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Missing out Hoi An

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Missing out Hoi An

This might be sacrilege to some, but I'm just looking for opinions on whether missing out Hoi An from my itinerary may be an option.

Basically, the way it pans out (I'm not prepared/able to compromise on my time in other destinations unfortunately) is that I would be left with 2 nights in Hoi An. That would result in about one and a half days to see the sights.

I'm having beach time at other times on my trip, so I don't 'need' the beach aspect. I'm not interested in having any clothing made and if I'm honest, I'm more into historical sightseeing than any form of shopping. Taking a slightly different tack, would Hue therefore be better for me?

With such little time, I feel I might be better served stretching out my stay elsewhere rather than trying to squeeze in Hoi An and 'wasting' a lot of time in transit.

I went to Luang Prabang earlier this year, and was wondering if Hoi An compared in any way?



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1. Re: Missing out Hoi An

I recently spent 1 day in Hanoi. We squeezed it in last minute, so there wasn't much time for it. That being said, it ended up being one of my favorite places! I thought that only having 1 day was fine. The Ancient Town isn't a big area, so all the sites are easily walkable. I'd go if you had the chance!

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2. Re: Missing out Hoi An

Hoi An Is a very old pretty town, and like you I had heard so much about it and felt I had to visit yet left feeling underwhelmed after all the positive reviews. I think if you miss it out you can spend longer at places you have obviously found more appealing in your research. Having said that,if you do decide to go, a couple of days will give you a flavour. Like any travelling, you miss things out which others tell you are amazing but then have your own amazing moments at places others haven't seen so it's swings and roundabouts really.

Everything in VN is interesting, you can always visit it next time.

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3. Re: Missing out Hoi An

I'd vote for Hue over Hoi An given your interests. I did enjoy Hoi an even though I didnt get any clothes made (tailors in Hanoi are better and cheaper), but if your interests are historical then I think you'd prefer Hue.

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4. Re: Missing out Hoi An

We had also thought of missing out Hoi An as we are on a 2 week trip trying to see everything. Our travel agent said Hoi An isn't to be missed so we are going! My friend is just back and said Hoi An was her favourite place - she did a boat tour and said its such a pretty place with its lanterns.

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5. Re: Missing out Hoi An

In Hoi an you will not only see the Beach and tailor shops but also the ancient town and beautiful countryside. But if you are too tight on time then you can skip Hoi an and do this another time.

But Hoi An is still my favorite place even its getting touristy but still it still has special charm and atmosphere.



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6. Re: Missing out Hoi An

After all, Hoi An has a considerable amount of history itself, and Hoi An and Sapa have to be the 2 most beautiful destinations in VN (it's also the most relaxing destination in the entire country - no cars in the Ancient Town).

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7. Re: Missing out Hoi An

It's hard to say without seeing the rest of your itinerary & looking at what other places you could miss out. Hoi An is certainly the nicest town in Vietnam, but not in the same league as Luang Prabang in my opinion which has to be the most stunning town in SE Asia.

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8. Re: Missing out Hoi An

There seems to be a common misconception, elsewhere as well as on TA, that Hue is somehow more historical than Hoi An and many other Vietnamese towns and cities.

Just to put it in perspective, the ancient town of Hoi An's history dates back to the 1500's, with many surviving buildings from this period. There is evidence of a bronze age occupation of the area, and the Cham empire ruled the area before it became a major trading port and crossroads for many races..

Hue in comparison, while its monuments are on a vastly bigger scale, only became the capital of Vietnam in the early 19th century; and all Hue's history and monuments stem from this time.

So in reality, Hoi An is far more steeped in history than Hue, and it would be a real shame to miss what, as others have said, is one of Vietnam's prettiest little towns.

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9. Re: Missing out Hoi An

dacaro has just posted this great little video, check it out and see what you'd miss if you leave out Hoi An


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10. Re: Missing out Hoi An

2 days will be fine although you will wish you planned more! Hoi An is great - you don't have to 'do' anything in particular (eg - get clothes made, see historical sites) you can just wander through the streets and hang out in the restaurants. It's tiny too so is easy to walk all the way around in a few hours.