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Direct bus/Minivan runs between Guilin and Pingan/Dazhai

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Direct bus/Minivan runs between Guilin and Pingan/Dazhai

Due to more and more travelers concern about the bus transfer from Guilin to Pingan/Dazhai, I also visited Longji rice terrace a few times this year, I found there are some drivers operated some direct buses or Minivans run between Guilin and Pingan/Dazhai everyday. They only charge 40rmb for each person for this direct bus/minivan transfer service. So I think it’s a very good news for western tourists.

At present, This direct transfer service frequently open to Chinese tourists in most cases. Because most of the drivers can only speaking Chinese, So it's hardly to make a reservation with the driver directly by phone in advance. The bus usually contains 19 seats, The Minivan usually belong to 7 seats Minivan, 11 seats Minivan and 14 seats Minivan (depend on the the number of tourists).It runs approx 2.5hours from Guilin to Pingan/Dazhai or vice versa.

The time schedule for bus/Minivan runs between Guilin and Pingan/Dazhai as follows;

1. Guilin train station - Pingan entrance

Depart from Guilin train station square to Pingan entrance:

In the morning: 09:00 a.m 10:00 a.m

In the afternoon:14:00 p.m

Return to Guilin train staion from Pingan entrance

In the morning: 10:00 a.m 12:00 a.m

In the afternoon: 14:00 p.m

2.Guilin train station - Dazhai entrance

Depart from Guilin train station square to Dazhai entrance

In the morning: 08:30 a.m 09:00 a.m

In the afternoon: 14:00 p.m

Return to Guilin train staion from Dazhai entrance

In the morning: 11:30 a.m

In the afternoon: 12:30 p.m 16:30 p.m

According to TA Guidelines, Any potential commercial contact info is not possible to post in this forum, So if someone are interested in this direct transfer service or want to know more details, Please send me a private message through TA.

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41. Re: Direct bus/Minivan runs between Guilin and Pingan/Dazhai

I believe, RMB400 is the PRIVATE van which will pick you up from your hotel in Guilin to Dazhai at your preferred time, no other passenger. This is per car/van. We have had the private van from Dazhai to Yanshuo at the cost of RMB600.

RMB40 or 50 is per person and that is departed from Guilin station at about 8:00am. You will be on the van/shuttle with other people. This is a non-stop service as well.

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42. Re: Direct bus/Minivan runs between Guilin and Pingan/Dazhai

Anyone know if there are a bus from Guilin to Dazhai more then once a day?


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43. Re: Direct bus/Minivan runs between Guilin and Pingan/Dazhai

Many buses from guilin qintan bus station to longsheng bus station.if you wish to visit rice terrace ,you could stop Heping town on the way .then catch the second bus from heping to dazhai or pingan village.

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44. Re: Direct bus/Minivan runs between Guilin and Pingan/Dazhai

There should be nonstop.bus operated by guesthouses of Longshen perhaps starting from guilin train station. You could contact any of those gusthpuses for detail.

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45. Re: Direct bus/Minivan runs between Guilin and Pingan/Dazhai

I am also planning a trip from Guilin to Dazhai for the end of May 2013. Is the following accurate:

1. There is only 1 direct bus/mini van that leaves Guilin railway station at 8:30am for Dazhai

2. There is only 1 direct bus/mini van that leaves Dazhai for Guilin at 11:30 am

3. All other times, one must transfer at Heping or Longsheng.

If it is possible to book other direct shuttles thru hotels/hostels or if there is a reasonably priced car/taxi service, please advise.

Keller, Texas
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46. Re: Direct bus/Minivan runs between Guilin and Pingan/Dazhai

hi jack,so you say that someone can get from Guilin to Pingan or Dazhai and back to Guilin in one day ?

via a mini bus from the train station? that would be just what my daughter and I would like to do.

any advice on a bamboo boat trip down the river for the next day,

we will be in Guilin on the 12th n 13th of June

thanks jim

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47. Re: Direct bus/Minivan runs between Guilin and Pingan/Dazhai

Hi Jim,You can get more details from the local hostel via


Their staff are all good at written English and oral English. Have a wonderful time in Guilin!

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48. Re: Direct bus/Minivan runs between Guilin and Pingan/Dazhai

Hi, Jack, I plan to go to Pingan from Guilin Train station, other than Pingan Vilage, do Longji Zhuang village and Huanglo Yao Village worth to visit ? I would like to spend 3 days 2 nights there. Can you advise where to visit ? From the bus stop at Pingan, do we have to walk a lot to the hotel uphills ?


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49. Re: Direct bus/Minivan runs between Guilin and Pingan/Dazhai

Hi ammieang

Before I respond, I want to point out that I do NOT intend to tout any tour business through this forum. As with all TA members, I’m a member just like you, who volunteers my time assisting fellow members.

Firstly, As to various venues in Longji rice terraces area.

It’s really a little bit difficult to explain it clearly. Actually, You can search “ Longji map” through Google Images.Then, it’s very easy to understand the direction, location and distance among these venues by checking these detailed maps.

Secondly,Where to go and to see in Longji rice terraces scenic area.

At present, There are three parts of major rice terraces with its affiliated village in the entire Longji rice terraces scenic area. There are Longji rice terraces(Ping’an Zhuang village),Longji old Zhuang village(contain its nearby rice terraces) and Jinkeng rice terraces(Dazhai Yao village) available in the entire Longji rice terraces scenic area. Other local minority villages such as Jinzhu Zhuang village,Huangluo Yao village ect. There arere all located on the way to Ping’an Zhuang village or Dazhai Yao village. These villages have been becoming very commercialized, If you are not hiring a private car to visit Longji rice terraces, You don’t need to make extra efforts and spend extra money to have a short visit in these touristy villages. No regret at all even if you miss them. The fact is that you can see long-hair Yao ladies in Ping’an village and even meet them again while hiking through the rice terraces path. Long-Hair show business is everywhere in Longji rice terraces scenic area if there is a chance.

Longji rice terraces and its affiliated Ping’an Zhuang village has been becoming very famous and popular all along as it’s easier to get there from Guilin as well as easier to reach its two lookouts on foot. Of course, Just many TA members mentioned, There are also many regular organized tour groups visit Longji rice terrace(Ping’an Zhuang village) everyday. So It could be very busy and crowded at 11:30-15:00 wherever wandering in the Ping’an village or hiking along the rice terraces path. Because It’s just 25minutes-30minutes climb up to the Ping’an village along the stone steps from Ping’an parking lot. If your are travel with a big family (mixed with Young kids and Senior people) .Also, if you are not a good hiker or not in good physical condition, Stay in Ping’an village could be a very good decision. Remember! It not always being busy and crowded caused by the tour groups. You can still enjoy the peaceful ambiance and amazing rice terraces view in Ping’an Zhuang village while most of tourists are gone. That would be happen at 6am-9am and 5pm-7pm in Ping’an village.

Longji old Zhuang village or named Longji ancient Zhuang village, It’s an another local minority village which officially open to the tourists since from June,2012. Mabye its nearby rice terrace landscape is not as beautiful as Ping’an village and Dazhai village. But,Longji old Zhuang village is for sure the biggest minority village compare to Ping’an and Dazhai. I mean the biggest, It contain the amount of local people and their wooden houses among these three villages.

Despite the less beautiful rice terraces view in Longji old Zhuang village, There are some other advantages regarding Longji old Zhuang village.

i). There are almost 300 households and 1300people living in this village. Longji old Zhuang village contain three major big clans which their family names are Mr.Liao,Mr.Hou and Mr.Pan. These three major big clans and its affiliated households gathered at the different parts of the mountain slope. Compare to Ping’an village and Dazhai village, Most of the local people are still very hospitable and not deeply effected by the tourism business so far. Though We know that it has been changing since it open to the tourists the first day.

ii). There are some old wooden houses (over 100years) still Well-preserved in Longji old Zhuang village,And the local people still stay in these old houses. It’s very interesting to discover their various antique furnitures, groceries and farming tools in their old houses. Of course, The owner may also invite you to have a taste their homemade green tea or sticky rice wine. Have a sit as well as have a warm chat with their family. Insight into their daily lifestyle, folk custom and culture. Really an authentic travel experience. BTW,As the tourists used to rashly enter into their private house, A small donation(10-20RMB) give to their family could be a very good way to repay their hospitality.

iii).Longji old Zhuang village is closer to Ping’an village, There is a new well paved hiking path connect Ping’an village and Longji old Zhuang village. As Ping’an village has a higher elevation than Longji old Zhuang village, So it’s could easier hike to Longji old Zhuang village from Ping’an Zhuang village through this downhill path. Usually, It’s 40minutes hiking from Ping’an village to Longji old Zhuang village. It takes 1hour hiking back to Ping’an village through the same uphill path. If you stay two nights in Ping’an village, Also if you are not able to(Or not willing to) spend approx 5 hours exhausted trekking from Ping’an to Dazhai through a tough as well as twisting mountain trail. It’s a wised decision to hike to Longji old Zhuang village and return. It couldn’t be better.

Although There are already many glowing feedback regarding the hiking trip from Dazhai to Ping’an or from Ping’an to Dazahi. But I thought their compliments are speaking to the same sort of hikers. Not the common sightseeing tourists. Make sure check more pictures of the actual hiking route and road condition before you start. Otherwise, you will feel very regret due to your imprudent decision. Absolutely not to think about the hiking trip from Ping’an to Dazhai or from Dazhai to Ping’an if it’s rainy very heavy or too much heat that day. Too much risk and dangerous caused by the landslides or suffering sunstroke along the way. It’s very difficult for other people to rescue the tourists in the remote mountain area.

Thirdly, As to book the direct bus ticket/seat from Guilin train staion to Ping’an/Dazhai or From Ping’an/Dazhai back to Guilin train station , The best options is that you had better to prebook the direct bus ticket/seat through your hostel in Guilin or Longji in advance at least one day. I don’t’ recommend the tourists to take any chance to catch up with the intraday direct bus no matter how much enough time you have.

Hope it’s helpful to you and other confused TA members.

Jack Zhou

Alor Setar, Malaysia
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50. Re: Direct bus/Minivan runs between Guilin and Pingan/Dazhai

Hi.. Jackzhou,

We (2 people) will be arriving at the Guilin Airport on Sept at 10.25 A.M.

In order to get bus from Guilin train station to Dazhai, any advice how to reach Guilin train station from Guilin airport.

Thank you very much.

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