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london to kl....fear!!!!

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london to kl....fear!!!!

hi guys,

am really afraid of flying, any advice or tips you could give me?i do take sleeping tablets...still cant sleep!!!i tlax, i take my ipod on,, my nintendo, papers ,mags do yoga in myhead!!!!nothing seems to work!!!!!

help, am so scared!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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1. Re: london to kl....fear!!!!

Hi jacdav

I understand your fear; I'm exactly the same!! I wont let my fear stop me from flying though. I actually take a tranquilser (on prescription fom my GP) and not a sleeping pill, and also motion sickness pills; these two combined help a lot. If it's a long flight, then I take two pills to calm me down.

Other than that, try and distract yourself as much as possible and think about the destination.

Try and stay positive and talk to someone to help pass the time.

Best of luck

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2. Re: london to kl....fear!!!!

I know how you feel. Like others, I think the best think is to try to keep yourself distracted as much as possible. I'm not quite so bad these days!

I have heard that people can find rescue remedy to be most helpful. I haven't tried it myself but you could perhaps ask a naturopath?

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3. Re: london to kl....fear!!!!

I too am not a good flyer, but I just do it. I can fully understand those who have a much greater fear and I really sympathise.

I am wondering if you have tried doing a course or would consider doing a fear of flying course?

I had a look and there are a number. One I took the details of in London is;


All the very best jacdav.

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4. Re: london to kl....fear!!!!

My trick is to hold the arm rests with a convulsive grip. Just trying to hold the whole plane aloft. Though it can be quite tiring on long haul flights, because the planes are so bigh and heavy.

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5. Re: london to kl....fear!!!!


I am not a good flyer and spend the whole period between booking my hols and the flight worrying and having nightmares. I have tried Bach flower remedy, deep breathing etc which helps a bit. The best thing to do is see your GP. I have found that they are really helpful in situations like these. You just have to swallow your pride and explain how frightened you are, I have been prescribed a small dose of Valium and I know other friends that have as well.

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6. Re: london to kl....fear!!!!

Fully understand how you feel! I would love to go to UK and Europe one day, unfortunately my fear of flying is getting in the way of that! I'm going to Bali in two weeks and already I'm starting to get nervous. At least it's only three and a bit hours of gripping the seat! I will try the rescue remedy thing again. Jacdav...for such a long way, I would go with the Valium option!

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7. Re: london to kl....fear!!!!

missfreo, I drunk nearly the full bottle of rescue remedy between a Sydney and Melbourne flight, nothing, zilch effect. I found deep breathing worked better, but that was only a short flight.

Have tried kumiankka's trick as well lol

I did do an online fear of flying course, it was by a Captain Stacey, ex pilot, really helped in the lead up to the flight but sort of went out the window by the time I arrived at the airport.

Best bet is see your doctor, as a male friend of ours did before a trip to Thailand and he was fine, slept nearly the whole way.

Good luck, Rene

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8. Re: london to kl....fear!!!!

You need to tell the crew that you're a nervous flyer. Beforehand, you could consider downloading or buying a hypnosis programme to your ipod, doesn't necessarily have to be about fear of flying buy could just be a relaxation/de-stress programme.

You could also try a herbal supplement, such as Quiet Life to calm you down.

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9. Re: london to kl....fear!!!!

Here are some statistics that may or may not be helpful...

Air travel is the second-safest mode of mass transportation in the world. This is second only to the escalator and elevator. Your chances of being involved in an aircraft accident are approximately 1 in 11 million. Your chances of being killed in an automobile accident are 1 in 5000. The most dangerous part of your flight is the drive to the airport.

All airplanes are designed and built to withstand far more stress than occurs in normal flight, including ordinary and extraordinary turbulence. While it is true that a severe storm could damage an aircraft, this is why flights will divert around or cancel due to thunderstorms.

Ninety-nine percent of turbulence injuries are from unfastened seatbelts, or falling luggage.

You have more of a chance of dying from the food onboard than being involved in an accident!!!!!!!!!!


This site also has 10 tips for the fearful flier.

Number 8 is - The rubber band technique. Wear a rubber band around your wrist and if you feel yourself becoming agitated, snap the rubber band against your skin. Apparently, the pain is a reality bite, and takes the mind off the turbulence.

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10. Re: london to kl....fear!!!!

hi folks!!!

thanks for all of your hints and tips about what to do.am gonna see my gp and see if he can give me a sedative for the flight!!!

its amazing so many folk have the same fears as me..i tend to think i am the only one at the time!!!