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Dabolim Airport

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Dabolim Airport

Hi guys just reading some threads about Goa airport - please could you advise us who expects a tip and who actually to tip ? I fully appreciate that the luggage porters expect their tip but do you have to tip / are you expected to tip staff at passport control ? Any information getting into and out of this airport would be much appreciated before we fly for the first time in Feb 2012. Just want to go with the flow and make it as stress free as possible......

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1. Re: Dabolim Airport

Just tip the porters the officials won't ask for money you will find your cases piled up on the floor you can then have a tug of war with the porters over your case I always use the porters as usually knackered after the flight.

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2. Re: Dabolim Airport

You don't have to tip anybody in the airport if you don't want to. I will be holding firmly onto my suitcases and don't intend to tip the porters or anybody else.

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3. Re: Dabolim Airport

I had on of the porters take my friends case i tried to keep hold of mine but didnt work we told him all the way down to the bus that we had no money to tip he ended up trying to folliw me on the bus.....keep tight to your suitcase is my advice or make sure you have a pound....

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4. Re: Dabolim Airport

Never tipped anyone at the airport.....keep a tight hold of your case, a polite no thanks and then go to your coach or taxi.

No problems!

I have heard of "porters" asking for a fiver to carry your case 50m to the coach!!! That's why I always " wheel" my own.

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5. Re: Dabolim Airport

Carry your own bags if you choose. If you require a porter no more than 20 rupees per bag.

That fee will get you about 20 feet from the carousel to the exit.

I have nothing against tipping a porter and indeed on our return to the airport always let a porter take our bag through security and to the check in.

If he completes this task he gets his tip if not no tip.

Nothing wrong with these people earning a living but you need to understand just how much a pound is in India.

Have heard tales of them now asking for five pounds per bag.

Ask yourself this.

Would you tip the waiter in your local restaurant a full days pay?

£5.00 is probably a full weeks pay.

Calangute, India
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6. Re: Dabolim Airport


Don't even think of "tipping" the officials at Passport Control, unless you want to visit the "special" room! It would be considered a bribe and suggest you have something to hide!


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7. Re: Dabolim Airport

Flew into Goa on the 10th November. Getting through the airport was a breeze. Only about half an hour to landing, getting through passport control and getting our awaiting bags. The porters will grab your bags, but we let then and gave them pound coin each. You will never have a problem getting a cab!!

Getting out of Goa is a different story. Long queues, surly security, nothing like the smiling Goans you will meet on the beach. Allow at least three hours to get through, at least ten different people will want to check your passport. Dont use the first desk to check your baggage in. this is used by the "assisted passengers" and you will keep getting bumped back! Dont save your rupees for the duty free, they only accept pounds/dollars. You can spend them in the coffee shop though.

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8. Re: Dabolim Airport

There will be two sets of porters waiting for you when you pick up your luggage. The first ones will take it off the carousel and pile them up. These are the ones that bren99 mentions that will only carry your bags a few yards and then cannot take them past Customs. Avoid giving these anything.

Once you are past Customs, and out in the daylight there will be lots of porters who will take your case all the way to your transport. If you are on a package holiday, the rep will be there to tell you , and the porter, where to go. Up to you, but in the heat and confusion, I let them take the bags and give a pound a bag, or 100 rupees for two if I have it.

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9. Re: Dabolim Airport

do not tip any of them,just take your own cases and put them on a trolley as you do anywhere else,these people will move your bag 3 feet hold theire hand out then move on to the next mug just say firmly NO,why do you think they are ready to kill for these jobs,its becouse they are the best paid do no work jobs in the whole of India,and are taking you for a ride

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10. Re: Dabolim Airport

Just a polite but firm " No thankyou " and take your own...Its not far...Other thing to remember is....the toilet....you may or may not have a little indian woman in the toilet, she will have some hand cream, want you to have some, then hold her hand out for a tip...just say NO thankyou..it does state in the toilet ( or it did in march ) that you must not tip..so just point to the sign.

This was the ladies by the way if your wondering..lol

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