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All about Holi in Barsana-Mathura-Vrindavan

Hi everyone,

I am looking for some information about Holi in these areas. I have searched the forums and online articles and my guide books but I'm not really getting very much practical details.

I am interested in learning more about how the crowds are, how many people attend,how many days its celebrated over, if there are different things on different days, how busy the town is, if it is recommended to stay within the town or visit from a neighboring town, what it might be like for two single women in their 30s to be spending holy in the sound, all the time that the town gets lively versus if it dies down in the evening....etc.

for barsana, online says celebrations are 40 days ahead, and women beat men with sticks. Is this everyday shortly before Holi or on a specific day? What else is Barsana like otherwise before holi aside from the stick beating?