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Great Guide Service - Jermsak

We had the most wonderful guides in Chaing Rai and Chaing Mai. Jermsak and his wife Da were knowledgeable, gracious and very reasonably priced. Jermsak speaks perfect English and his knowledge of the religious, historic and natural sites of Northern Thailand is incredible. We visited many temples markets and historic city sites in the cities. In the rural areas we rode Elephants (in a humane setting), visited an Elephant Sanctuary, drove to Mae Salong and sampled delicious teas, set a foot in Burma and visited remote tribal villages. One of our most memorable experiences was slowly drifting down a nearby river on a bamboo raft, steered by two young men while Da prepared a multi course meal over a wood burning fire in a clay 'stove.' Jermsak served us cold Chiang beer and spoke to us about the local tribal villages.

They have a large comfortable air conditioned van stocked with water and beer.

Wonderful people and now dear friends that we will visit again.