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aldeia santa rita WARNING!

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aldeia santa rita WARNING!

Got back last night and feel i have to warn everbody visiting the SANTA RITA. We were on our 3rd visit and our friends were on their 10th consecutive visit so were not newcomers.On our second week one of the guests told us that the night before she had disturbed someone going through her handbag in the room and that he had run off because he did not take anything she did not report it (unfortunately) Then last sunday my friends wife was asleep in the room while he was having a drink with me in the bar,she had left the door unlocked so he could get in without disturbing her.When she woke up her handbag cotaining a large amount of money,a kindle and a mobile phone was missing.It was reported to the manager who said he would look into it.Well he did absolutely nothing including not informing our rep.After we had returned from the police station to get a crime number(who tried to get a 1000rupee backhander to sign the report which we refused) the manager then said nothing like this had ever happened before and that he did not believe the robbery had even happened.HE was saying this to someone who has been visiting this hotel for 10yrs and was basically calling him a liar and washed his hands of it.My advice to anyone going to the SANTA RITA is keep your door locked at all times because they have got a problem which they dnt want to know about.Lastley we are not pointing the blame at any of the staff because as always they are brilliant and were very concerned.Before anyone talks about security guards there are supposed to be 2guards on duty at night but you can never find them because they are off sleeping somewhere.Finally in my opinion the manager is a complete disgrace to this hotel and should not be in charge and we will not be returning

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1. Re: aldeia santa rita WARNING!

Sorry to hear about your woes at this hotel fuchsiaman, this seems to be getting worse by the day.

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2. Re: aldeia santa rita WARNING!

oh dear we are going on monday .thank you for the warning will be very careful .It leaves a very nasty taste in the mouth.Mm must remember to pack my basebll bat lol [if i dont laught i will cry]

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3. Re: aldeia santa rita WARNING!

Dont forget to put this in a hotel review

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4. Re: aldeia santa rita WARNING!

Really sorry to hear about your experience. OH often goes down to the bar & leaves me in the room getting ready & the minute he's out of the door I lock it behind him. I never leave my door unlocked at home & I wouldn't in Goa either. This could happen anywhere but the manager's attitude towards regular visitors is very disappointing to say the least.

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5. Re: aldeia santa rita WARNING!

thanks for this returning there on the 27 th feb, im abit concerned about a few reports recently, the staff there are all lovely i wonder if its an outsider , with a pass key perhaps ? i understand theyve reduced the staff there recently. it must have been very frightening for your wife. whats bothering me is we are going to cavelossim for a couple of days and if they realise we're away they ay take advantage of it to break in.

i think i' wont hand keey to reception while we go.

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6. Re: aldeia santa rita WARNING!

We arrive at Aldeia on Wednesday for the fourth time at this hotel. I would be very surprised if a member of staff was responsible. Perhaps a rogue guest? Whoever it was it is a bit worrying. We never leave any valuables in room but unfortunately at times the door may be unlocked so I can get in when OH has gone to bed. I wonder if they could give us a spare key so we've got one each? Last year when worse for wear I forgot which room I was in and tried to get into the room next door. Quite embarrassing and I felt quite guilty in the morning as the occupants were a bit put out.

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7. Re: aldeia santa rita WARNING!

Thanks for the warning, it may be an ex employee. It's worrying that the manager didn't believe your story, please write a review about this in the hotel section as it will always be there for everyone to see.

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8. Re: aldeia santa rita WARNING!

This sort of thing isn't exclusive to the Aldeia, last year we were staying in Rising Waves, I left my husband sleeping in bed while I went with friends to Anjuna market, we only had one key and I didn't want to lock him in, so left the door unlocked. While he was sleeping someone came into the room and stole from the room.

We reported it to the police, who didn't seem to want to acknowledge that we were a victim of crime, and tried fobbing me off by saying it would have to go to Court in Delhi, blah blah blah and could go on for months, I just bluffed them and said my husband would return to the UK while I remained in Goa . They soon recorded the crime appropriately.

Anyway on our last night my friends also staying in Rising Waves had an intruder in their room, my friends Hubby was in the bathroom, and my friend was using her hairdryer, a indian woman entered the room, my friend screamed for her husband and the woman fled into Candolim Market.

So best you always keep the door locked when you are in the room, Many a time we've probably left our door unlocked while we've been on the balcony, or bathroom etc....

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9. Re: aldeia santa rita WARNING!

So sorry that this has happened but thankyou for the warning we arrive thursday at asr - we not to worried about the booze situation but this is not good we will be very careful so we can enjoy Goa and trying not to let it spoil our hols. Once again thanks

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10. Re: aldeia santa rita WARNING!

thanks for the warning - guess best to be safe than sorry - lock doors and take padlocks we never have much in the room as in only have enough money for 2 days at a time. photo copy all documents and b carefully out there x