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Advice on Itinerary

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Advice on Itinerary

Here our tentative plan, wondering if anyone has any thoughts:

Day 1 to Day 7


Explore Tokyo with 1 day trip to Nikko

Stay for the duration at Shinjuku Sunlite Hotel

Day 8


Travel by train to Himeji and explore in the afternoon

Stay at either Himeji or Kobe

Day 9


Explore Osaka.

Stay at either Hotel Oaks Shin-Osaka or Metro 21 Hotel

Day 10 - 11


Explore Kyoto.

Stay at Ryokan Kohro

Day 12


Back to Tokyo

Leave Tokyo on Day 13



- Any thoughts on the hotel/ryokan that we're considering?

- Will we have enough time to explore Himeji if we train directly from Tokyo?

- Any advice for some good nightlife in Shinjuku? I'll be going there with my wife, we're in our late 20s, so looking for fun but nothing too wild :)

- If anyone has some "gems" or "secret" spots in the locations above, I'd love to hear about it. I'll explore the standard tourist locations for sure, but wouldn't mind some more non-standard things as well since we've got the time.

- General remarks on the itinerary.

Thanks for all of your help in advance. Extremely appreciated.

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1. Re: Advice on Itinerary

Unless you have business in Tokyo- whay are you staying so long there? You will be missing out on Japan's gems- namely Kyoto and Nara. I highly recommend you shave off a few days off Tokyo and spend at least 3 in Kyoto plus an extra day to see Nara8a short train ride from Kyoto). If you are culture vultures, you simply cannot miss Kyoto. It is also a great place to party at night- lots of great restaurants and places to drink! Also, will you have a railpass? If you do Himeji in the day, why not hop on the SHinkansen and head further west about 30 minutes and you can see Okayama & Kurashiki? Okayama has a cool black castle plus one of the 3 most famous Japanese gardens in Japan(Korakuen). Kurashiki has a very cool historical area, and you could spend the night either in Okayama or Kurashiki.

Vancouver, BC
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2. Re: Advice on Itinerary

Thanks for the quick reply. The reason we're staying so long in Tokyo is we're starting the trip with some friends and for the first 6 days and I don't think they plan to buy the railpass.

My wife and I would go further west once the friends leave.

Didn't even think of Okayama as I was afraid of them being too far away (now that you say an extra 30 mins, I'll check the train schedules again). We'll take a look at that tonight.

As for Nara, I'm afraid it's just another big temple with nothing else around. I've traveled around asia enough to see a lot of big temples, so your advice on Kurashiki and Okayama interests me more.

Again, thanks!!

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3. Re: Advice on Itinerary

There's more info on Kurashiki on my homepage


Just click on the links and look for Kurashiki-related information. Okayama is a medium-sized city and is totally navigatable on foot. The main attractions are within 20 minutes from the station. There is good shopping in the arcades and even under the station. If you hop on the JR Sanyo line (local train, not the shinkansen) it's a 17-minute ride to Kurashiki. There are dozens of hotels so if you wish to stay the night accomodation is no problem. Besides the historical part of town(called the "Bikan-chiku"), there is Tivoli Park immediately behind Kurashiki station. Admission is not cheap- 2000 yen, but if you do your sightseeing by day and want to hit the park at night, it's half price after 5pm. There is also a beer garden(which opens in May) at teh top of the Hotel Kurashiki, in the station building. There is a very nice view of Tivoli park from there and it is lit up at night. (Beer gardens offer all-you-can-eat-and-drink deals for like 3000 yen per person.) What month will you be arriving?

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4. Re: Advice on Itinerary

You might also consider going to Hiroshima for a half day to visit the Peace Park and Museum, then head to Miyajima to spend the night, back to Kyoto the next day.

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5. Re: Advice on Itinerary

Just got back.

2 nights Tokyo, 1 night Hiroshima, 1 night Kyoto and then 1 more night Tokyo.

For me Hiroshima was worth staying a night and I wished in I'd stayed one more in Kyoto.

I'd recommend Time Out travel guide for Tokyo. Shinjuku has many, many places for going out. There are bars everywhere. There is a bar/pub called The Dubliners. A good place to stop for a drink to meet some english speaking people for tips and hints. Plus Shibuya is not too far.

Would write more but big jetlag tonight. What day is it?

Have fun and feel free to ask if you need any questions.

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6. Re: Advice on Itinerary

7 days in Tokyo is PLENTY of time to see the city. I just returned to Texas from a 4 night trip - 3 full days in the city. The Japanese are very friendly people and Tokyo is a very clean city.

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7. Re: Advice on Itinerary

Hi Modena313,

>>> Any advice for some good nightlife in Shinjuku? <<<

Check this out!


If you have 7 days in Tokyo, you may consider spending some nights in Roppongi and Shibuya, where you can find different kind of people and bars/nightclubs from Shinjuku.

Re Roppongi -- virtualtourist.com/travel/Asia/Japan/Tokyo_t…

Re Shibuya -- virtualtourist.com/travel/Asia/Japan/Tokyo_t…

>>> The reason we're staying so long in Tokyo is we're starting the trip with some friends and for the first 6 days and I don't think they plan to buy the railpass. <<<

Have you though about visiting Hakone/Mt. Fuji with your friends? Hakone is part of the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park, less than 100 kilometers from Tokyo, and is very famous for nice "Onsen," hot spring spa. You may be able to see "Mt. Fuji" from Hakone if the weather is nice and clear.

A round trip from Shinjuku to Hakone costs 5,500yen on weekends by Odakyu Hakone Free Pass, or 4,700yen on weekdays by Odakyu Hakone Weekday Pass. Odakyu Hakone Free/Weekday Pass also includes unlimited use of Odakyu affiliated buses, trains, boats, cablecars and ropeways withtin the Hakone free area. If Hakone sounds interesting, please take a look at