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JBR - week two. Mum and I (part 2)

Melbourne, Australia
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JBR - week two. Mum and I (part 2)

Alright, nails restored from what I term 'holiday nails'... tip extensions that resemble tequila sunrises to white tips ready for work. Ugh!

Wed 21/8 (contd). So far today I've endured disgusting coffee at breakfast, waded through sludge, walked the street with one thong on with legs covered in 'mud', washed in the hotel bathroom using paper towel and soap and I've made my way to my new best friend, Iced black coffee at Black Canyon.

Mum had an iced mocha and toasted sandwich whilst I changed the last of my budgeted money.

Bought a dress which I put on immediately in the 'change room'... which was actually the middle of the store just out of sight of passers-by. Classy. Not surprisingly, I was also feeling impelled to purchase myself another pair of the Billabong thongs that had been the centre of adventure that morning. They are after all made in "Australai". Gotta be authentic, me thinks :)

Got into a slight to-do with a shoplady who told me 'we have big size. You need XL' as I was looking at bikinis. I swear the world stopped and held it's breath for a moment as I turned to her and told her what I thought of her sales techniques. Mum had disappeared behind a rack of clothes which I told her she wouldn't be buying from that shop. I don't remember the day when being a size 10 meant either "big size" or "XL". Obviously same same not much different!!

Took some laundry in and walked the beach for a while. We lunched at Tropica on the beach road. Chang, fried rice with prawns and chicken cashew for Mum.

Had toenails done again before prepping for our night out.

Bus picked us up for Simon Cabaret. We had 5th row seats and were looking forward to this fun. It was entertaining, cringe worthy, disappointing, funny and ridiculous all at the same time. I was not expecting the Milli Vanilli style lip-synching though. That part was just wrong!

Dinner was Pad Thai (100B) from a market stall beside Tiger Bar in Bangla Road. What a great fun meal sitting out there. There was a lady singing also. Interesting lyrics at times but at least it was her own voice :)

Thurs 22/8. The McDonalds coffee that I fetched after the singing scales that morning almost caused my bodily contortions. Oh, how wrong can coffee be?? It must have been in competition with the swill from the previous morning. Went to EAST restaurant in Soi Patong Tower for breakfast of Veg fried rice for me and chicken rice soup for Mum. Percolated coffee as their machine was broken. It was not to be my coffee day!! Eh.

We then hired 2 beach chairs in front of the Patong Beach sign and spent the day watching the perils of the parasailers and swimming in the ocean... and a couple of Changs. Despite my slip, slop, slap philosophy I was sunburnt. Or windburnt more to the point. Headed off for an Aloe massage after showering for some relief. Ate dinner at Eurasian (I think) off Bangla Road. Heaps of people in there and good food. I had green curry fried rice with seafood and Mum had Tom Yum soup. A quick look through Junceylon at eye-glasses (OMG kill me!!), a scoop of ice cream and it was bedtime for these tired, windburnt fools.

Fri 23/8. Our last day of warmth and sunshine!! Mum slept in so I snuck across to Coffee Club at ENJOYED a long black while watching Patong go to work. So fun just looking at people. Mum was awake on my return so we swam in the hotel pool for a while then ate breakfast at The Orchid. Mum ate a completely white meal of calamari in oyster sauce and rice while my Veg fried noodles were colourful and delicious. Ordered coffee but it never arrived! Luckily Coffee Club had supplied my morning fix already. We then wandered aimlessly - LOST. Not literally lost but feeling 'last day lost'. Went to Sala Bua to take the photos we had missed from Mum's bday night and decided to spend the last day on the beach.... under the shade of a palm tree. Perfect end! I ate fried bananas with icecream and Mum had a banana split. So basically, we ate sugar for lunch :) We enjoyed a beer then a 250B margarita. I told the guy it had better have gold flakes in it for that money. Lol - $8. Whatever. Lovely afternoon spent there swimming and relaxing before a pool swim at the hotel, packing, a bit of sulking and prepping for our last dinner.

Back to Eurasian (or whatever it's called) for spag carbonara and Mum's creamy seafood spaghetti. Lol - her 3rd white meal of the day washed down with a Gin Fizz. Banana Dacquiri for me.

Sat 24/8. Home time!! 4.30am wake up call. Yuk. Stopover in KL before the longest flight in the universe between KL and Melbourne. Heaps of coughers on board and one toilet smoker!! Security took care of him when we finally landed at 11.30pm.

That folks, was my first Thailand experience. So grateful to Mum and Dad for such a generous gift :) Hope you've enjoyed my stories. Cheers, Kim.

Sydney, Australia
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1. Re: JBR - week two. Mum and I (part 2)

Thanks so much Kim, I have totally enjoyed your stories,. It was a great pressie your parents bought you, sounds abit like you may have the Phuket bug yourself now, start saving, every trip just gets better.

Trip 10 for me in 5weeks and 4 sleeps



Melbourne, Australia
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2. Re: JBR - week two. Mum and I (part 2)

Thanks Michelle. I'm glad you enjoyed our stories.

My next trip (like my previous two before Thailand) is to Bali in March.

It was fun to compare the two destinations and like the singlets say "same same but different".

They're exactly the same in so many ways but so completely different.

I'll definitely go again one day ;)

Geelong, Australia
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3. Re: JBR - week two. Mum and I (part 2)

Great reading your blog it was interesting and funny. I may also one day venture over there it's just so hard not to go back to Bali lol

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4. Re: JBR - week two. Mum and I (part 2)

Have really enjoyed your JBRs Kim, thanks :) We are heading there in 3 weeks, can't wait!

Norfolk, United...
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5. Re: JBR - week two. Mum and I (part 2)

LOL enjoyed all 3 JBR that made up your trip.

Thanks for sharing.

Ladyboys are either very, very good at lip syncing or crap! Simon is such a big show you would think they would do better!!

country victoria
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6. Re: JBR - week two. Mum and I (part 2)

Loved your JBR.....,I will be having my Twenty something trip to Phuket in three weeks....,it sur does gr on you!!

Thanks for writing


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7. Re: JBR - week two. Mum and I (part 2)

Great JBR Kim, had a chuckle too, did you work out what made you sick?

Im a Melbournite too yeah and over the weather, heading to Phuket on November 1 for the

second time this year so yep cant wait.

Notice you've been to Bali a bit how do you compare both?

anyway great Read :)

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8. Re: JBR - week two. Mum and I (part 2)

Aw, i'm sorry your reports have finished as they are so entertaining but glad you enjoyed your trip to Phuket and you must now have the most perfect toenails :-)

Melbourne, Australia
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9. Re: JBR - week two. Mum and I (part 2)

Thanks again for your positive feedback to my reports. It was so much fun to write. We did have some good laughs.

Red toenail polish is still hanging in there, Chrella. I suppose when it's gone so is the holiday! I'll preserve it well :)

Hard to compare Patong to Bali but impossible not to. Markets, holiday feel, easy-going vibe, weather... Same same.

Food and drink prices along with market buying is perhaps double what it is in Bali I found.

Resorts are the same looking. Dining ease is the same.

Patong seems more advanced with neon signs. It seems 'richer'. The holiday makers are definitely more diverse - nationality wise. Traffic is way less crazy in Patong than where I've been in Bali.

Food choices are similar.

Bali is easier to get to from Melbourne (6hr direct flight). I wasn't thrilled with the stopovers especially on the way home!

If I'd chosen accommodation, it would have been somewhere like Holiday Inn or Merlin Patong...more resorty with poolside service, swim up bar, garden setting etc.

Loved my holiday in Patong.

Darwin, Australia
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10. Re: JBR - week two. Mum and I (part 2)

Hi Kim,

THANK YOU, i have loved reading your JBR's they have been very entertaining :) i think you have become another Phuket addict like many of us :)

I will agree with you on the coffee lol Black Canyon Coffee is fantastic, its a lifesaver over there lol

Thanks again


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