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is 10 nights too long in KL for first timer with 2 children?

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is 10 nights too long in KL for first timer with 2 children?

hi we are looking to visit malaysia soon and want to stay in KL either at the Westin or Mandarin Oriental or perhaps Park Royal for 10 nights. we want to relax and shop and eat and enjoy time off all together with our children,

the option is i suppose is to visit penang but would the whole travel and more flight thing waste a day and be more hassle than it was worth as the beaches are average in penang and we would be using a pool anyway? or is it worth it?

we have been to thailand heaps (6 times) and we are looking forward to eating our way around another culture.

any suggestions would be welcome. we could almost do 14 days at a pinch. we were looking at doing chiang mai and KL but due to the unrest in thailand we have decided not to as our children are so small. (3 and 12 months)


C :D

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1. Re: is 10 nights too long in KL for first timer with 2 children?

I don't claim to be an expert on KL but in my experience there aren't too many major cities in the world that you'd want to spend 10 nights in with small children.

Perhaps spend some extra time in Batu Ferringi (Penang beach area) or better still a few days in Langkawi in one of the beach resorts. Both Penang and Langkawi are easily accessible by a short reasonably priced flight from KL.

That's my opinion, I've no doubt people will suggest other possibilities, don't forget, no matter what you choose to do it's a holiday, enjoy!!

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2. Re: is 10 nights too long in KL for first timer with 2 children?

I think 10 days is a long time. I guess it depends what you like doing, its a big city and there are excursions you could do like the fireflies and monkeys, malacca, theme parks etc. I know what you mean by losing a day though. If it were me I would stretch it out to 12 or 14 days and add something else in


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3. Re: is 10 nights too long in KL for first timer with 2 children?

I agree with Lynne - if you can add a day or two it is worth moving somewhere else.

We really enjoyed Penang. Even though the beach is not great, the atmosphere is very relaxed and the food is wonderful.

Ten nights is a long time in a small hotel room.

The other thing I'd consider, if you want to just do KL - then don't just book a hotel room. Look at a serviced apartment. The Crown Regency Serviced apartments are often mentioned on this forum and they have good prices the closer to the time you book.

We have stayed at Sarang Galloway with two families - an award winning B&B in the Bukit Bintang area. It is a real local experience and the owners are very helpful. You would have more space somewhere like this and be able to spread out and relax. You could even combine two places to stay - stay in a 5 star hotel for half the time and then move to an apartment (or Sarang Galloway).

Sad to hear you can't get to Chiang Mai.


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4. Re: is 10 nights too long in KL for first timer with 2 children?

Yes I think 10 nights is to long in KL a short flight to Langkawi wouldn't be a problem. Also an apartment is a great idea we did that on our last visit to KL and stayed in an apartment at the Royale Chulan in a fantastic new 2 bed apartment, very cheap rates as it is new, beware you can only book the apartments direct not on their online booking .

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5. Re: is 10 nights too long in KL for first timer with 2 children?

thanks for all you advice. is there a lot to do on Langkawi? i will look at that forum i suppose! but yes will look further into an apartment perhaps for KL, we want that whole luxury hotel feel though along with it...will explore options i think.



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6. Re: is 10 nights too long in KL for first timer with 2 children?

I would think Langkawi has lots do do, compared to Kl for 10 Nights, more beach activities etc. The Royale Chulan apartments are 5 star and defiantly luxury with a huge buffet breakfast every morning , the prices are just very cheap because it is a new hotel oh and it has a great large pool, just beautiful.

Perth, Australia
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7. Re: is 10 nights too long in KL for first timer with 2 children?

Hi there.

We spent 10 days in KL last year with our 2 1/2 yr old granddaughter.

It wasnt too long, in fact it wasnt long enough.

She still needed her afternoon nap every day. She didnt always have a nap at home,but she certainly needed a nap in KL. So we got into this routine with her. Do some touring in Morning. Once it got really hot, we would head to some air con, whether it be shops or hotel.

By the time she ate lunch, which is not a quick thing with small kids, she was ready for a nap. After her nap, as it was still hot, we would go to the pool. By the time she was showered and dressed, it had started to cool down. So we did some more touring, or went to shops, markets with her.

We had to go to Chinatown earlier as by nighttime you couldnt push the stoller there as it was so crowded. By the time we had tea around 7 or 8 pm she was ready for shower, and play with her toys, read a book, and she went to bed.

A few times we tried to do a bit more in the day, but this was too much for her, so we did things slowly, and she coped much better.

There was so much we could do with her in KL, but there just wasnt enough time to do it all.

If you get a chance you must go to aquarium and have a coloured characture picture done of you kids. Its a real treasure.

Make sure you get a hotel with a pool and some cover to protect kids from sun.

We had to catch taxis mostly as it was a bit difficult with her and her stoller, nappy bag etc to get on trains, buses etc.

We bought a cheap stroller to use in KL, as the one at home was a bit bulky and heavier (and its still going). But it didnt have good wheels on it (small plastic) and we found it a bit difficult to steer on some of the wonky footpaths. Hubby ended up carrying her while I carried stroller. Next time will pay a bit more and get better quality stroller.

We were lucky as 4 of our kids (including her parents), were with us in KL, but hubby and I volunteered to do babysitting, so they could do a lot more in day and at night time. So when we were all together, the load of carrying her was shared.

But one day we decided to do Hop on, Hop off bus, within 10 mins she was asleep, so we went back to hotel and the kids continued on with bus.

Hope this helps.

Cheers. Danuta. Perth.

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8. Re: is 10 nights too long in KL for first timer with 2 children?

Think it depends on what you pack into the days and what pace you want to go about in this trip.

With small childrens needing naps in the afternoon and the danger of having them out in the sun too long, you may need a longet than the usual tourist to explore KL.

Penang is worth to visit, Melaka too.

Melbourne, Australia
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9. Re: is 10 nights too long in KL for first timer with 2 children?


I am travelling in July 2010 for 10 days with a 6 and 3 year old. I have booked a 2 bedroom apartment at Fraser Place. I prefer this over a hotel room as it gives you extra space, a seperate lounge room and a kitchen with plates,bowls.cups, cutlery which are useful for preparing small snacks. I also don't think 10 days is too long, particularly if you don't feel cramped. I have decided to stay at One World in Petaling Jaya for the first 3 days so we have a hotel close to the activities we want to do at Sunway.

As pointed out by others, when you travel with small children you basically lose the hours from 12 -3pm out of your day as they need to sleep. They are also in bed by 7-8pm, so this places large limitations on how far you can go and what you can see in one day. What a childless couple can see in 5 days, takes a family 9-10. If it helps, this is roughly our plan (..but may change as we go), each day is an 'activity' combined with some down time around the kids pool, or in the kids activity room (at Fraser):

Day 1. Not much...don't arrive until PM

Day 2. Sunway Lagoon

Day 3 Sunway Shopping centre and Icestaking/bowling

Day 4 One Utama and a general roam around to a park or other local attractions

Day 5 Elephant Santuary

Day 6 KLCC shops and big kiddy park

Day 7 Petronas Towers /Aquaria/ Science display (cant remember the name)

Day 8 Bird and Butterfly Park

Day 9 Mummy shopping day ..Pavillion, Sungei Wang.......- Fireflys at night.

Day 10 Last minute things...Fly home at night.

Based on that I could spend 20 days and have a few days off in between.

Good luck. I intend on doing a reasonable family trip report on my return. My child is having one week off school and her 'job' will be to keep on online travel diary of 'cool things for kids in KL'.


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10. Re: is 10 nights too long in KL for first timer with 2 children?


For 99.99% of first timers you will probaly find that 10days in KL is way to much. To be thonest 3-5 days and the majority of folks have had enought.

Most of the people who have stayed for 10days have, in all fairness, moved about to variouos hotels and / or done an awful lot full days out to places well out of town, like the Elephant Santuary. The 3 hotels you have shortlisted are all very central and within 10mins of each other.

So, it is possible with lots of planning an enteraining of the children, or I would head to Langakwi or Penang - a 40 / 30min flight away.

There have been several children based questions recently, check these out.


Also check out the ‘travel guide’ / ‘inside guides’, ‘hotels in . . .’ and ‘things to do’ in the left hand panel of this page,


Then on the right check out FAQs / top questions about . . . . . .


Also read JBR / just back reports / trip reports etc or search and read some of the questions already posted in this forum. Lots of really useful information about already posted.

There are some really useful information and brochures from the Tourism Malaysian about many places in Malaysia, have a read and see what appeals:


See what appeals to you, your time schedule and your budgets.

As questions similar to yours gets asked several times a day we set up some FAQs, look in the right panel part of the this screen, TOP QUESTIONS ABOUT KUALA LUMPUR ----->

You will find FAQs giving most of the information you will need to answer your questions in the following questions.

 FAQ Beaches near to KL

 FAQ Family JBRs

 FAQ KL popular sights

 FAQ KL Safety & Security

 FAQ KL sights Monorail or LRT

Have a great time.