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Airport Shopping / Hand Luggage Allowance

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Airport Shopping / Hand Luggage Allowance

Watch how many bags you take on the plane,

has airline rules ( most cases ) state one piece

of hand-luggage per person.

If you decide to shop in the airport, say a couple

bottles of spirits, cigarettes, cigars & perfume,

even bottles of water.

Like me, got my flight bag, my wife has her hand

bag, then we both have a bag each of airport


Turns out airlines are getting strict, & charging you

for the extra bag (s).

The airlines are doing this, to deter passengers

from buying in the airport, & in stead making the

passengers buy on the aircraft.

I always make sure that I can get my airport

shopping in my flight bag, they are not getting owt

out of me.

Before buying at the airport, check on-line your

aircrafts flight magazine, to check prices, then you

know which is the cheapest.

But beware even though the flight magazine shows

a item in it, it does not mean they have it.

I have found Thomson's aircraft cheaper than airports

in the past.

Happy shopping !

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1. Re: Airport Shopping / Hand Luggage Allowance

There is also a Duty Free at Dalaman that is open 24-7 so you will not be stuck to buy alcohol and tobacco. My husband alway used to wait until we got to Dalaman to buy his cigars (does not smoke now).

Remember all prices are shown in Euros.

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2. Re: Airport Shopping / Hand Luggage Allowance

Hi, Yorkieborn are you talking about UK airports being strict about hand luggage( I have often had to put my handbag in my hand luggage) or the Turkish airports or both. Also is there a Boots at Doncaster airport. Looked on line and there doesn't seem to be one. Thanks for any info.Barbara

Hi Francis-Jane, when you land at Dalaman is the duty free where you collect your luggage, and you say that the prices are in Euros, so can you pay in Euros. Thanks for any info.Barbara

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3. Re: Airport Shopping / Hand Luggage Allowance

Hi Barbara,

Duty free is just where you collect your luggage, prices are in Euros, but you can pay in Euros, Lira or Sterling. If we have any Euros left we usually use them at Dalaman Duty Free. If your husband smokes cigars they have good Havana cigars at the Duty Free which are better than the ones in the U.K. Airports. They also sell single Havanas in metal tubes which are actually called "Tubes" they were 3 Lira each. My husband like them. They may have gone up now has he gave up smoking 2 years ago.

If you want a trolley for your luggage, if you have a pound coin handly give it to the guys and get a trolley as it's handy if you have a couple of cases and a walk to your transport outside.

Do not change money at the Airport the rate is very bad and do not buy any food or drink there. If you need a drink buy it outside in the airport car park at the cafes that the taxi and bus drivers use.

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4. Re: Airport Shopping / Hand Luggage Allowance

Hi, Francis-Jane, thanks for that useful information. These tips are very handy.Barbara

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5. Re: Airport Shopping / Hand Luggage Allowance

Hi Barbara003,

I was actually on about the U/K airports, it seems

they are trying to get people to buy on the aircraft,

instead of buying in the airport.

They have their rules, one hand-luggage only, per


FJ I was interested to read good Havana cigars for

3 lira, i think they may be seconds, at that price.

If I can get a proper Cuban cigar for 3 lira, I'm buying

a stack of them.

What make are they, & where is the tobacco from.

I've been to Cuba twice, & each time gone round the

cigar factory, to buy in the closed compound cigar

shop. I paid £4 each, which were £12 each in the U/K.

There are different types of tabacco, the Holquin side

of Cuba is a greener type of tobacco, compared to the

Varadero side of the country, they do blend the bacca's


Cigars when they leave Cuba, the boxe must be stamped,

otherwise the cigars will be taken off you, the big mama's

roll them, while smoking a great big cigar, with never taking

them out of their mouths.

Last time also I bought Cuban cigars from a source, at £3

each, these were obtained from the workers,who roll the

cigars, they are given one each, per week.

The best worker gets a box of 25, for a bonus, each month/

Let me know what these cigars are, the names, then I will

have a look.

Barbara I have not seen a boots at Doncaster. !

PS I still have a3 Cuban cigars left !

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6. Re: Airport Shopping / Hand Luggage Allowance

Yorkie, My husband did not like huge big fat cigars as he said they took too long to smoke. I know that the guy who had the estate agency we bought from in Fethiye put us onto the Havana Cigars at Dalaman. This guy used to get people to bring them for him as he said he could not get good ones in or around Fethiye.

My husband used to buy a wooden box of Havana Cigars and a pile of the single "Tubes" (which they used to have for sale on the counter). at Dalaman. When he stopped smoking he had just bought a pile at the Duty Free, but got his teeth whitened in Fethiye and was told not to smoke for 2 days. So he stopped altogether and he gave all the cigars to the Calis Beach Charity Auction.

I do remember the wooden boxes of Havanas he bought where the same brand as the ones he always bought at the Tobacconist in Amsterdam. They were a particular favourite of his for about 10 years.

Gloucester, United...
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7. Re: Airport Shopping / Hand Luggage Allowance

We flew to Gambia with Thomas cook in February this year.

They were strict on hand luggage and were weighing bags at the gate before boarding.

They allowed on duty free bags in addition to hand luggage bags, I was asked to take my big bottle of water that I had bought out of my hand luggage to prove that was why it was overweight!

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8. Re: Airport Shopping / Hand Luggage Allowance

When we went to Egypt from Doncaster in early March with Thomson they weighed our hand luggage but our friends went with Thomsons from East Midlands the same day and they didin't weigh theirs.

So can't be company policy - saying that we've seen others have theirs weighed at other times and the line we've been in hasn't. Logic????

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9. Re: Airport Shopping / Hand Luggage Allowance

Hi FJ,

I have been looking at the Cuban cigar prices, alot

of the cheaper cigars are machine rolled, that is why

they are cheaper.

When we were at the Cuban factory, it was like going

into a prison, big compounds, 12ft high fences & gates.

People who work in the cigar hand-rollin sections of the

factory are ex doctors, nurses & other trades, as well has

the normal people with no qualifications.

The money is better in the cigar factory, than being a doctor

in a hospital, we have sat with the people on a sunday,

( their day off ), on the beach, sharing a beer. & asked to

share some pig they were roasting on the beach.

When you go round the factory, like I said different people,

hundreds of them, hand rollin the large cigars, Big Mama's

got huge cigars in their mouths while rolling the cigars.

( Sorry to say, a phalacy about them being rolled on the inner

thigh )

There are people who check the cigars & grade them, we

were not allowed to try them.

The workers received 1 cigar each a week, best employee

of the month got a box of 25 cigars.

The workers ( Ladies ) take it in their turns to have their nails

done & other pedicures, also there was a man reading a

newspaper to the workers.

When we came out of the factory, we were allowed in the

factory shop to buy Havana cigars, such has Montecristo,Cohiba

romeo & Juliet, from £4 each & upwards, at £4 they were

cheap, being £12 each at home.

The cigars that the worker gets each week, I once bought

them, a gang of workers put all their cigars together.

You have to be careful doing this, because the cigars the

workers get have not got a stamp, if you are stopped at

the airport, with out a stamp on your cigars, they will take

them off you.

Writing this brings back good memories.

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10. Re: Airport Shopping / Hand Luggage Allowance


The airlines, were saying the 1 piece of hand luggage

ruling, being that people took 1 hand-luggage & 1 bag

of duty free.

So the airlines say you are over the limit, this is just a

gimmick to stop you buying duty free at the airport, &

to make you buy the goods on the aircraft.

In one ! Its a sales gimmick.


Just been reading a blog, where someone asked could

they buy duty free at Gatwick airport, being that they

were going to Turkey.

Someone replied because we ( The U/K ) are in the E.U

we can't take any goods out, & that they could buy goods

when reaching Turkey.

What bad information, we know we can buy from airport

shops (Not called duty free now) & off the aircraft, when

going to Turkey.

Turkey is not in the E.U.

Edited: 15 May 2012, 10:44
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