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Money exchange - take care

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Money exchange - take care

If you are looking to change money on the main drag between the Hyatt and Hardy's supermarket, take care. Three I tried all did their level best to rip me off - I walked out of all three. It is not as though their rates were "too good to be true". I had just almost run out of Rupiah and the wife wanted to buy something in one of the small shops.

I mentioned this to the tour operator and he said they were n notorious for it.

The booth at Hardy's or the circle K shop almost opposite have almost as good rates without the hassle.

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1. Re: Money exchange - take care

Thanks for the reminder. Not only a Sanur specific issue, but one that has been discussed heaps on this forum, and there's even a FAQ about it at the top right hand corner of the page. You need to have your wits about you, even if using Circle K or an authorised money changer, always know what you're going to get, and stand there and count the money. Or use ATMs where you'll get roughly the same, if not a better, exchange rate.

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2. Re: Money exchange - take care

i have changed money for years in Sanur without an issue

the place has changed a little - but its now labled as BCA and its on Jalan Tamblingan - the main st in Sanur, near the night market - its on the part of Jl Tamblingan that runs east west , if you are coming from Hardys its where the st turns left by the Lotus Pond Restaurant - its on the left about half way along

its a bank branch they do not charge commisision and the rate is always pretty good - its very safe - and you are behind frosted glass

I changed $2000 AUD there twice in October and never had an issue

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3. Re: Money exchange - take care

Yes we have all been taken at some time or other.

As you say avoid " the too good to be true rates'

A few years ago I had one where the exchange guy did the calculations on a calculator and showed me the result. I was not convinced, my brain gave a different answer. Fortunately a member of the group had a calculator. As expected the answer was different. The money exchanger's calculator had been doctored.

Suddenly he did not have enough money to complete the transaction.

The most common trick is to drop a few notes back into the draw or up a sleeve - they are quicker than a magician.

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4. Re: Money exchange - take care

We always change $100 at a time that way it's really easy to work out what you should get back. If we want to change more we have them do it in separate lots $100 at a time if they won't we walk away.

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5. Re: Money exchange - take care

Money changers are very well know for their magic skills.

A few tips

* Take your own calculator

* after they have counted the money out, do not let them touch it again

* check , check and check again

* Once you find a good money changer...stick with them, but still be aware

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6. Re: Money exchange - take care

we take only $100 notes to bali and change one at a time if i am happy with the transaction i sometimes change one or two more, always brings out smiles using common sense and not trying to get more than the days official rate we have never had any trouble.

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7. Re: Money exchange - take care

I agree, been to Bali 14 times and had the most trouble I have ever had changing money in Sanur this time. I had my own calculator and they constantly wanted to short change me. I would take your ATM card and only use cash as a back up.

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8. Re: Money exchange - take care

As with all the other responses - they tried to rip us but thankfully we were aware of their 'scams' and didn't get caught. After facing many that tried to take us for a ride we decided to stick with Circle K across the road from Hardy's. Was a little bit of a walk from our hotel but was well worth it.

There was a money changer in South Sanur next to a bar/restaurant and you could see all the staff of the bar watching us as we walked in - this immediately made us feel something was suss.... and we were right.....

We've travelled to Thailand on numerous occassions and had no issues changing money so we were a little put off by this scam..... Don't think this issue is limited to Sanur though as in Kuta they also tried the same stunt.

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9. Re: Money exchange - take care

Hi there

Yeah I found that the money changers were dodgy in Sanur (never used to be the case years a go) there's a money changer in Paneeda View who won't rip you off and has very reasonable rates.

There's one near ratatouille (it's at the front of a small group of shops) they usually have an armed guard there with a machine gun....they always gave me the correct money......maybe it's cos I always gave the person a tip for being honest :-)

Always good to take your own calculator if they start miscounting or acting shifty then just walk out straight away. :-)



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10. Re: Money exchange - take care

As I said in a different report if they need the tourist why are they ripping off the tourist at the money exchangers. What about the stores, or shopping areas do you get the correct change back. We have been to other places not that we are real seasoned travellers but never had this ordeal with changing money. It was always honest no magician no need for calculator. It was not something we had to worry about in exchanging our money.

what makes Bali different in this regard.

It seems alot has been said about respect in Bali yet rip off cons seems everywhere who have no respect for the tourist. Surely better ways of making a living. But I guess they know people will come back. . I know i will get into trouble over this statement. I never ever ever have made a comment like this thread before but am tiring of the rip offs in exchanging money.

Sorry for any disrespect to anyone and yes cannot paint everyone with the same brush.

Edited: 11 February 2011, 19:01
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