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Monarch - a few questions!

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Monarch - a few questions!

Hi again, apologies for keep going on about Monarch but I need to clarify a few things before deciding who to book with.

1) Is the Monarch flight a direct one not stopping off at Bahrain?

2) How does the upgrade compare to economy? (Is economy really that cramped - legroom and seat width)?

3) How many forum regulars have flown Monarch and would happily fly again with them? (Sorry if this seems odd question).

Many thanks.

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1. Re: Monarch - a few questions!

Hi. We have flown Monarch a few times to Goa. Never through choice but it always seems to have worked out that way. To answer your questions....

The Manchester flight stops at Bahrain. I believe the Gatwick one is now direct. I actually prefer direct but my other half prefers to stop and walk around Bahrain airport....says he feels more refreshed afterwards!

Never upgraded with Monarch because we have 2 children and it's just not worth paying for 4.

We are flying Monarch again in December......can't say we're doing it happily but the overall holiday cost so much less than other companies that it just didn't make sense not to. It is fairly cramped and they don't have seatback tvs but it's not bad enough to make me pay lots more to fly with someone else . Not sure how true it is but I also heard that Monarch have increased the leg room in economy this year (not by much but anything has to be an improvement). On a plus I have to say that on our last flight with them we were delayed by 4 hours out of Dabolim. As a result by the time we arrived in Bahrain the crew had worked over their allowed hours. Monarch transferred everyone to the Bahrain Hilton for the night and paid for rooms and all food and drinks. They actually went up a little in my estimation after that.

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2. Re: Monarch - a few questions!

I have been with monach 5 times ,It is a bit more cramped than other airlines,but it is normaly cheaper than other airlines,i can not sleep on planes,so i dont find much difference in any of them,i have always landed at bahrain with monach,but strate thru with others,i prefer non stop,i would go with them again if it was the holiday i wanted.Monach have more delays than others,they must have a big contract with the hilton,iv stopped there so have a lot of people i know,i dont think any one is happy after flying 10 hours,you dont seem to see many smiling faces, well not coming back anyway.

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3. Re: Monarch - a few questions!

Hi Simmybrinny and poultonkid

Thanks very much for the swift replies. The flight is from Gatwick so whether that makes any difference to not stopping, I don't know. Would rather go straight through as I'm a bit of a nervous flyer!

Weird how Monarch seem to have more delays than others though; glad you mentioned that poultonkid. Cheers!

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4. Re: Monarch - a few questions!

hello meerkat,

can confirm that the gatwick flight is direct, we went in march this year. no delays and only 8 1/2 hours there!! ( good tail wind) 11 1/2 on way back (bad headwind) unless you are 6 ft plus it's not that bad in economy.

it is a very small part of your holiday and is soon forgotten, i'm off to goa again next march with monarch so if it was that bad i would have paid the extra and gone with someone else :-)

hope this helps,


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5. Re: Monarch - a few questions!

Just got back from Goa on Monarch. Flight in economy wasn't great but you get what you pay for and I would personally prefer to save the money and spend it on holiday! We didn't find the leg room as bad as we had expected to be honest, but found the seat width more of an issue if you did want to get sleep. Just take a good book, and look forward to your holiday. Would be cautious when eating the breakfast though, my husband was ill afterwards and just read someone else on forum was too.

In summary.. it wasn't the best flight ever, but would fly with them again as was cheap flight. Nothing you can't put up with for a few hours.

The only main advantage I saw to upgrading to more leg room was that the seats were in rows of two so you got a window seat and an aisle one. Don't think it's worth the money though.

HOpe that is of some help

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6. Re: Monarch - a few questions!

went with monarch in jan, no delays worth mentioning there or back.

both of us around 5'-7" had adequate legroom, any more would have been a waste!!


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7. Re: Monarch - a few questions!

Have flown 6 times to Goa with Monarch, and although there's plenty of negative feedback on this site, we've had no problems at all. Only once had a delay, due to an accident on the runway at Goa. We always take extra legroom at £30 each way - it's well worth the extra.

Do not pay for Premium seats, they're a real rip-off!

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8. Re: Monarch - a few questions!

I flew Monarch from Gatwick in February and it stopped in Bahrain both ways. I don't know if they've now changed that to a direct flight. There were no premium class seats on the plane I was on, but I did pay for extra leg room, even though I'm pretty short! I don't think they're any better or worse than any of the other airlines. We flew with Thomsons in December, and they were about the same, but direct outbound, stopped in Al Ain coming back (and, no I'd never heard of it either, but it's part of Abu Dhabi, apparently). My whinge is about the width of the seats as well. I know I could do with losing a few pounds, but they are VERY narrow!

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9. Re: Monarch - a few questions!

We have to use Monarch, Saturday only day we can fly, and from Manchester.

If you can avoid Monarch then do so, leg room and delays seem more common with Monarch.

Just hope the scheduled flights get the licenses to fly Dabolim direct, as planned for 2008.

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10. Re: Monarch - a few questions!

Hi there,

I have just returned from Goa yesterday via Monarch and both flights were very good. I am over 6 foot tall and did not find the leg room too restrictive.

I did not book or ask for an extra legroom seat but requested a centre seat and an aisle seat for the two of us. This meant that you were not disturbed when somebody needed out. Food and films were okay but it is a long flight so you do need to get up and have a walk around occassionally.

Did not see any advantage of upgrading as cost is quite steep.

I have already started plans for next year and will be going with Monarch again. Direct flight - overnight going and during day coming back.

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