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Magellan Sutera - opinions? Can guests use Club facilities?

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Magellan Sutera - opinions? Can guests use Club facilities?

Thinking about the Magellan Sutera and am interested in any first hand opinions. Traveling with family including 3 year old child.

- The Pacific Sutera appears to be a bit cheaper and it's marketed to business travelers - would a family be out of place/uncomfortable there? Any difference in amenities, etc?

- What are prices like in the restaurants that make up this resort complex? Say, if we were to eat lunch at the hotel? I see on most of the reviews of this hotel, the visitors chose to use the shuttle to eat out.

- Are there any other shops, restaurants, food stalls, etc within walking distance? Or is the resort so isolated that our choices are to either go in to town or eat at the resort?

- Finally, does anyone know if Sutera hotel guests can use the club facilities? Most interested in their Olympic sized lap pool for exercise.

Thanks in advance.

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1. Re: Magellan Sutera - opinions? Can guests use Club facilities?

guests at Sutera Harbour have access to all the resort facilities incliuding all pools (at least 5), restaurants, the Marina facilities and restaurants.

I always stay at Pacific and it is not just a business hotel. There are lots of families. The rooms are very good and you can get around the resort on an internal shuttle bus.

The buffets at Cafe Boleah are a thing to behold. Cost about MR40.

A-laCarte are alos available. There are something like 12 restaurants on the resort

There are no shops or restaurants within walking distance but the shuttle bus to KK is free and runs every hour. A taxi costs MR10.

There are lots of restaurants in KK that are good and cheap.

For more detail on prices email sutera@suteraharbour.com.my

On your other posting on weather, The rainfall is high in KK because when it rains it pours. However as other postings have indicated it usually only rains in the morning and evenings. I have never seen it rain all day in 3 trips tp KK and Sabah.

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2. Re: Magellan Sutera - opinions? Can guests use Club facilities?

Hi Mwong3

Bigw is right, the Pacific is more a city style hotel than for the business traveller only, it just happens to be frequented by a lot of business travellers. Families will most certianly NOT be out of place, in fact - as aposed to the Magellan, all areas the Pacific are airconditioned and thus great for chasing after your 3 year old (i have one, I know).

The restaurants in general are reasonably affordable, except perhaps Ferdinand's and Spice Island. But they're classified as 'fine dining' restaurants, but the food is worth what you pay. And yeah, no matter if you stay in Magellan or Pacific, you have access to everything in the rest of the resort with cross-signing facilities to your room on everything.

To give you an idea, Cafe Boleh has a daily lunch buffet at RM 52 (excluding tax and service fee) - on Saturday and Sunday that have a sprawling High Tea Buffet (and it comes out of the restaurant into the lobby) at RM38++ per person. The best thing is, your 3 year old gets it FOC.

As for walking distance shops, well, depends on how much of a walker you are. About 12 minutes walk from the Pacific's door, is Sembulan. There is a selection of Malay Restaurants here, and to the right in Grace Square there are some more restaurants. Not anything near 5*, but very local and an experience in itself. But if you're not a walker, it might be a bit too far for you. There's a decent selection of restaurants around KK itself, so a RM10 taxi ride away is more choices than you can shake your wallet at.

Finally, the Olympic Sized pool is at the Marina Club, which is halfway between the Pacific and Magellan and about 6 minutes walk from either. There is also a nice kiddies pool with two slides just adjacent, so whilst the Mrs. and Jr. is entertained in that pool, you can stroke it out in the OS pool. And it's all part of your stay.

Also, pertaining to your other post - during those random showers of rain, there is plenty to occupy you and your 3 year old. Bowling for instance, but also 1 of 2 kiddies clubs and a rec room with electronic games.

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3. Re: Magellan Sutera - opinions? Can guests use Club facilities?

Already booked Magellan Sutera hotel in late Oct and are going there for holiday with my family.

Questions asked by mwong3 and related replies from bigw and eastofest are very informative and helpful to me. Since I will have a 2.5 yr old little kid and a 68 yr old mom, I will have the following concerns:

1) My kid like rice or bread if he dine out, which restauranst will have rice or bread?

2) If my live in Magellan, which block/wing should I choose so we will near to swimming pool?

3) I checked KK weather, it seems it will rain in Sept, so what's weather in Oct, will it always rain? If rain, will the temp drop? Do I need to pack thick cloth for my kid, or I just need to take some Summer cloth is enough?

4) Is the air-conditioning very cold at room?

5) If we want to eat out, other than hotel, any restarurant suggested nearby?

6) Apart from staying at hotel, any other activities suggested? But need to be suitable to take a 2.5 yr old kid and a 68 yr old mom with me and my husband.

7) Any massage in Magellan? Will try to sneak out when my kid takes a nap in afternoon. Is it good or expensive?

8)Finally, any mosquto or fly in Magellan. Do I need to take anti-mosquto spray?

Sorry so much questions. As there is a 2.5yr old kid and 68 yr old mom, I will have more concerns than usual.

Thanks so much in advance.

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4. Re: Magellan Sutera - opinions? Can guests use Club facilities?

Hi Dlok,

Welcome to Sabah (soon).

1) The restaurant at the Magellan that serves your breakfast, Five Sails, has very varied buffets in the morning and caters to western and asian tastes, which means they have bread, noodles and yes, even rice in the mornings.

Most outlets will have bread any time of the day and I think you'll find at least one rice items on the menu of most outlets, but Five Sails, Spice Island at the Marina Club, Cafe Boleh and Silk Garden at the Pacific Sutera will all have as many rice dishes as you like. Even the outlets I didn't mention would probably have rice and bread and if they don't on the menu, the Chef would happily put something together for you, just ask.

2) To be close to the pools, you should stay in the Marina Wing, rooms with numbers starting with a 6. It's a good question as the Magellan is quite expansive. The Marina Wing is close to both the pools at the Magellan and the nearby Marina Club (3 pools including a kiddies fun pool and an olympic sized lap pool). This will also put you close to the Magellan's games room and the kiddies club.

3) For the temperature to drop in KK is not a bad thing, because it's always hot and humid, but when the weather turns rainy, the temperature becomes quite comfortable at around 28 degrees or so. In September we had a few rainy days, but none of them were all-day rainy days - the rains comes and goes in the mornings and late afternoons, so won't spoil your day. The same is expected for October. I would recommend bringing some light long sleeve items for junior - although it won't get cold as you know it, it might cool down enough to want to wear something a little warmer. But one or two items will suffice.

4) The air-con can be ver cold, but you can adjust it to a suitable temperature. Usually housekeeping will asume you prefer the room to be cool (as outside is hot), so they turn down the aircon to about 23 degrees. It's adjustable though.

5) 10 minutes by taxi is the whole of KK, so it depends on what type of food you enjoy. There are plenty of seafood restaurants, one near Wawasan which is big and popular, once in the Waterfront area and one on the other side of town, called Port View or something similar. There are also many Chinese restaurant, lots of Malay restaurants, Thai, Japanese, Italian, Vietnamese, McDonalds, Burger King, KFC, you name it, you'll find it.

For a special treat, there is also the Atmosphere restaurant ontop of the Sabah Foundation Building. Borneo's only rotating restaurant serving contemporary western style (mostly) food. Probably about a RM20 taxi ride (on the other side of the bay past KK town itself) and the taxi driver will know where it is.

6) The hotel itself has many activities for the little one. Apart from that, my 3 year old enjoys going to Centrepoint - there's a lot of space to run around and there are few game arcades with pay-per-ride toys and little cars and trains. You can also go out to the islands and wade in the water - just off the beach you might find some fish if you have some bread, but on the jetties the fish I'm sure will amaze both parents and child. You can also walk on the beach.

At night, just before sunset you can try the Tanjung Aru beach area (RM10 taxi from Sutera Harbour Resort) - there are some formalised hawker stalls there with plenty to eat (even rice and bread) and a long stretch of beach with lots of interesting beach life, human and otherwise. Nice for junior to run around and get his feet wet and Grandma can also take a leisurely stroll. Best sunsets as from there the sun sets right between the islands.

7) There are two spas at the Sutera Harbour Resort. The Mandara Spa is located at the Magellan and the smaller, Bodysenses by Mandara is located at the Pacific. At the Mandara Spa prices range from RM 170 for a 50 minute treatment up to flag ship massage, the Ultimate Indulgence, which like the name suggests, is two and half hours of pure pampering with the works, at RM 750 (ringgit). Gives you and idea. At the Body Senses the treaments are slightly varied and prices are a bit lower. Well worth it. And if junior doens't want to take a nap, there is always the Little Magellan Kids club that will entertain him for an hour or so while you spend some Me Time. I've had the priveledge of having a few session at both spa's and I can vouch for the quality. Bliss.

8) You may find the odd mozzy when you venture to the outer edges of the property, but in your usual comings and goings you will not encounter mozzies or flies and certainly not in your room. If you do venture out at night though, again, for your little one's benefit you might want to bring some along, but usually this isn't a problem.

You can ask away, we love to help. I think you've chosen a great location for your holiday. Sabah has plenty to offer for young and old and at the Sutera Harbour Resort all ages will be entertained.

If you need more info (!) please do shout :o)

See you soon.

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5. Re: Magellan Sutera - opinions? Can guests use Club facilities?

My son and I stayed at Pacific Sutera last week and enjoyed it while friends stayed at Magellin and also enjoyed it.

The two hotels are separated by the marina and it is a 15-20 min walk between them or you can get a shuttle between them, just ask at consierge.

All facilities are able to be used by all guests, including the club and golf course, any of the 15 restaurants and all of the pools.

The rooms were similar, Pacific slightly bigger.

We ate at the hotel only once. Seafood buffet cost 160 ringit for the 2 of us but eating in the city average was 20-30 ringit for 2 of us.

The resort is not exactly isolated but it is too far to walk to city. Free shuttle runs on the hour and 4 drop off points in the city or you can take a taxi for 10 ringit. Taxi anywhere in KK is 10 ringit

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6. Re: Magellan Sutera - opinions? Can guests use Club facilities?

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has answered this post. The information has been great. A special thankyou to EastofWest for your detailed information. Our family (extended -including 7 adults and 4 children - ranging in age from 70 yrs to 10 yrs) will be travelling at Christmas time and the info posted has been a great help. Thanks very much everyone.

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7. Re: Magellan Sutera - opinions? Can guests use Club facilities?

Woohoo Njay - do give us a heads up when you're coming. Sabah is close to my heart, I'm foreign but have family here, so to tell people about what this great place has to offer is really a labour of love.

Any questions, you know the place :o)

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8. Re: Magellan Sutera - opinions? Can guests use Club facilities?

Last year in November, I stayed at the Magellan with my children, both under twelve years. I was not charged for their breakfast. This year I am planning to go back but when making reservations, I was told that I will be charged for their breakfast. I am puzzled. Have thye changed their policy? Any advice would be greatly welcomed.

Many thanks in advance.

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9. Re: Magellan Sutera - opinions? Can guests use Club facilities?

Hi Cushy94,

Not sure about a policy change, but if the child is aged 6 and not yet 12, they pay half-price, and if they're younger than 6 they a free with the paying adult.

On your previous trip, were your kids were younger than 6? Anyway, so if your kids are not yet 12, then they should only be charged half for the buffet breakfast / lunch / dinner.

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10. Re: Magellan Sutera - opinions? Can guests use Club facilities?

Hi Eastofwest,

Thank you for the prompt response. Much appreciated.

One was four and the other was ten and both were included in the paying adults, last year. This year, I will pay for for one child.

As you suggested, I have also requested a room on the Marina Wing which is closer to the Kiddies Club. The Habour Wing room we stayed in last year, was at the far end and was nice and quiet. I hope the Marina Wing one would not be noisy, especially with the evening live band sessions at the Lobby Lounge. I guess that I would appreciate the quietness more that anything else on a holiday.

Would you be able to share any experiences? Thanks again.