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JBR - Strategic , Hol Inn, Part II - parts I forgot

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JBR - Strategic , Hol Inn, Part II - parts I forgot

Hi everyone,

Thank you for your kind words on my JBR I posted yesterday. I forgot to add what we did.

Family of 4 - 2 adults 2 kids 4 and 7 yrs 2 weeks at Hol Inn Patong in Kids Suite. Low Season 23 June - 06 July

This is what we did:

Phang Bay Speedboat with Phuket Sail Tours

Phuket Go Carts Tadem at Phuket Shooting Range - go fun for kids

Phuket Shooting Range - shot guns pricey but fun to shoot a gun

Kok Chang Safari - 20 minute ride with kids...yes even they hit the elephants and we had kids. We looked at most of them as you pass all of them on the way to Kok Chang and I feel they offered the best location and trek.

Kata View Point, Big Buddha,

Fantasea - didn't eat there don't get there too early just shops and games

the show was good we had seen it before ..just went for the kids

Get a tuk tuk to take you as you have to leave very early on the Fantasea buses and wait for buses at the end of the night and then they drop everyone off at the hotels..late night. Tuk Tuk is more expensive but he was waiting at the doorway exit for us and we left well before people had lined up for the buses.

Dino Putt Putt - Go in the evening we knew it was hot but thought we would be okay during the day....boy were we wrong..stinking hot no breeze. Go at night time so it is cooler and everthing is lit up. Way too hot during the day.

Fed the elephants again at Siam Elephant and did the viewpoint at the end of holiday as my daughter fell in love with the elephants and wanted to feed them again.

Jet Ski - Yes we braved it!!! They were very nice they were the ones with the Aussie flag, middle of the beach. My hubby and 4 yr old ..yes 4 yr old went on one..she loved it and wanted to go faster. The let my husband take photos of Jetski before hand and were happy to point out all of the dints etc. Yes they are young and look a little bit dodgy but we found them pleasant to deal with. They offered myself and son a seat in the shade to watch hubby and daughter fly past. The Jetskis have been altered so they do not go as fast as they should. We did not get scammed.

Got a Wii chip for games..Wii games 60 bht..hopefully it all works as we have quite a few!! Will let you know once we fit it..hopefully it works.

Tattoo - Lama Tattoo hubby got half lower sleeve, me thai words on front shoulder blade very happy

Taxi motorbikes - I used alot when hubby getting tattooed and kids in kids club. Very cheap 30/40 bht one end beach road to other 50/60 bht longer trips. Great if just 1 or 2 of you. A lot cheaper than those tuk tuks

Tuk Tuks - we just said 150 bht to Hol Inn. They would say 200 I would just have my 150 ready in hand then they say okay. This seemed to be the lowest price.... I couldn't get it any lower than 150bht around Patong. Didn't bother to barter some times if kids hot and bothered just paid the standard 200 bht.

DVDs - 60 bht got most of them front out front of hello kitty otop markets they are all very good ...thank you whoever said that on trip advisor. He would put back the dodgy ones like cars 2, transformers 3 all the new ones back and say 'no good'. We bought them elsewhere and they were dodgy you can her the kids crying in the cinema..

Bangla Road- fine to take kids down at night. No problems ,our kids liked walking down the street. Everyone just tries to sell them the fluro toys

Bars - We went last November. The bars were a lot busier at night and Otop Bars were all busy. In June/July they really want your money at the bars. The Otop Bars were more quiet with only a few at selected bars. Bangla Bars were quieter I thought June/July

Jungelceyon - As you walk between the first section and the back there are a few stalls on the 'bridge' to the second part. Everything 100 bht on the tables. We bought some nice large elephants and buddhas all for 100 bht each. I found them the cheapest place for elephants, buddhas, purses etc. Elsewhere they wanted 400 bht for same ceramic polished elephants

Findig Shops - good sale on at the time kids shoes 99 bht 199 for nice slip on heavy duty shoes for kids. Great ladies shoes.. Great shop. Cheaper than some of the shops. Most shops wanted 200 for thongs / cheap shoes but Findig seemed to be better quality and just as cheap.

Cheap handbags - not the copy ones just a thai brand I think but were around 400-500bht for large handbangs. Lots of cheap wallets aswell. I could have gone wild with the shoe buying

BIG C - Jungleceyon like a big BIG W. We bought pillows for the plane trip home nice kids ones with pillow case over them for 89bht. Saved us on the flight.

They have all the stuff at cheap prices..if not cheaper that the shops you have to barter with. Good for clothes, kids rash shirts, kids togs proper ones that are the full suits ..not just cheap bikinis..Just like a BIG W at home. Great shop...air con and no bartering..unfortuneatley we found it the 2nd last day looking for pillows for the flight home. Can buy balls, sunscreen, toys, beach things at good prices.

Holiday Inn Patong - Could not fault this hotel in anyway. Mix of clientele..mostly Aussies, a lot of groups...One Aussies lady thought she would go and hold 12..yes 12 beach lounges by the pool. She did!!. They soon put a stop to it. A few people from Korea and Japan we met were lovely..they were amazed my 4 yr old could swim..we would throw her in the pool just to freak them out......mean Queenslanders I know but god it was funny. A particular group of clientele were very rude and there were a lot of them at the holiday inn. They would speak very rudley to the lovely thai ladies cleaning the rooms. They also swam in all of their clothes..head to toe.

The staff at Holiday Inn were amazing. If anyone has any questions re: babysitting please feel free to ask or kids club. I think we tried out all of the babysitters...horrible parents aren't we!!

My daughter was staying in with me on one of the nights and she asked..."Can we have a babysitter" no your staying with me Ella...'I want a babysitter"

That has to say something about the lovely ladies.

Can't wait to go again.....

We past a Hotel on either Kata Beach or Kata Noi beach a big hotel green grass.. trapeze in the gardens..golf course I think.. this looked really nice for next time.

Has anyone stayed at Kata or Kata Noi. The beach is beautiful. I have only stayed at Patong? Don't really like the look of Karon been through few times.

What is Kata or Kata Noi Like??? is it really quite compared to Patong???

Already planning next trip..start saving Nicky

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1. Re: JBR - Strategic , Hol Inn, Part II - parts I forgot

Fabulous report, especially for people with kids, loads of info.

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2. Re: JBR - Strategic , Hol Inn, Part II - parts I forgot

Just to add, I don't know if you mean the Katathani resort in Kata but we stayed there and loved it, there are a couple of restaurants outside the hotel but you do need a tuk tuk to get to the other restaurants in Kata.

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3. Re: JBR - Strategic , Hol Inn, Part II - parts I forgot

Hi Nicky

Great read.

Love the shopping tips, did you buy any adults shoes in Findig?

We will do the Go Carts again ( not me kids & hubby) they loved it.

Still choosing what tour to do.

thanks :)

Edited: 08 July 2011, 08:48
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4. Re: JBR - Strategic , Hol Inn, Part II - parts I forgot

Thank you for a great JBR (or two!) We are taking our daughter who is 4 in October so your info is great :)

Is there a BIG C at Jungleceyon?

Does anyone know if Robinsons at Jungleceyon is as big/good/better as in Phuket Town? I got great bra's really cheap there last trip and plan on stocking up again LOL!

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5. Re: JBR - Strategic , Hol Inn, Part II - parts I forgot

The large hotel If it's in Kata Beach sounds like the Club Med. They have trampoline and trapeze and a pitch and put golf course. Not my cup of tea, but some like it.

Kata is a great place to stay, lovely beach. But I'd still split the stay with Patong.

In my travels, I've found rudeness knows no colour, race, creed, or attire. Rude people are just rude people. They come from every nation on earth.

Dino Park is also hot at night - so humid.

Edited: 08 July 2011, 12:50
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6. Re: JBR - Strategic , Hol Inn, Part II - parts I forgot

Hi, definitely sounds like Club Med in Kata, also not for us but I think it is good if that is the kind of holiday you are looking for. We like trying different restaurants and don't like to be limited to the resort. Kata beach is GREAT! love it. Beach is brilliant for kids and still lots to do. Its close enough to Patong for shopping outings. We stayed at Kata Palm in December and had a great time.

Thank you for a great JBR!! I love reading them.

Happy planning. :o)

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7. Re: JBR - Strategic , Hol Inn, Part II - parts I forgot

Hey Nicky,

thanks for the 2nd part of your JBR, loads of info again & plenty of good stuff for those with kids, loved the part about throwing your child in the pool to freak them out hahahaha we did the same thing with our 3yo last trip & the Japanese were amazed & stunned he could swim so well lol,

thanks again .


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8. Re: JBR - Strategic , Hol Inn, Part II - parts I forgot

Hi Nicky, loved your JBR, we are off to patongin september with our 3 kids, we couldn't get a family suite as they were booked up, kids were dissapointed, but having 3 kids we had to book adjoining rooms anyway. We all cant wait to go, the kids want to get the wii chip,but do you know if you can get a chip for a Ps3 or Xbox?

We originally were going to stay at Kathathni in KataNoi Beach, they have access to there own private beach,so mayebe that could be good. We chose Holliday Inn this time as its our first visit to patong and wanted to be in the middle of the action.

Glad to see you were happy with the babysitters, any reccomendations?

Is it safe enough to take the taxi tuk tuk, i was going to go shopping without the kids and hubby but being a first visit not sure how it all works.

Anyway great report and has given us some great ideas for our visit , cant wait now!!

melbourne australia
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9. Re: JBR - Strategic , Hol Inn, Part II - parts I forgot

Tuk Tuk system works well and it's rare that you hear of any incident. IMO, better than a taxi in Melbourne ! You can go on your own or with your kids no problems at all. But being at HI, the markets are over the road and the big shopping centre is about 10 minutes walk at a good pace. Tuk Tuk to Jungceylon will be 150 or 200 baht.

Edited: 09 July 2011, 02:08
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10. Re: JBR - Strategic , Hol Inn, Part II - parts I forgot

Hi All,

I did not buy any shoes for myself at Findig, I bought 2 pairs down a street near Bangla 'night market street' or something like that. All shoes were 100 bht. Mostly cheap hi heels and thongs. I am size 7/8 so a 39 or 40 I think in their size. The ones at Findig looked a lot better quality. I was too busy trying to find shoes for my 4 yr old...fussy little buggers!!

Yes I agree with the previous post rudeness is a part of every race..there were certainly some Aussies that could have used more manners.

I taught my children to say hello my name is and how are you in Thai. The thai people loved hearing my children say thank you in thai. I think it is nice to try a little. It is of course a hard language for us but thank you and hello is a start. I also learnt 'delicious' in thai as I knew there would be many times I would need to say that thai meal was delicious...don't you just love google....

The Big C is at the back of Jungleceyon shops in the second part. The Robinsons I think is quite big at Jungleceyon with a nice and good priced ladies underwear section. I have not been into the Phuket town to compare sorry.

All of the babysitters were lovely. Miss Kissanee we had twice and she was very nice and lovely. You can ask for a certain babysitter but it does depend on their shifts at the hotel. If they are working during the day then they can only babysit at night. If you need a babysitter during the day then they would find someone who is not working that day who can babysit for you. We often would give them little notice.. would call up that morning and ask for a babysitter for the afternoon or that night and they always came through. They never once could not get one for us. It was good when I wanted to shop and the kids needed some time out to watch a movie or relax in the air con. The kids get sick of the heat and people saying hello and asking if they want a DVD....or suit!!!!!

Going out on your own in a tuk tuk is fine. I did this a few times. I found it fun as I could take my time in deciding which hang bag I wanted without hubby telling me to hurry up! I used the motorbike taxis as they were nice and cheap and the wind in your face on a hot day was cool.. or a tuk tuk is fine. Tuk Tuks seem to be a fixed price of 200bht around Patong. 150bht if you haggle a little if you can be botherd. Motorbike taxis were around 30/40 bht along beach road and Jungleceyon to Hol Inn I think was 50/60bht. A bit hard when you have bags of shopping though!!

They do not have any PS3 games as they must be hard to copy there. we asked last year and this year and they all said no. Wii games xbox and PS2 seem to be the copy ones. I am not sure if you can get a chip for xbox or ps3. We got it from 3rd floor robinsons in jungleceyon. The lady had them in her purse..funny enough

It seems that Dino park is hot whenever you go..No breeze ..they just need a few fans to get you through to the last hole without dying of heat exhaustion.

Have a great holiday....I wish I was still there.. I am sniffling and have a jumper on


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