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a little update!

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a little update!

just got back and i had to get this off my chest!! I was a bit fed up of what i might call "one upmanship" - every time i met someone and got into conversation all they could tell me was that they had been to goa 10 million times before and knew each and every taxi driver personally by name and how many times they had visited their waiters house and how much money they were sending them to send their children to private school to learn english Sorry, but got really fed up with all this and im not really bothered about how many times you have been or how many people you know personally in Goa. its your business.

apart from that i had a brill time, Goa is a lovely place, beaches are fantastic and so are the restaurants, went on some fab trips, 6 hour train trip down south, and stayed on a house boat, saw wild crocodiles in the river, saw some beautiful wild birds and animals, and did meet some nice people, - who actually didnt go on about saving the world! and goa. ok if you want to do that but please dont go on and on and on ...it gets boring!

i also met a couple at the hotel who had only been there for about 2 hours and asked me if i liked it there, they said they didnt think they would like it as they were only used to 5 star carribean, but by the end of the week they had changed their minds and were loving it, so it goes to show - it may not be all loads of 5 star like some places but it does have that lovely feeling about the place that you just really enjoy! if any one would like to have the recommendation of a lovely beach shack that isnt really loud and noisy, but chilled and laid back -try James' shack in candolim its great and you dont get too much hassle from the beach sellers! Had a great time al in all- no real tummy troubles, just the usual stuff from changes in diet etc, lots of colds and coughs going around the place, but plenty of chemists available for cold remedies and de-congestants etc. it is better to by take an unlocked mobile with you, so you dont have to pay to get it unlocked and then buy a sim card so you can call home. or you can use public phones - we found one in a shop and it only cost 12p per minute, ha but the only thing was it is on a wall outside the shop and people did think we were a bit weird when we startied singing "we wish you a merry christmas" down the phone to my daughter. another thing - is barter well because the sellers are trying to charge prices that are even higher than matalan! as people don seemt to be spending as much, so they are trying to get as much out of us as possible.....which you cant blame them, but then we have to get a good deal too, there has been a credit crunch , hasnt there? any hope everyone has a great time and enjoy it as much as i did.!!!

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1. Re: a little update!

I enjoyed reading your report,

I recognised your description in the 1st paragraph, although we haven't come across that many people who fit yor description, most of the people we have met in Goa have been lovely. Those that have been going for many years are usually full of really good,useful info..

Did you book your houseboat trip, or just jump on a train and head down South...would love some more info on this plz?


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2. Re: a little update!

this message is tongue in cheek.you are not a fully paid up member of the goa elite.thanks for your comments but you have to have been a thousand tmes ,so your imput is of no worth!i enjoyed reading it and regonise exactly what you are saying!carry on with your honest opinions, they are great

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3. Re: a little update!

hi Suzi

glad you enjoyed my update! Maybe i was being a bit harsh or maybe it was just the people in our hotel that were lile this.........and i did say we met some lovely people!! which we did, it just that it seemed to be the first question anyone asked ...".how many times have you been here? oh w'eve been 20 million trillion times."..lol oh well.

As for the trips, we decided just to go through our hotel for them. the trip down south was only £80 each for the train ride, one nights stay in a hotel plus visits to see elephants, lions and tigers. We really went for the train ride though and the other bits were a bonus to us. i wanted to see Goa from the train and see other parts of the countryside and doing this on the train was fantastic. The train journey was a bit tiring and sweaty, but hey ho thats what we wanted!! You got food on the journey too, and it was fine, in fact we had some sandwiches and i think they were the best ones i have ever had!! !We also went to a Krishna temple which was fantastic and a big eye opener!!!

Again the houseboat was booked through the hotel and i know you can book a similar trip with johns boats for a bit cheaper, but from what i could see the houseboat with johns boats was smaller. The houseboat, if you dont already know is like a "chinese junk" i suppose, and has sort basket weave walls and roof etc, no glass, in any windows so open at night time it included all meals , dinner, breakfast & lunch, but no drinks, you can take your own if you want to! At night time it was lovely and quiet and peaceful, not a sound only some sounds coming from the villagers on shore or birds just as the sun was going down.....beautiful sunsets again, it really was a sight to see!! i would def recomend these trips!! all the best ...Morgsx

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4. Re: a little update!

hi borntorock

Love your feedback!!! cheers!


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5. Re: a little update!

Sounds like you have had a great time and have the Goa bug - the houseboat trip sounds absolutely beautiful.

Who knows in a few years time you may also turn into one of the BOFs who have been to Goa a zillion times and will bore all the newcomers witless with your experience and tales. - its a slippery slope!!!

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6. Re: a little update!

Morgan, your first paragraph made me smile a lot. I have to admit at this point that my husband and I have been in Goa on and off for the past three years (I only know one taxi driver by name, though!!) but I still dread the question from other people who have been out here a long time: "how much did you pay for that?" as invariably my answer will be met with a sharp intake of breath followed by the news that I've paid waaaaay too much for it and I should have gone somewhere else to buy it instead. I always think that if I'm happy to pay a particular price, then that is what I will pay!


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7. Re: a little update!


I think you may have lit the fuse - now wait for some fireworks.

Totally agree by the way.

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8. Re: a little update!

Hi Morgan

we to use James shack fogive me for saying this for the last 6 years and going in 7 weeks is Prakesh still there? he should be a daddy now like the peace there but enjoy the banter going past the girls at the shops on the lane thanks for your honest report


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9. Re: a little update!

Enjoyed reading your report morgan, glad to hear you enjoyed your first trip to Goa.

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10. Re: a little update!

great report thanks, we are off feb, where exactly is james shack would like to give it a try.

we only went to candolim beach twice last year, rest of time went to mandrem, but would like to try other parts of local beach.

only been once before so dont know everything !-lol

Know exactly what you mean though met lots of experts, surprising since they hardly ever left the poolside bar !

Luckily met some lovely people too that we are still in touch with

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