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sentido perissia/stag do....would you adam nd eve it

leeds in uk
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sentido perissia/stag do....would you adam nd eve it

well im astounded trip advisor members...up until now ive allways been one for open mindedness and not judging a book by its cover...since my post about said stag do a trip advisor member has contacted the hotel to complain about us going and doesnt think its right that we should be allowed to go..the hotel have contacted our travel agent and they have duly contacted us..well guess what we are still going.We have assured them we are not a bunch of animals that we were labelled as by the person who rang the hotel..On a final note the person who rang the hotel (you know who u are) isnt even staying at the hotel.They felt they had to as they were concerned for other guests.....



happy holidaying

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1. Re: sentido perissia/stag do....would you adam nd eve it

I find this absolutely ridiculous, and shame on you whoever you are...........

Let's put it his way eh?

The hotel would have been aware of how many were turning up at the hotel, and if they were in any way uneasy about the situation, I am sure the booking would not have been taken, and subsequently, the "Stags" would have had to have made other arrangements.

And, yes, before any moaning minnie cuts in with, "Yes, but I bet you aren't going when the guys are there" well yes, that's true, but, I hasten to add, how can anyone foresee a situation, is it Derek Achora who has put the complaint in?

The Perissia is a superb hotel, and it stands for No Messing at all, and should the guys (or any one else for that matter) become abusive, or in any way their behaviour became detremental to anyone elses' holiday enjoyment, then I am sure, words would be spoken.

To assume a bunch of guys are going to create mayhem and cause trouble is absurd, and whilst I would imagine lots of noise and frolics will come from their direction, it will be no more or less annoying than the crowds of whooping teenagers or screeching ill mannered kids we have all witnessed from time to time on various holidays.

I for one, hope you and your "Gang" have the best of times, and, I am sure that you will behave in a way that would make your parents proud.

Cheers lads

DLV (shirley)

Istanbul, Turkey
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2. Re: sentido perissia/stag do....would you adam nd eve it

After some of the recent events on this forum,nothing surprises me anymore!Just ignore the busybodies and go and have a good holiday.There are Mr.Angries from Purley everywhere :-) I agree with DVL that if you got out of/started getting out of hand the management would be quick to ask you to behave- but I'm sure you are all grown up enough not to let things go that far!

Oldham, United...
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3. Re: sentido perissia/stag do....would you adam nd eve it

I cant believe that someone thought it was their morale duty to contact the hotel, get a life whoever you are.

I cant for one minute believe that all these people have booked into a 5 star hotel, to cause mahem. And if they were, I would imagine they would be going to Benidorm in May.

Have a great time lads.


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Costa Blanca, Spain
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4. Re: sentido perissia/stag do....would you adam nd eve it

Hope you have a really good time,my son-in-law and grandson have both played rugby and neither of them are the type to deliberately cause offence,why should people assume you might be a disruptive influence.A couple of years ago a fairly large group of lads turned up at the hotel we were staying,they were good fun and joined in with the evening entertainment,no problems at all.

Fife, Scotland
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5. Re: sentido perissia/stag do....would you adam nd eve it

Hi guys

We - myself, my nephew, and my rubgy player husband - will be at the hotel at the same time as you( we go out on the 5th for a week).

We stayed at this hotel last Sept and it was amazing, that why we are going back.

We are not at all concerned about your group. You are going on holiday to enjoy yourselves, relax and have fun. Just the same as everyone else.

Please do not worry about what anyone else thinks or says. Its your holiday so enjoy. That said, I had better get a sun lounger when you are there lol!!

Looking forward to meeting you all.

Janet x ( Scotland Rugby Fan)

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6. Re: sentido perissia/stag do....would you adam nd eve it


I cant believe that someone thought it was their morale duty to contact the hotel, get a life whoever you are.

Could not have put it better.

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7. Re: sentido perissia/stag do....would you adam nd eve it

Cant believe someone felt compelled to contact the hotel and complain. This person doesn't need a holiday, they need a life.

Ever seen a rugby player be abusive to a referee on the pitch, No, cos they aren't footballlers They may usually be big guys but most i know are as polite and innoffensive as anyone else you could ever meet.

Would sooner be on holiday with 40+ lads having a good laugh than with one complete **@@**$**@!!


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8. Re: sentido perissia/stag do....would you adam nd eve it

I was there last year for two weeks and there was 5 weddings and one of the animation team headed a stag do for the gromm whilst they were there, it was fun to watch them parade around the hotel on the sunday where there was no entertainment on that day. This year i was there again for two weeks and there were lots of hen parties and stagt do;s put there was never any problem with any of them. Who ever the busy body was that felt they needed to interfere with other peoples holidays should keep their nose out due to it being none of their business. The hotel staff are quite well equipped to deal with any one being out of hand and ive never seen this happen at all on the both occassions i have been there. I wish you a great time at the Perissia and i guarentee that you will have lots of fun whilst there with no problems. I just find it so sad that people need to poke their noses in to other people business.


Manchester, England
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9. Re: sentido perissia/stag do....would you adam nd eve it

Just to put the record straight fella this is nothing to do with me, whilst I merely pointed out that I felt it was a rather peculiar choice of hotel for a stag do and may have had a differing opinion from you as to where I would choose for a similar trip (personally Ibiza would be my place of choice, either that or one of the Eastern European cities or the old favourite of the Dam) .

Rest assured I personally couldn't be that bothered as to what you lot are doing and yes I do find it rather sad that somebody would report it to the hotel.

Apologies if my views on this have caused you any problems but as my original point was it was purely down to finding it quite a strange choice.

Edited: 03 June 2010, 18:10
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Balearic Islands, Spain
wales uk
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10. Re: sentido perissia/stag do....would you adam nd eve it

you should put this subject to bed now! just look forward to a great holiday! i know i am and we will see you there! p.s mines a whiskey!

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