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Highly recommendable SIGNATURE TOURS

Highly recommendable SIGNATURE TOURS

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1. Re: Highly recommendable SIGNATURE TOURS

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2. Re: Highly recommendable SIGNATURE TOURS

Sunil of Signature Tours organized our brief trip to Delhi for the F1. Sunil was the utmost professional who was constantly in contact with us both before and during the trip. Our tours guides were very knowledgeable...Sylvester in Delhi and Imran in Agra. We also felt very safe with our driver, Nitin, who did an amazing job navigating the busy Delhi roads. I highly recommend Signature Tours of you are travelling to Delhi and Agra, or other parts of India.

San Francisco
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3. Re: Highly recommendable SIGNATURE TOURS

I will definitely use Signature tour again ! Very professional, organized and great communication throughout the trip. It made my visit to Taj a memorable experience.

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4. Re: Highly recommendable SIGNATURE TOURS

India was an important trip for us as we had been wanting to visit for such a long time. The opportunity arose this year and we decided to go for it. After many hours of research and searching the internet we decided to contact Sunil Gupta (Signature tours) because of his many excellent reviews and recommendations. His reply was almost instant and we began to work on a custom itinerary. We had 2 weeks to try and fit in as much as we could and where many tour operators would have told us we were trying to fit too much in, Sunil invested a lot of time in making it happen. His communication and dedication through the whole planning process was amazing and he was incredibly patient when we wanted to make changes. From our first day arriving in India he was in constant communication and his network of drivers and guides was second to none. Sunil has so much pride in his country it really shows through in his passion as a Tour operator. The professionalism of Signature tours was some of the best we have ever experienced. If you are wanting to plan a custom tour of India you cant go wrong with signature tours. Thank you Sunil and the team for a memorable trip.

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5. Re: Highly recommendable SIGNATURE TOURS

Very easy to deal with Sunil. He replied very promptly and I will definitely use Signature tour again. Very professional, organized and kept in touch with me throughout the trip. They arranged everything we wanted.It made our visit to India a memorable experience. The driver S Singh was amazing and very courteous and the guide Rahul was very knowledgeable. We visited Jaipur Agra and Delhi over 6 days in October 2012 and had a great experience.

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Singapore, Singapore
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6. Re: Highly recommendable SIGNATURE TOURS

8D7N India/Kashmir Trip, Nov 2012.

(Delhi - Srinagar - Gulmarg - Pahalgam - Delhi - Agra - Jaipur)

Well, I've never bothered to comment in TripAdvisor about my trips, as I find it cumbersome (I'm just lazy). But... With my recent frustrations in preparing for a last minute India/Kashmir trip, I came to a realization that I don't know which info about India on the net can be trusted. I then told myself, once I am back from trip, I will comment in forums!! To serve as a source of genuine guidance to clueless travellers to India/Kashmir! Additionally, I am very pleased with Signature Tours (Sunil Gupta) service, so am bothered to write a longggggg feedback below, as they are worth it!

My friend and I (2 girls) had wanted a last minute trip to India/Kashmir, between 09-18 Nov and needed a tour package between 10-17 Nov (8D7N) - figured it will be safer to travel around. There were very few tour agents in Singapore (my home) that has decent packages to India and Kashmir (either need minimum 10 travellers to go, or just way too expensive). So I booked my own air tickets, albeit late, approximately a week before my departure date, also had no time to research (nor do I know which info is trustworthy on the internet - India/Kashmir trip is really hard to do free & easy), thus seeked the help of random India local tour agents (Land tour + hotels). It was so tough to work with most of them - Be prepared that they are all very eager to clinch the deal with you, so you will receive chaser emails and even calls.

Of course, there were exceptions. I encountered 2 agents (out of approx 9!) who were very sincere in their services, went above and beyond such as providing me additional hints and tips even when I didn't want to take on their package (for various reasons - such as I wanted choose my own hotels, I know I am very picky!). As I later on changed my mind and decided that I just need a land tour (drivers/guides/cars) without hotel bookings, India Someday (Abbas Slatewala) had then instead very kindly referred me to Sunil Gupta (from Signature Tours, sunil332156@gmail.com + 91 9319 108712 or +91 9536 873844). My last minute trip to India/Kashmir wouldn't have been possible, if not for these 2 gentlemen!

Basically, I was in contact with Sunil Gupta just via emails, 3 days just before my departure date! After dealing with so many tour agents (gazillion emails back and forth - some, unfortunately with poor English that you had to struggle through their emails to understand), I thus already had a detailed itinerary in mind. With my ready customised itinerary/flights all booked/hotels booked, I know I was in huge need of a trustyworthy agent who needs to be quick/clear/detailed in his email responses (seeing that I had only 3 days left, before I fly off!) and one who could deliver all that I need with high precision, drivers/guides/cars, at the right place and at the right time. Sunil was a pleasant surprise! He writes with good English, would at least ensure a clear and detailed response each day, such that I had arranged my 8D7N trip just via 3 days of emails, without any phone calls (I missed his calls and forgot to return call, somehow had faith in him that we can do this just via emails - it did)! They provide reasonable pricings too.

Tip: I had worked with Sunil swiftly, to have all our hotels info and flight details added into the itinerary too, so that he can suggest good daily meeting times/reason out the feasibility of your itinerary (maybe too many places crammed in / too late, etc) and also came to good use many times on the trip - for drivers' quick references.

Truly, Signature Tours never let me down. I am still amazed that my trip turned out to be a huge success (without any major hiccups at all), unlike what most travellers mentioned elsewhere in the forums - that a trip to India is never smooth sailing. Right from the moment we arrived in Delhi, until departure day, I was mostly pleased with all that I see/hear/felt. All things were on time and as planned, never did I have a missing driver/guide/car (or even the "India" tummy aches - from the food they recommended)! Sunil had arranged great drivers/guides/cars for us in all the cities that we went to. They are amazingly friendly and personable people who have definitely made my trip very memorable (I will elaborate below). Every few days, Sunil will call to speak to myself (via the drivers/guides mobiles), to see if we are doing well/whether any issues, also reminded us to pay (haha, thanks, I needed the reminder, bad memory sometimes) on 2 agreed dates. Great service for a tour agent, definitely going above and beyond, gave me the assurance that he will definitely be contactable, if we need him for anything. An agent who cares, that matters alot to travellers in foreign countries. In fact, there was one morning, I needed to ask Sunil for the driver's number (I had got 1 digit wrong) to change our meetup time - Sunil was contactable even at 7am! Impressed. He also insisted that he will make the call for me and arrange the new meeting time. Really awesome service.

Below are the people who made my trip truly smooth-sailing, pleasant and memorable. I'm rating my overall India/Kashmir experience on a very high 8.5 or 9/10 score. So, would suggest that you request for these same drivers/guides if you want a great trip like mine! Else, I'm sure Sunil can arrange something for you.

Car - Toyota Innova, in all the cities. Very comfortable.

Kashmir (Srinagar - Gulmarg - Pahalgam - Srinagar) 3 full days, 3 nights, 4th day departure.

Note: We only had another Guide on day 1, in Srinagar. (Actually, could do without, as it is mainly gardens attractions, but more importantly because our driver could actually speak decent English.)

Guide - Mr Samir (Rating: 7/10)

Good service, in the sense that he likes to focus on clients' wants. Had a short day 1 in Srinagar with him, visiting mainly gardens. As he warms up, he is ok, helped us take pictures too. And would joke too. Would be better if he at times listens, and provide advices when asked to (*hint, clueless traveller me*). But what was fantastic about him is that, he actually prepared an extra SIM card for his clients (as our handphones would not work in Kashmir for security reasons), very kind gesture. (Rem to bring an extra mobile phone to Kashmir.)

Driver - Arif Sheikh (+91 9797 995431) (Rating: 9.5/10. I could honestly almost give a 10. Outstanding. Highly recommended.)

A pleasant surprise that he speaks decent good English! Suggest travellers to engage Arif as your driver for Kashmir trips - you don't really need another guide, as he already double-up as our guide in Gulmarg and Pahalgam (and Srinagar on 2nd+3rd day). Though he looks a little cool initially, he is surprisingly very attentive, friendly and approachable. A good listener, attentive to our needs, genuinely cares for his tourists and a great decision-maker (when you need good advice/decision). He is quick to arrange an alternative itinerary when unforeseen circumstances happened. Too many good examples to quote, just to name a few.......

E.g. #1: Cable car at Gulmarg was down for maintenance for 2 days! So instead, following his suggestions, we went on pony rides, some alternative sightseeing, not forgetting local food haunt visits (as we requested - we Singaporeans do love food!) and it's nice to discover good Chicken Briyani/pastries at a good bakery/kebab places in Srinagar - things you don't find in travel books! I am adventurous and like to try what the locals do/eat.

E.g. #2: When we got lost in the Srinagar bazaar, we called Arif for help and he literally dashed out to search for us. Great service, I am very pleased. =)

Honestly, trip in Kashmir felt like a 3-persons trip, as Arif was very personable. Guess Kashmir will not be the same without his guidance/help.

In general, I treat all driver/guide equal as to us - So would invite them to join us for tea/meals together, unlike what I noticed of some travellers...... To those tourists who at times wonder why there is a distance between yourselves and driver/guide, probably ask yourselves first - Not be overly demanding as a client, treat the driver/guide right (body language matters too/be on time!) and equal, you will have a trip as enjoyable as mine! =)

India (Delhi) 1 day 1 night

Guide - Arvind Rathore (arvindrathore1987@gmail.com) (Rating: 8/10. Very recommended too.)

Speaks pretty good English (and even better in Spanish). Young and driven. Has passion for his work, remembers the history of attractions very well. Very friendly and easy-going. Voluntarily help us take pictures and suggest where is good for photo-taking, has good humour too. Humble and wants to learn/improve - asked for feedback, wrote in his notebook. When I also vocalized my feedback to him, being honest about areas of improvement, he humbly listens and could tell he is open to constructive advice. Humility is first step to success. His passion for his work has definitely won him plenty of brownie points. =)

Driver - Mr Narendar (+91 9717 478260) (Rating: 8/10. Would be almost a 10, if he speaks English! Highly recommended.)

Humble and quiet, as he can't speak much English. But will attempt to listen and try to respond in English when you do ask him anything. And would always smile. What was impressive is that he never fails to get down the car each time to quickly open the door for me. Wow.

India (Agra) 1 night / India (Jaipur) 2 nights

Driver (Agra and Jaipur) - Same as Delhi, Mr Narendar.

Guide (Agra) - Ashish (Rating: 8/10. Very recommended too.)

A seasoned guide, professional in his service and very polite. He is very knowledgeable of the attractions' histories, could answer every question that my friend posed to him! Very good job. And offers to help us take pictures.

Guide (Jaipur) - ? (Can't remember)

This guide is the type who... Or simply, you can't sense much enthusiasm in his work actually. Sunil heard about this feedback from us and was very quick to remediate the situation - Sent a local Jaipur representative down to meet us on our departure morning (same morning as I mentioned this to him), asked for feedback on a piece of paper, spoke to us, even wanted to refund us some money for that day's guide. It was a kind gesture but we did not accept the refund. Told him the service of that guide was just not great, not horrifyingly bad, so just hope our feedback will help him improve, that's all (and to keep giving him opportunities, else he wouldn't have much experience/time with clients to learn anyway).

So all in all, I had a great India visit and a fantastic Kashmir trip. All this would not have been possible without Signature Tours (Sunil Gupta), both the excellent drivers (Arif Sheikh and Mr Narendar) and entertaining guides (Arvind, Samir and Ashish) - Thanks a million!!! Would love to visit again one day. Definitely be back to visit the scenic Kashmir one day.

And below quote has nicely sum up my trip....... It is all the above mentioned people in the service line/tourism, who has gave me a memorable experience to writeup this article:

“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

― Maya Angelou

P.s. #1: It is indeed better to have an India local tour agent to arrange your land tours, as I strongly believe they are better gurus (what to see/eat/stay) than my own local agents in Singapore. And I do feel safer with them around.

P.s. #2: Sunil, you were the one who (directly) made my last minute trip to India and Kashmir possible! And of course, fine selection of drivers and guides. Thanks heaps! =)

Happy to provide more info for anyone looking to travel to India/Kashmir - Feel free to drop me a message. =)



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7. Re: Highly recommendable SIGNATURE TOURS

Signature Tours is a professional and reliable operation for tours; I am based in Delhi and used them for my first trip to Agra after being posted to India. I was very pleased with Sunil's guiding and, after visiting Agra two more times after that (once with another guide, who was also excellent), I have no hesitation in recommending them to friends and family visiting India when they want to make a trip to Agra. Sunil and his colleagues has taken very good care of my guests at least seven times since then.

Sunil is prompt, responsive, professional, and reliable, and makes every effort to make sure that his guests are happy.

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8. Re: Highly recommendable SIGNATURE TOURS

good job Signature Tours...

Melbourne, Australia
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9. Re: Highly recommendable SIGNATURE TOURS

We spent 10 days (October 2012) in India and Sunil had patiently crafted a custom itinerary for us that covered Calcutta, Delhi, Agra, Jaipur and Varanasi. He was always very prompt with emails even with the time difference!

We were given private drivers with air conditioned cars (which was in all honesty a great respite from the heat outside!)

The guides in all 5 cities were extremely knowledgeable, especially our Calcutta guide Shanti who was very experienced and wise. Our lovely driver Naval drove us across several cities and we never got tired of hearing his life stories and background. It was such a welcoming and special way to get an insight as to how locals really live in India.

We were not fortunate enough to have Sunil as our guide for Agra, however rest assured that he was with us along the way. He always gave us a call on the mobile whenever we've arrived in a new city and even personally came to our Agra hotel to say hi (now that's what customer service is!)

Nothing was too difficult for Sunil, from tailoring itineraries, to offering suggestions, to booking of flights and hotels.

Thanks so much Sunil for making India such a memorable trip for us, hopefully we will see you again soon!

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10. Re: Highly recommendable SIGNATURE TOURS

I agree, I just returned from a trip to India, and Sunil helped me plan every aspect. I had never been there before, and he made sure I was able to make informed decisions, and arranged great hotels and guides for me. He checked on me by phone every day, and although there were no problems at all, it was good to know he was around, and I could contact him anytime I needed. After a week, he seemed like a friend.

I had only e-mail contact with him before the trip, and was a bit nervous about sending off my money, but was taken care of from the moment I arrived at the airport.