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average daily spend

Perth, Australia
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average daily spend

gonna be in Patong for 11 days, whats the average price of street food, water & such. (how much will i need per day on essentials)?

Mindarie, Australia
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1. Re: average daily spend

hi mark we are from perth as well my husband and i go for 14 days and we allow $100 aud per day for food drinks and a few purchases but it depends on each individual some people like to party others like to shop others like tours we certainly don't skimp while we are there there are other threads on this topic and most of us say $100 aud per day hope this helps

Alkmaar, The...
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2. Re: average daily spend

Not easy to say what are 'essentials' on a holiday. Street-food is about AU$ 10-15 per day (4 meals). Water about $1 for the whole day. So I would say, if you are on a minimum budget you'll need $15 per day. However, Patong/Phuket are (among) the more expensive areas in Thailand. Happy holidays.

Gold Coast
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3. Re: average daily spend

We allowed $150 per day for both of us and included a couple of tours, a little shopping and lunch and dinner every day. We came back with money.

Have a great time.

Norfolk, United...
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for Chaweng, Ko Samui
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4. Re: average daily spend

We allow the equivalent of AU$150 per pay for 50 something couple. It covers most of our 'essential' and that includes eating from street carts. Covers most things other than expensive stuff like hotels, transfers, tours etc. Some days we spend a bit more, some days a bit less. We do live pretty simply too, we don't eat at expensive restaurants, go to the expensive night clubs etc

You would really struggle to live off AU$15 / 500thb a day, but it will be a bummer of a holiday! Water, street food and not fun or shopping!

The one thing you can never over estimate is your money for holiday. If you spend all your time counting the cents or pennys it makes it a tough holiday. You need to be very realistic!

Sydney, Australia
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for Patong
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5. Re: average daily spend

As said all depends what you do, where you eat and where and how much you drink.

Assume that as with most hotels Breakfast is included, have a big breakie, then small lunch /snack, a few drinks at a bar, then allow say $50 a day for essentials (food water drinks etc) and on top for shopping and tours. This will mean you would eat well, and not be worried where and what you did.

You can eat well at smaller, non resort restaurants for under $10 easily.

Like others I work on $100 a day


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6. Re: average daily spend

street food is like 40-60 baht, depends. Water is like 5-10 baht, if my memory serves me right. Thailand isn't cheap as it once was, you'll need at least 1000 baht a day if a basic 400/500 b room, 300 for eating, and 200/300 for beers and local bus city xport is factored.

Most pple spend much more.

Sydney, Australia
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7. Re: average daily spend

cheaper/medium cost thai restaurants would charge around 80-150baht per main menu dish, 60-120baht per entree, 50-120 for fried rice, 25-50baht for a soft drink. 60-120 baht for a beer in a bar or restaurant depending on bar and brand, 10 baht-30baht for water, small beer at mart 30-60 baht depending on brand. Small packets chips 30baht and large 60 baht, peanuts 10baht and up depending on size of pack and brand. Cocktails range from 69baht-250 baht depending on bar and type of cocktail. Western food main can range from 250baht-500 baht depending on dish. Meals and drinks in your hotel will cost more and also don't forget they will add approx 17%-20% to the cost for compulsary service charges/taxes. Thongs (as in flip flops) are around 200-300baht each, dresses 400-800baht, shorts 200-400baht t/shirts singlets 150-300baht. (check up on the right hand side for the price list for buying things in the markets) Any seafood you pick out the front of a restaurant will cost a fortune and is charged per 100g, so be careful of that when picking your fish/prawn/lobster as one large prawn can weigh 400g and it might be more than 100baht per 100g (I have never done it but have seen the prices and they are sometimes eyewatering, for me anyway) Restaurants along the beach road in general are more expensive than smaller side street ones. Check tripadvisor for some good restaurants as well as price guides. Some of the Italian places just off Bangla are the best Italian and pizzas around as they are actually run and owned by Italians (approx 250-400 per large pizza) Of course you can spend a lot more in the classier places, but sometimes it is nicer to sit in the small family run ones with the small wooden tables and chairs watching people walk by.

Massages vary widely in price but some are better than others, the hotel will charge alot more than for a similar cheaper massage down the road. Daytrips range in price from just under 1000baht (pretty sardine-like trip to Phi Phi or Phang Nga) booked and haggled for on the street, up to 3600baht for something like Phuket Sail or some of the other better recommended tours on tripadvisor that might need to be booked in advance on the internet. Again, check out the ratings and reviews and work it out from there.

Hope this info helps.

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8. Re: average daily spend

A tip for finding a good massage place.

If its staffed by lots of lovely younger ladies, walk on by. (Unless you are a man with certain needs)

Off the beaten track massages (Nanai Road?) Banzaan Road have more mature ladies

a) they have a personality

b) They know what they are doing

c) Good prices

Just sayin

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9. Re: average daily spend

Re old_ bloke, I don't see what this has to do with an average daily spend your in the wrong spot, just sayin

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Melbourne, Australia
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10. Re: average daily spend

2 adults+2 young adults, 2 weeks. We eat well, shop, drink and do a few tours have a couple of massages. Take $5000 always come back with about $1000 so according to my calculator that's about $71 AUD a day. We always have breakfast in the hotel and we don't really have any big nights at the bars into the early hours of the morning so you would have to factor that in if it's your thing. You could do meals a bit cheaper getting away from Patong. Water costs just about nothing and the street cart food is very cheap. So you could shave $10 off my $71 pretty easily.

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