has no option.

And hullaballo, the cost of hiring of the A/C car is Rs. 7500!

xii. They made 10 of us squeeze inside Sumo's. When we complained that we are suffering from Medical issues and are unable to occupy the dickey space with no air circulation in such heat, the Tour Manager - Yash tells us it is our problem!


These are just some of the points that i have jotted above. I have atleast a 1000 more complaints against them which each of their Andaman Tour Managers know about.

My name is Chandan Agarwal who had taken a trip to Andamans recently in the month of November, 2011.

If you want to verify the status of who i am and whether this is a realistic post, my telephone number and email id is written below on which i can be contacted and i shall pleasingly provide my booking id also with Make My Trip.

I would strongly recommend not selecting Make My Trip if you want to enjoy your vacation.

Choose a small travel company who offer good services at same or lower prices but 5000 times better service.

Chandan Agarwal

09830150844 / 09163331518


Iowa City, Iowa
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10. Re: Anyone booked through makemytrip.com packages?

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