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silly question ... goa

is goa like bali ..Thailand ... going for 1st time November ...after seeing clips on u-tube not sure its for me ...

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1. Re: silly question ... goa

I have not been to Bali, but I go to Thailand at least every year and to different parts of the mainland and to different islands, and Goa is nothing like Thailand in my view. If you think of the size of the Thailand against the size of the tiny state of Goa, there really can be no comparison. We travelled last summer on trains to different parts of Thailand which took 10 hours (and that was before then catching a bus for 1.5 hours to then catch a ferry to an island) - the longest journey I have ever taken in Goa (not allowing for traffic delay incidents!) was 2.5 hours which was practically the whole length of the state. Different cultures and ambience entirely. If you want Thailand, it is such a large country with so many dimensions that I would suggest you explore another part of that country, but if you enjoy different places then give Goa a go. If you think that it may be too compact after adventures through Thailand, think about combining it with Kerala to experience completely different culture or add on a city experience too and spend a week in Bombay or Delhi (only an hour or 2.5 flying hours away respectively).

10 weeks since my last Thailand fix, only another 8 weeks until the next one! Then Goa at Christmas.

Hopefully, a Bali expert will also be along shortly too .....

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2. Re: silly question ... goa

we've done Bali (sanur) 7 yrs ago and Thailand for last 10.

We came back to Goa after 10 yrs away, and it's totally different to how it was in 2003 (our first visit).

We started to find Thailand was getting to expensive. And far to many Russians.

They do come to Goa too, but not in such numbers as Thailand.

Thailand and Goa are my favourite places and not much to choose between the hospitality of the people.

Goa I find is more interesting. Thailand is "safe"- no surprises.

Give it a try, you'll find it different.

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3. Re: silly question ... goa

Depends what you are looking for.

Personally I am not keen on Thailand - having been a number of times, first time 23 years ago! (god that is so long) Thailand has changed so much, the friendliness has gone - and hardly surprising considering the state some if the tourists get in! After spending last Christmas there I doubt I will return.

India is such a viberant, diverse, spiritual and raw country, incredibly extreme in so many ways. In Goa you can experience the party vibe or backpackers hangout or package holiday paradise or 5 + star luxury or remote, relaxed and stunning - one area sells cheap copy the other end has jade jagger as well as other trendy designer types selling at crazy amounts, but as it is about the size of kent you can try them all!

I am sure if you were to say what you are looking for you would be pointed in the right direction and I hope you will have a wonderful time!

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4. Re: silly question ... goa

Goa is like nowhere else I've ever been but I'd say it's more like Bali than Thailand - though the seasons are the opposite way round (Goa has better weather in the UK winter whereas Bali is better in the UK summer). We went to Bali (Sanur) in 2002 and although we really liked it, I prefer Goa. Went back to Bali with my mother in 2012 and although it has some spectacular scenery, the beaches don't have the same magic as the Goan beaches IMHO. Goa is easier to get to than Bali as the flight is shorter and you can fly direct from the UK.

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5. Re: silly question ... goa

ive done all three and there are good and bad points to each one . depending what you want is depending which area you go to and what your holiday will ultimately be like . ie if you want kuta or ubud , patong or ko chang, baga or agonda ..... goas got a lot of different things to offer , what are you looking to do ?


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6. Re: silly question ... goa

been to bali (was our most dissapointing hol)and not remotley silmilar to goa

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7. Re: silly question ... goa


Thai food and beaches are the best. Wonderful diversity, interesting culture. Most expensive.

Bali has the most beautiful countryside, people and easier to travel around, beaches not so good, fantastic temples. Furthest and longest journey.

Goa is the cheapest, good tailoring, friendly people, nice beaches with a great beach shack atmosphere. Dirtiest.

There are lots more to all 3 countries, it depends on what sort of holiday you are after and what you like to do as to which would suit you best.

I enjoyed all 3 but for different reasons.

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8. Re: silly question ... goa

I did Bali last year (sanur) I did not feel comfortable at all, even though we were in a really nice hotel.This was such a disapointment as I had always wanted to go there.

I love Goa been comming back for over 10 years.

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9. Re: silly question ... goa

Remember goa is a state of India. You are free to travel anywhere you like around India. Its an awesome country with WOW factors around every corner.

Weve done 30 hour train journeys to Dehli and rajastan, down to kerala and plan to go again to see more of this wonderful country.

For us, Agonda beach is the best place to be in the world, and weve seen more than a few beaches. Go and enjoy it then move on if you dont.

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10. Re: silly question ... goa

Have you actually read any guide books about Goa? Try reading the Rough Guide or the Lonely Planet guide to get a better idea.

I have also been to all three places, and apart from the fact that they are all hot, tropical and abroad, I don't think they have much in common. Having been to Bali twice, eight years apart, the last time 15 years ago, I have no desire to return, because we saw such a change in people's attitudes over those eight years. It's not the paradise some people would like to suggest. It was, but not any more.

Thailand I haven't been to for a long time, but loved it. Really liked the Thai people, but hate the sex tourism. Love the food, countryside, not so keen on the cities.

And Goa just suits me best. I still largely really like Goans, although see above in comment on Bali, because it's happening here too, absolutely adore the food (when I can get shack/restaurant owners to appreciate that some Brits like their food cooked properly spicy), and there's enough of a mix between culture and sand/sea/sun to keep me happy. There is nothing like the beach shack culture anywhere else in the world.

Animal cruelty is the same in all three places, sadly, so I'm sure I'd find myself rescuing waifs and strays whichever place I chose to holiday in :-(