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Tokyo 6 days itinerary for lone traveller

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Tokyo 6 days itinerary for lone traveller


I'm in between jobs right now and I have a 10 days break. This is kind of an impromptu trip as I've not visited Tokyo and I'm intending to fly on Thursday 17th Nov

Since I would be traveling alone, I intend to stay in a hostel to mingle with other younger travelers. Could someone suggest an itinerary for me? This is kind of a rush and I've not done much reading on Tokyo but would be please if someone could pass me something to work on.

Key highlights of my Tokyo trip would be:

1. Going to Mount Fuji

2. Snapping the autumn falls at their parks (Photography is my hobby)

I'm intending to stay at the Khaosan Tokyo Ninja hostel. it cost about 2800 Yen per night. Does anyone have any other recommendations?


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1. Re: Tokyo 6 days itinerary for lone traveller

Suggested self tour of Fuji San here, as well as transportation:



Tourist info for Fuji Five lakes area. Page link is model courses in the area. Check out the momiji or fall course bottom of the page.


Also good for koyo (fall colours on leaves) are: Hakone, Nikko, Mt. takao, Kamakura. And a lesser known destination called Yamadera in Yamagata prefecture.

Here is photos from a winter trip to Yamadera, but my friends went in the fall and they loved the colours! This would be a very long day trip from Tokyo using JR lines all the way.


Within Tokyo, you can try Yoyogi park, Ueno Park, the park north of Imperial Palace, and Shinjuku national gardens.

Good luck! :-)

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2. Re: Tokyo 6 days itinerary for lone traveller

What kind of photo gear are you taking? Tripods can be a little tricky because Japan is a very photographer-entrenched society and tripods are often prohibited from certain venues that can get crowded. Also, be aware that you will probably be walking more than you are normally used to so carrying a heavy bag with a bunch of pro glass might be a bit tiring.

Some museums and shrines prohibit photography in certain areas if it relates to the dead or specific memorials (Inside the museum at Yasukuni Shrine, National Science Museum where artifacts of human remains are, etc.).

If you're shooting on train platforms, be aware of the limit lines and do not breach them when a train is approaching the platform.

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3. Re: Tokyo 6 days itinerary for lone traveller

Nihon Minkaen, an open-air museum of old houses, has great photo opportunities: city.kawasaki.jp/88/88minka/home/minka_e.htm Also search http://www.flickr.com/ for NIHON MINKAEN to see what it has to offer. It's 20 minutes by train from Shinjuku Station on the Odakyu Odwara Line to MUKOGAOKAYUEN, then a 20-minute stroll. Notify the office in advance if using a tripod. Light levels can be a bit low for interiors.

There are numerous gardens in Tokyo Here are some I like. Look them up in http://www.japan-guide.com/ for details: Kiyosumi Teien; Koishikawa Korakuen; Rikugien; Imperial Palace East Gardens.

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4. Re: Tokyo 6 days itinerary for lone traveller

As cited, to see a "genuine" Japanese-style garden in Tokyo, I suggest going to Rikugien or Kiyosumi garden which is a bit away from the central district. Or going to temple gardens in Kamakura. Staying at hostels around Asakusa old town area should be fun. Mt Fuji climbing is off season, so see if you'd like a self tour in the Five Lakes area, or perhaps around Hakone. Since you have 10 days to spend, you might consider visiting Kyoto and perhaps Nara. You may want to save a night's stay by riding the night bus.

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5. Re: Tokyo 6 days itinerary for lone traveller

Sorry, you seem to have 6 days, so staying within the Kanto region should work out for you.

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6. Re: Tokyo 6 days itinerary for lone traveller

Hi Guys,

thanks for the feedback. I guess that planning for an itinerary in a couple of days is indeed a rush. I'm still sorting out the accommodation and here is what I've planned

Friday 18th Nov - Arrive in Tokyo

Saturday 19th Nov - Go and see the gardens, I would sort this out on the gardens and musems I want to visit.

Sunday 20th Nov - Take a night bus or a train to Kyoto

Monday 21st Nov - tour Kyoto and see the autumn falls

Tuesday 22nd Nov - Leave Kyoto and return to Tokyo

Wed 23rd Nov - Go to Mount Fuji 5 lakes area or Hakone

Thur 24th - Do some last min shopping and catch my flight back.

some question that I've:

How do I get from Tokyo to Kyoto? I am contemplating taking a night bus to save on 2 nights accommodation. I dont have problems sleeping on a bus but where would be stops be at Tokyo and Kyoto?

If I were to take a train to Kyoto, do I get the railpass which includes a day worth of bus/rail passes at Kyoto?

How do I get around in Kyoto? Are there signs in English as I dont speak Japanese.

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7. Re: Tokyo 6 days itinerary for lone traveller

I might have done wrong in recommending Kyoto for a 6-day visit landing at Tokyo. Kyoto usually won't satisfy people with just a day's visit. You might be better off staying around Kanto region and visit Kamakura about an hour and half from Tokyo which is also a historic city.

If you insist on going to Kyoto, here are suggestions.

1) Take the Shinkansen (aka Bullet) train. The fastest and most convenient. Japanican's Shinkansen plus hotel package could be a good bargain and you might pick the faster Nozomi train option if you like. japanican.com/special/shinkansen/index.aspx…

The JR pass is a good bargain if you travel long distance. If you are making only a return journey to Kyoto from Tokyo, you might choose to go by normal fare or the above package instead.

*** Most destinations in Kyoto are reached by municipally run underground metro and bus that's not covered by JR pass.

2) Night bus. Dozens of operators have buses departing from various places in both cities. It's better to check the specific operators' sites. Generally speaking, most buses will be departing around Tokyo Station and/or Shinjuku Station and will be arriving around Kyoto Station and/or Shijo Karasuma area. Here is one of the popular bus companies: http://willerexpress.com/bus/pc/3/top/

You'd leave before midnight and would be arriving early in the morning.

Most signs indicating directions will have latin script underneath Japanese. Free English language maps would be available at tourist information centers, where people can communicate in English. Many citizens would understand you if you speak slowly, word by word.

I suggest buying an English-language guidebook though at the airport or a bookstore/gift shop in Japan. Checking the official tourist information sites for both cities and printing out could be better, though. Really, the language barrier is not an issue if you don't hesitate to ask for help from a local person.

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8. Re: Tokyo 6 days itinerary for lone traveller

Hi there I stayed at the Tokyo Khaosan hostel and it was excellent. The staff are amazing and will help you plan your itinerary. I did a day tour to fuji and also went to Nikko on my own for the day. You could spend 4 days in tokyo and the rest in Kyoto. Far more impressive and Japans most beautiful town. From here you should do at least a half day trip to Nara and a half day trip to the fushimi inari shrine. There are plenty of temples to keep you busy for at least 3 days. Principle temples are the Kiyumizu dera, Rioanji temple (has beautiful grounds for photography) and next door is the golden temple Kinkakukj. In the evening do check out the Gion area. It is very bustling at night and you will have the opportunity to see some geisha.

jhave a great trip



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9. Re: Tokyo 6 days itinerary for lone traveller

I'm planning a similar solo trip davekiat. Would you mind letting us know how things went when you get back? I hope you're having a great time!

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10. Re: Tokyo 6 days itinerary for lone traveller

A day in Kyoto is really too short. Plenty to see, places to walk and explore, and photos to shoot to cover it in a day. If possible allocate more days for Kyoto or save it for a future trip and just focus this trip to areas close to Tokyo which are also plenty. Kamakura is also nice and will give you plenty of nice autumn photos apart from the parks around Tokyo.

I did a 3D2N stay in Kyoto and then to Hiroshima for 1 night before going back to Kyoto for another 2D1N. I cut short my initial plan of 2 nights in Hiroshima simply because there's so much to see in Kyoto. :)

By the way Kyoto is a really tourist friendly place. Plenty of signboards in English and free maps which were good enough.

Have a good trip. :)