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MUST EAT - which food?

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MUST EAT - which food?

Ok peepz.... need to list the yummy must-try/must-eat Malaysian food while in KL.

No western food please.


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1. Re: MUST EAT - which food?

I suspect you are going to get a lot of replies to your post...malaysian are crazy about food!

Anyway, my Top 5 would be:

1) Satay - skewered barbecued meat eaten with peanut sauce / cucumber & onions (Malay origin)

2) Roti Canai - indian flatbread, usually eaten at breakfast with either fish curry or lentils (dhall). (Indian origin)

3) Laksa - many varieties : Penang or Assam, Lemak or Nyonya, Johor, Kelantan or Sarawak versions. Basically rice or wheat noodles in gravy. (Malay / Chinese origin)

4) Char Kueh Teow - Flat noodles fried with bean sprouts and cockles. Penang version is supposed to be the best. (Chinese origin)

5) Yong Tau Foo - Vegetables and bean curds stuffed with meat paste and cooked in a boiling broth. (Chinese origin)

This list will soon be superseded by others I'm sure...

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2. Re: MUST EAT - which food?

Durians - sharp pointed hard spikes. Green. Has a really pungent odor. Not for everybody, but is the king of fruits in this part of the world.

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3. Re: MUST EAT - which food?

Bah kuh teh...

This is the spareribs with chinese herbs soup... yummy..

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4. Re: MUST EAT - which food?

Hi coolitz

a)Hokkien mee(stewed wheat noodle with mixed meat +veggie in soya bean sauce)

b)Kon Lou Mee or Wantan mee(noodle in soya sauce)+BBQ meat

c)Home make noodle>>Pan mee

semi machine make in flat noodles or irregular shaped hand made


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5. Re: MUST EAT - which food?

I created this for the Penang Forum - hope you find it useful:

Malaysia Food Descriptions.

Food in South East Asia crosses borders and regions. Dishes change – the name is the same. Or the name changes but the dish is the same.

Char = fried

Th’ng = soup

Ah Thooi Mee Suah Vermicelli with Duck Drumstick soup

Ban Chean Kuih Chinese Pancake

Beef Koay Teow Glutinous Flat Noodles in Beef Soup

Beef Ball Noodle Soup – can also be had as a dry dish with noodles.

Beef Noodle Soup – similar to the above but can be served with Flat Glass Noodles and either Beef balls, beef brisket, beef slices

Beef Rendang (Malay Spiced Coconut Beef) - The meat is coated with tangy spices and simmered after dousing it with rich coconut cream.

Bah Kut Teh is a Chinese herbal claypot stew which has pork, tau kua, mushrooms and even intestines. It is eaten with white rice or yam rice often accompanied by yu char koay.

Bubur Cha Cha is cold desert of coconut based soup with cut pieces of boiled sweet potato, tapioca and other ingredients like jelly, beans, etc. An excellent dish to refresh the mouth after spicy food.

Char Tung Hoon friend glass noodles

Char Hor Fun/ Wat Tan Hor flat rice noodles & vermicelli with shrimp, pork, scallops & pieces of fish cake in a chicken broth. With egg in KL.

Char Koay Teow Stir-fried rice noodles with succulent morsels of clams, shrimps, sweet red chinese sausages, bean

Chee Cheong Choke Pork entrail broth The entrails are cleaned and fried crispy, the white ones are boiled. They are served with bbq pork or char siew. It may sound gross, but it tastes good, especially the crispy parts

Clay Pot Noodles noodles or rice cooked in a clay pot with chicken, an egg

Chee Cheong Fan (or, Fun) a simple light meal. It is basically rolls of flat rice nodles eaten with shrimp paste, belacan and chilly with a sprinkling of sesame seed.

Chendol shaved ice, coconut milk, starch noodles with green food colouring (usually sourced from the pandan leaf) and palm sugar, red beans, glutinous rice, grass jelly & creamed corn. YUMMY.

Chicken Rice (Hainan)

Cuttle Fish & Kang Kong popular Penang side dish of steamed, sliced, grated cuttle fish with a local vegetable called "kang kong" (convolvulus) with a garnish of grounded groundnut and sweet and spicy hot sauce.

Curry Mee known as Laksa in KL - Yellow Round Noodles in Curry Gravy with cockles, prawns, cuttle fish, pig's blood, toupok – LOTS of different varieties available.

Cucur Udang is a popular Malay - You select your choice of skewers of different fried skewers of prawn fritters, meatballs, bean curd, vegetabels which is then cut into bite size pieces and covered with a special sweet sauce with spicy chilly sauce as condiment.

Coffee Shop Drinks

Skyjuice - which is nothing else but plain water

Teh Tarik Peng – tea with ice

Teh Oh Peng or Teh Si Peng Iced Tea - One of the cheapest and refreshing drinks you can order at a coffee shop. Costs about RM0.90

Kopi - coffee

Teh Tarik A local favourite at mamak stalls, this tea is pulled...tarik through the air to aerate it and give it that bubbly consistency. If you want more zing to it, ask for Teh Tarik Halia (with added ginger) or Teh Tarik Susu Lembu (made with unpasteurised fresh cows milk!). Costs about RM0.70 to RM1.00

Fresh Coconut Fresh coconut water can be found around Penang. You can get it from Waterfal Gardens, Abu Siti Lane and along the roadside. Costs about RM2.50

Hot Tea with Condensed Milk Or simply "Teh" is a breakfast favorite. Costs about 80 cents but the quality varies in each coffee shop.

Kopi Peng/ Kopi Oh Peng Iced Coffee Penang Syle thick aromatic local coffee is delicious and aromatic. Cost about rm1.00

"Nes Peng" - Nescafe ice

Dim Sum char siew bao - roasted meat bun, har kow - prawn dumpling and siew mai - pork dumpling

Duck Noodles

'Economy rice' is a variety of chinese-home-cooked-style dishes of egg tau fo, veggies, chicken, etc. It is the cheaper chinese version of the Nasi Kandar from the Indian-Muslim restaurants.

Ewe Char Koay or Yau Zha Gwai or You Tiao is Cantonese doughnut usually eaten for breakfast with coffee, or as a condiment for congee. It is shaped like a pair of chopsticks, stuck together.

Fried Fish Bee Hoon/ Soup fried fish soaked in the soup has a nice texture. The soup is a gingery chicken and fish stock.

Fish Head Beehoon

Fried noodles in tomato sauce - a starchy soup cooked with tomato sauce spread over the fried noodles

Fried Rice: Simple rice fried with a garnish of belacan (shrimp paste), kiam hu (dried salted fish), egg, and prawns. Lots of other choices available. Many different varieties.


Mangoes are a favourite as they are so sweet and colourful. A local "pencuci mulut" or literally to wash the mouth ie. Dessert. Serve chilled. There are many types of mangos and all have a slightly different shape and taste. There are many ways to enjoy mangoes. These mango slices are sprinkled with asam and sugar spices wwo give it an extra tangy taste.

Dokong There are many types, the langsat, dokong and duku langsat. It has a sweet,mildly sappy flesh.

Lychees are not a local Malaysian fruit, they are commonly imported from China and sold here. Sweet and juicy

Pomalos are like big oranges. It has a very special sweet taste however its hard to get a good pomalo. Do not buy the ones with the red colouring as they are bitter. Get the pale white coloured ones. Best just to ask the seller to let you try a slice first.

Durians One thing peculiar to Malaysia is the Durian, the reputable King of Fruits. It's thorny exterior protects a yellow creamy flesh not unlike custard except for it's overpowering smell. You either love it or hate it. The says is “Smells like hell, Tastes like Heaven”

Mangosteens: June is the season for Mangosteens Firstly it is the purple cardboard like skin that you have to crush between your palms to open. Careful as the purple stains are difficult to remove. Then it reveals its moist white flesh in segments lie an orange inside. The taste is hard to describe. It has that tangy slightly sour bite of pineapples with a milky sweetness.

Goreng Pisang – Banana Fritters

Hokkien Mee known as Prawn Mee in KL - Yellow Round Noodles in Prawn Soup. Garnishes on top thin slices of prawn, pork, egg and vegetables (kang kong and bean sprouts) and fried garlic and a spoonful of optionaly chilly paste to taste.

Hokkien Char Stir fried noodles in soya sauce and seafood

Hoo Wan Tung Hoon glass noodles with fish ball, soup

Ipoh Koay Teow bean sprout chicken

Ikan Panggang -BBQ Grilled Fish - choose fresh fish and stingray (han gar)

Jagung - A popular snack is steamed corn or "jagung". You can eat it out of a corn off the cob or from a cup of corn kernels with melted margarine or butter.

Joo Hoo Eng Chai cuttle fish and vegetable)

Koay Chiap thick glutinous noodles with duck meat soup

Koay Teow Th'ng fresh flat rice noodles are served in a clear soup broth, topped with fish balls, slices of pork, chicken, golden brown garlic bits and chopped spring onions

Kolo Mee (noodles) - dry or in soup

Koay Kak Fried Steamed Glutinous Rice Cubes

Kuching Laksa - a spicy and herbal rice noodles dish laced with beansprouts, chicken and prawns in coconut gravy.

Kuih Udang - Deep Fried Prawn Cake (sort of like a fish cake)

Lekor fried fish cakes

Laksa Large Round White Noodles in Fish Gravy: Assam Laksa - sourish variety; Siam Laksa - spicy hot variety

Lok Lok skewered seafood dipped in boiling pot of water, served with gravy

Loh Mee (Lam Mee) a special mee in sticky starchy sauce mixed with chilly and fried shallots. Can be salty.

Lobak (say LOR-BAHK) - rolls of pork wrapped with bean curd skin and deep fried until crispy. Lobak is usually paired with its crispy companions of prawn fritters, fish fritters, octopus, fried beancurd, spring rolls and cucumber with chili and gravy for dipping (see next entry).

Loh Bak a mixture of food you can pick which will be quickly deep fried for you as a side dish. You can pick from prawn cakes, cuttlefish, 100 year old eggs, yam, fish or chicken etc. It comes with 2 dips, a chilly dip and a loh/starch dip.

Mee Rebus yellow noodles in a special gravy. A twist of lime adds a tangy taste

Mee Jawa is literally "Noodle of Java". The origin is from Indonesia but it has been localized and is a popular dish amongst Malays and non-Malays. Basically, a plate of the yellow color "mee" noodle with a special "bit sourish" gravy. Garnishes of sliced prawn and boiled egg.

Nasi Lemak a traditional breakfast dish - rice is soaked in rich coconut cream and then the mixture is steamed. Other herbs such as ginger and lemon grass may also be added. Comes as a platter with cucumber slices, small dried anchovies (ikan bilis), roasted peanuts, stir fried water convolvulus (kangkong), hard boiled egg, pickled vegetables (achar) and hot spicy sauce (sambal). Can also come with any other accompaniments such as chicken, cuttlefish, cockle, beef curry

Nasi Goreng Pataya Pataya Fried Rice. It is basically fried rice wrapped in an omelet served with a side dish of fried chicken

O' Chien or Orr Chien - Oyster Omelette

Penang Hokkien Mee - A variant of the prawn noodle soup served in Singapore. The Penang version is more rustic and ingredients are more plentiful - egg noodles doused in stock made from fresh and dried prawns, pork bones and croutons of pork. It is then garnished with prawns, eggs, leafy water convolous ( crunchy local greens) pork ribs, crisp deep-fried shallots and served with a side of chilli sambal.

Popiah Mixed Vegetables and Crabmeat in Thin Pancake Covering – a bit like a spring roll - but not deep fried.

Pan Mee Noodles thick freshly made flat noodles make this dish special – a soupy breakfast with hand made noodles. The fried anchovies (ikan bilis) lend an interesting texture and salty taste to the dish.

Pasembur 2 types of pasembur in Penang. The Chinese one is a vegetarian salad dish drenched in a sweet potato dressing. It also contains shredded turnip? Cucumber and jellyfish. The Indian pasembur consists of different fried food like crab, prawns or sotong covered with a special satay like sauce. Pasembor or "Cher Hu" literally raw fish in Chinese dialect is a salad version of cucumbers, mengkuang (a kind of turnip) and different vegetables that are cut up and sliced and laden with special sauce.

Putu Mayang An Indian dessert made from freshly steamed rice flour that looks like a net. This is eaten (use your fingers) with fresh grated coconut and brown sugar.

Rojak cut fruits in prawn paste – numerous varieties

ROTI in a mamak shop, it will be understood to mean "Roti Canai". Or ask for "Roti Kosong" (Empty bread) and you will get the same thing. If you want your roti canai crispy, ask it to be done "garing". If you ask for "Roti Banjir" (flooded bread!), the roti canai will be shredded up into bite-size pieces and drenched with a mixture of fish curry and dhall.

Roti Bawang (with onions), Roti Telur Bawang (with egg and onions), Roti Planta (with ghee margarine), Roti Boom (similar to roti planta but smaller size and thicker)

Roti Tisu (paper thin type), Murtabak ayam (chicken) or Murtabak daging (beef)

Roti Jala--means "net bread" - lacy and net like pancakes/crepes are very popular during the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan.

Sar Hor Fun Fried Glutinous Flat Noodles and Beehoon with Pork and Seafood

Sambal: spicey hot sauce accompanies lots of dishes. Conatins prawn paste

Satay barbequed skewered meat - Pork, Chicken served with a spicy peanut sauce that may contain prawn paste

Sup Kambing Mutton/Goat & Onion Soup

Sup Torpedo Bull's Penis Soup.

Tang Hoon is a soup of vermicelli noodle and fish ball. Vemicelli is a transparent thin rice noodle also called "dong fen" in China or "glass noodle" in Thailand. The key ingredient is the quality of the fish ball

Wantan Mee Thin Round Yellow Noodles with Prawn Dumplings - Soup or Dried variety

Won Ton (dumpling)Noodles Springy egg noodles served with dumplings made from savory minced meat,coarsely diced shrimp, finely minced ginger, finely minced onions, sesame oil and soya sauce.

Yang Tau Foo, a Chinese Hakka dish - The basic type is the finely minced pork stuffed in a white bean curd (tofu). It is cooked in hot water and served in a soup. Then it is eaten dipped with chilly or tomato or soya sauce. There are now many varieties including stuffings into different vegetables like "Lady's fingers", brinjal, chilly, bitter gourd.

Other additions are all kinds of fish, squid, beef or pork meatballs and fresh leafy vegetables and slices of cuttlefish, coagulated cubes of chicken blood, etc.

Zuk or zhou is congee - rice porridge that comes with various ingredients like fish slices, chicken breast, eggs and minced pork. Mui is the Teochew version of rice porridge.


Mee Goreng/Mee Rebus Fried/Boiled Round Yellow Noodles

Mee Rebus yellow noodles in a special gravy. A twist of lime adds a tangy taste

Murtabak Indian 'roti' (bread) filled with minced mutton or chicken over hot plate

Nasi Kandar

Pasembor various fried seafood in water chestnut salad – Indian and Chinese variety

Roti Canai bread with curry sauce etc

Tandoori Chicken tender chicken pieces coated in spices and baked in the Tandoor Oven. Served with nan bread and a selection if dips.

Thosai. a rolled up pancake made from yoghurt and can be made with onions or egg. To be eaten with a light curry or yoghurt dip.


Apam Balik a bread like puff with sugar, corn, and coarse nut in the middle.

Ayam Masak Merah (Red-Cooked Chicken) - Chicken pieces are pan fried a golden brown and cooked in a spicy tomato sauce.

Ayam Percik grilled chicken with spicy sauce

Beef Rendang (Malay Spiced Coconut Beef) - The meat is coated with tangy spices and simmered after dousing it with rich coconut cream.

Ikan Bakar grilled or BBQ fish with either chilli, turmeric or other spice based sauce

Midin - a type of cripsy jungle fern, is the most sought after local vegetable dish while eating out in Kuching. When it is cooked with belachan (a shrimp paste), the aroma is astounding and irresistable

Nasi Lemak rice cooked with coconut milk and served with anchovies, roasted nuts, cucumbers,a slice of egg, a chili paste known as sambal and a choice of curries & rendang

Nasi Berlauk plain rice with a variety of dishes

Nasi Dagabg is the Nasi Lemak of east coast Peninsula Malaysia, in the state of Terengganu and Kelantan.

Nasi Kerabu is a type of rice which is blue in colour dyed by a kind of blue flower originated in Kelantan state.

Nasi Paprik originated from southern Thailand, rice with chicken.

Nasi Goreng fried rice flavored with pounded fried fish

Lontong yellowish creamy soup mixed with mee hun and ketupat.

Soto Soup with mee hun or ketupat

Pulut glutinous rice with either rendang or coconut and brown sugar

Serunding shredded meat in a type floss with spices.

Sambal: spicey hot sauce accompanies lots of dishes. Conatins prawn paste

Sambal Udang (Spicy Prawns) - Prawns or shrimps are cooked with belachan and garlic, chillies, tomatoes and tamarind paste.

Umei - a spicy salad of raw marinated fish, limes and shallots is the traditional dish of the Native Melanau people


Nyonya food was invented by the Peranakan people of Malaysia and Singapore. It uses mainly Chinese ingredients but blends them with South-East Asian spices such as coconut milk, lemon grass, turmeric, screwpine leaves, chillies and sambal

Asam Laksa A bowl of thick white rice noodles served in a soup made of fish meat, tamarind, onion, basil, pineapple and cucumber in slices.

Laksa Lemak is a type of laksa served in a rich coconut gravy.

Perut Ikan is a spicy mainly vegetables/herbs and getting its distinctive taste mainly from fish bellies preserved in brine and daun kaduk (wild pepper leaf).

Nasi Ulam is a herbed rice comprising a variety of shredded thinly and mixed raw into hot rice with pounded dried shrimp, salt fish and chopped shallots.

Kerabu Bee Hoon a salad dish comprising rice vermicelli mixed with sambal belacan, honey lime juice and finely-chopped herbs and spices.

Other salad dishes are

Kerabu Bok Nee black fungus

Kerabu Kay chicken

Kerabu kay Khar chicken feet

Kerabu Timun cucumber

Kerabu Kobis cabbage

Kerabu Kacang Botol four angled bean

Kerabu Bak Poey pork skin

Itek Tim or Kiam Chye Ark Th'ng a soup of duck and preserved mustard leaf and cabbage flavoured with nutmeg, mushrooms, tomatoes and peppercorns.

Jiew Hu Char shredded vegetables like turnip, carrot, and cabbage and fried together with thinly shredded dried cuttlefish.

Ter Thor T'ng' pig's stomach soup

Kiam Chye Boey is a mixture of leftovers from Kiam Chye Ark Th'ng, Jiew Hu Char, Tu Thor Th'ng and other dishes. "Boey" means "end".

Otak-Otak fish cake grilled in a banana leaf wrapping. The Penang Otak Otak is steamed

Ayam Pongteh, chicken stew cooked with salted soy beans. Usually saltish-sweet

Ayam Buah keluak, chicken dish cooked using the nuts of the "Kepayang" tree

Cincaok a side dish made of fermented shrimp.

Se Bak pork loin, marinated with herbs and spices, cooked long and slow.

Acar pickled meats and vegetables like honey lime, fried fish, salt fish, cucumber and mixed vegetables.

Ngoh Hiang also known as Lor Bak a fried, sausage like dish made from minced pork rolled up in soya bean curd sheets and deep fried.

Masak Lemak vegetable stew with coconut milk. Number of different styles of masak lemak. One uses spinach. Another has sweet potato.

Masak Titik vegetable soup with peppercorns. One style uses watermelon rind another uses green or semi ripe papaya.

Lam Mee long yellow rice noodles cooked in a rich gravy made of prawns and chicken. Masak Belanda is sliced pork and salt fish simmered together with tamarind juice.

Nasi Kunyit glutinous rice cooked with turmeric. Often served with coconut milk chicken curry, "Ang Ko

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6. Re: MUST EAT - which food?

lol! Esor!

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7. Re: MUST EAT - which food?

Esor, you should move here. Then again perhaps not ... or you'd have to watch your waistline!

My all time fav: Hainanese Chicken Rice, boneless, breast meat with loads of soup on the side! And for dessert, cendol ... perfect for hot weather! Yummy!

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8. Re: MUST EAT - which food?

LOL, typical Nigel when talk about food...one whole long list/page.

My picks for KL food(a must have for me):

1) Bak Kut Teh - at Ban Li Coffee Shop, Jalan Ipoh

2) Steamed Fish Head - at Jalan Lima, off Jalan Chan Sow Lin

3) Fried Hokkien Mee/"Dai Look Min"

4) Ampang Yong Tau Foo

Those Penang food in KL..., er, taste different from the originals in Penang.

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9. Re: MUST EAT - which food?

Food is easy to find in KL, I am sure you have already been introduced to Malaysian food esp if you live in Melbourne where there are hoardes of Malaysians and SIngaporeans living there and opening Chinese restaurants. Head to petaling street or any food court for a huge range of local dishes. If you are not the kind to like to sit by the roadside; you can also head to madam Kwans at KLCC or Pavilion. They have a good menu for Malaysian food.

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10. Re: MUST EAT - which food?

way to go esor!! maggieomx