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First time in Reunion Island

Dear friends,

This is our first time in reunion island. We did not know anyone. We struggle a bit until the owner of the lodge came to our rescue.

I would like to give you few tips to start your planning.

First you must plan what you going to do and where. Book your hotel where your activities will be. Most important book a car rental if you kno how to drive on the left hand side of the car on the right hand side of the road.

Taxi are very expensive. Book your car from airport itself and back to airport to return.

Download on your mobile as it is an offline way to navigate anywhete on the island. Bring your charger wis you french socket (2 pins) bring extra usb adaptor as u can keep ur fone charging in the car.

If you want to do volcano or any mountainous location leave your hotel early to avoid disappointment as you will see nothing as clouds will be everywhere.

Sundays and public holidays do your shopping before 1145 am. Food hunt in the evening start early if u decide to eat out.

Well well send me a message if you need any help.

Bon voyage