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Update On Our Hammamet Holiday

Milton Keynes
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Update On Our Hammamet Holiday

Ok, I've not done reports or such like before so just going to tell you a bit about our holiday at the DAR KHAYAM taken from June 5th - 19th. I have done a review on the hotel for anyone interested so I won't go into that too much - But I am known to waffle so appologies beforehand.

5th June. Got to Garwick hours early but at least we weren't late. Both of us had left our phones at home - Thankgod I had a spare in the case.

Although I let the flight attendents know I was a nerveous flyer - not once was I asked if I was OK. However, Michael was ace. He allowed me (although he had no real choice) for me to break his hand during take off. Once up I was fine and enjoyed the view especially as we neared Tunisia. The mountains and aqua sea gave me promise of a good holiday. The whole journey from home to hotel went smoothly. When we saw our room we were pleased as we had a bit of a sea view which is what I wanted. We unpacked a\nd went to dining room. I must admit when we were shown our table I did refuse to sit there until the tablecloth was changed as it was really dirty - I will say that was the only time we had that trouble. Went to eye the beach have a padle and then knackered so went to bed.

6th After breakfast we went through to the sister hotel where the waterslides were. Michael was in his eliment. The water was bloody cold but you know kids don't notice that lol. The sun was hot and I loved it. I have got to say that at notime was the slide pool, indoor pool or main pool ever over crowded and as we went into 2nd week the water warmed up enough that even I went in. On this day I will say I was bombarded by excursion scouts etc most working for the hotel and did accept it when I said this is my first day and we are just chilling. One however, who wasn't working for hotel, was a pain. LOL considering I'm 52, not hour glassed and nothing about me works very well - He tried saying you are a very beautiful woman you buy this I give you good price - you get the idea. Geared with info from you guys, passed on to my son - Michael came over and said shall I get dad mum?. That worked and he went away.

In the evening I did book a pirate ship trip and the complete spa treatment + the zombie fish for my feet. Yes I did haggle and got the price down. The guy selling the pirate ship trip wanted me to pay adult price for Michael - he is only 12 - Anyway, I had a copy of his passport with me so was ok.

May be worth you doing if you have a child who nlooks older that he/she is.

After lunch we went for a walk along the beach, explored the local shop and just chilled.

7th Haggled down to get my hair cut and gave a cute baby in salon a Dinar - remember that for later. We didn't do much but did go to main shops and your advice came in so handy.

The guys were coming at us left, right and centre. They said I'm the waiter from Dar Khayam remember me - quick as anything I said yes where is my 20 Dinar you owe me. Or when they would get in front of me so I couldn't pass them, Michael just said shall i get dad.

Once we started to tan it got easier.

8th just stayed at poolside until evening then went shopping. I wanted to get my granddaughter an outfit. Remember that Dinar I gave the baby - that 1 Dinar saved me a lot of Dinar. The lady I bought the outfit from was the baby'e mum and she remembered me and said no tourist had ever just given money to her before. She wanted 150 Dinar for what I bought but I only offered half of what I would pay for it at home, thinking i'd be happy with half price. She didn't argue the toss because of that Dinar.

9th We went for our pirate ship trip today what fun we had. Met up with this gay guy (so I knew I was safe). What a laugh. The pirate dancing was great, the interaction with the kids was great, the food was ok and I'm sure they deliberately made the ship rock more than needed just for fun. The cost of their photos with you and the bandanas were reasonable about a fiver each and good quality - where over here can you get a photo for that price.

We didn't get the coach trip back as wanted to experience the open top cab - My god yes it was very thrilling but they all drive like mad. The locals on mopeds ride whilst talking on their mobiles or to eachother without looking at the road.


Great day for us because we went to meet Kiren who I met on here. We decided to make an adventure out of it so tried the local buses.

At the bus stop we met a Tunisian guy who spoke really good English. He seemed like a very genuine guy and was very helpful and invited us to go for tea that afternoon to meet his family. Obviously we reclined. - Not worth the risk.

The bus was a bendy bus and very eratic but fun. However, I guess due to lack of communication he dropped us off at wrong place so had to get a cab to Cartouge Land where we were to Meet up with Kiren. We had a lovely time and what a lovely family. We went for a drink in the medina and exchanged our experiences so far etc. Some guy tried to charge us for using our own cameras to take a photo of our kids near his camel. Oh what a shame I lost my phone.

After the bus business we got a cab back.

11th we mostly chilled again. It is so nice to be able to watch Michael having fun being away from the bullying. He flourished in Tunisia and made friends easily with other holiday makers. It amazes me how kids can forgo the language barrier. He made friends with a swedish couple and a Tunisian lad whose dad was a waiter.

12th We went to Friguia Park to do the swim with dolphin experience. I was so proud as I remembered all you told me and agrees a price for the cab. We got there looked around the zoo and took lots of photos. Then the big swim - the one that didn't happen.

I've already relaid that event so wont go on about it. It was nice to be in the water with these amazing creatures of the sea though. One of them, a male called Lunar, liked me a lot. He kept swimming up to me and put his nose in a delicate place lol. The trainer said that means he fancied me. A bit scary I say lol

13th at 3pm we went on our camel trip. Oh my God a must do I promise you it is a laugh.

Michael was a bit scared at first but once we got started he was a natural. So much so that on the way back they let him be on the lead camel, on his own without them holding the rope.

You get to dress up in smelly clothes, have a drink and a=have a henna at extra price if want.

We enjoyed it so much we booked to do the evening ride another day.

14th. Chilled all day again laid full out under the sun and still not red or brown or anything - what have I got to do?

Sam came over from the Animation Team and took Michael off for a couple of hours. Even though Michael hadn't joined any of the kids stuff they got to know him which is why he was knabbed. It turns out Sam wanted Michael to be in a sketch for tonights show but used him in all but one scene. What a little star I have. He cracked everyone up even the adults. One guy laughed so much that he dropped his drink. For the rest of our stay people were congratulating him. Obviously this was most enjoyed by my son and I admit myself.

16th After yesterdays complete rest I wanted to take Michael out on the Kayak as I used to be an avid rower. It was great fun. Michael couldn't believe how well I did - he is used to me strugling to do anything at home. Michael took some photos and then passed me the camera to take photos then i passed it back - that is when the disaster happened and I dropped the camera. I am so upset about the lost photos but won't go on about that. You never know, one of you may find it for me lol. I know Cas is trying hard. I tried to go back out but was too done it so we went back to pool to moan to whoever would listen. That evening it was karaoke and Michael yet again went up and sang - he did very well considering they had no modern songs and he sang Patsy Clines 'Crazy'.


Just enjoying our last couple of days so not too much else to say really.

Michael got on with everyone and until the last four days when a complete brat came and started to annoy him as well as others. However, other parents had noticed and commented on how brilliant Michael has been in how he was coping with this kid who wouldn't take notice of anyone. On our last day two families came over and asked Michael why he wasn't in the pool and he said cos that kid is annoying me. I've never experienced anything like it before. They told Michael to go and enjoy his last few hours in the pool. Michael had a blooming body guard. Whenever the kid went to bomb, splash, push or gob it off to my boy, one of the family members went in front of him. I've since heard they got him barred from the pool for two days.

The journey home went smoothly and this time on take off I didn't break Michael's hand as much lol.

We cried when we left and definately want to go again. I know we will have a better time next time out as I have this holidays experience. I will for certain want to visit the historic places next time.

Hope this wasn't too boring but I did say I would relay our experience. What photos I have will be uploaded shortly

East Anglia
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1. Re: Update On Our Hammamet Holiday

What a brilliant report Lorraine and I loved how your son really looked after you , If only my 12year old could take a leaf out of your sons book !

But glad you had a lovely time and how nice you took your time out to write such a detailed report ! :)

Milton Keynes
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2. Re: Update On Our Hammamet Holiday

I thought it was a bit long myself but wanted people to know you can have a good holiday no matter what so Thanks for that.

Be Glad your son doesn't have to as it comes with drawbacks - trust me.

How do I upload a photo or two?

East Anglia
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3. Re: Update On Our Hammamet Holiday

Do you want to upload them where you wrote reviews Lorraine ? I f so I think you can do it from your profile some how I have only done it once x

United Kingdom
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4. Re: Update On Our Hammamet Holiday

Lorraine that was really interesting & what a great lad your son is next time you wont be as nervous I think you did brilliantly just the two of you.

Milton Keynes
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5. Re: Update On Our Hammamet Holiday

Thanks. wasn't really expecting replies lol should have more faith in myself i think.

Yes stevie well I think lol

will give it ago tomorrow

Only got a couple as for some reason - can't think why - I have very few photos - you got a laugh

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6. Re: Update On Our Hammamet Holiday

Was great to meet you as well Lorraine.

Glad you enjoyed the rest of your stay.x

Your son really is a credit to you he was great when we went round the medina!

I will email the pics to you soon as i get a chance!.xxx

Edited: 23 June 2012, 17:58
Hastings, uk
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7. Re: Update On Our Hammamet Holiday

Thank you so much for such a great trip report Lorraine I so enjoyed reading it. I'm so glad that you and Michael had such a good time.

We are going to Hammamet on Wednesday, we stay just down the road from you at the Royal Azur. I'm sure that you will become a regular visitor to Tunisia like us (it will be our 7th trip).

Thank you again.

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8. Re: Update On Our Hammamet Holiday

Super post,Lorraine

Sorry to read about your mishap with the camera

As bad as that can be . i am sure you and Michael will have, and in the future share many fond recollections of your stay..

I recall as a youngster going on hols/day trips and no one had a camera.!

But the memories are there.



Edited: 23 June 2012, 20:49
Blackpool, United...
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9. Re: Update On Our Hammamet Holiday

You sound like a fantastic pair. the report was so interesting and real


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10. Re: Update On Our Hammamet Holiday

Great reading..Especially the part where you "reclined" with the guy who offered you "tea"..I'm still grinning now..Lol

Look forward to seeing your review and pics..


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