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JBR - Malaysia - some general thoughts

Brisbane, Australia
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JBR - Malaysia - some general thoughts

We have posted more specifics about our travels in JBRs on Melaka, KL and Penang forums, as well as our travel from Singapore to Melaka on the Singapore forum.

General comments:

• People are friendly and courteous, not pushy or aggressive to get you to buy from them. Just as organisations are made or broken by people, countries can be too. Malaysia is a place to go and return to.

• Motorbikes sometimes surprisingly drive on the footpath.

• Motorbikes pass on LH side of vehicles

• There is usually minimal indication from vehicles turning or changing lanes. But the system seems to work. There would be far more road rage in Australia.

• Even with a green light to pedestrians, motorbikes will keep coming, even going through red lights, often in a game of bluff.

• Yellow taxis may be cheaper than the Red and White taxis

• Street signs are at eye level in KL, so it’s sometimes hard to identify where you are.

• Prices can be quoted as ++, that is plus service charge and plus government tax, not like Australia where the price is all inclusive.

• Highways and the cities were generally clean, well maintained, with no obvious graffiti.

• Public toilets. Often, there is no toilet paper, and the toilets are the ‘hole-in-the-ground’ type, like found in parts of Europe and Japan. Sometimes, there is a small fee to use the toilets, but one sometimes wonders what the toilet attendant does to maintain the toilet facility.

* The shopping mall hours of 10-10 are different to what we are accustomed to, especially as our biological clocks are set to early starts.

It was a great time and place to spend with my wife on our anniversary.


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1. Re: JBR - Malaysia - some general thoughts

Instead of creating another thread I will adding my $0.2 here too. Just came back recently and here are some of my thoughts…impression..experience..

1. I thought ppl as in taxi drivers sometimes drive tad bit recklessly. On two occasions our drivers almost run over ppl. The last time it happened, I was telling my husband that I am convinced of the fact that they don’t drive here well. We were going to Melaka that day and lo and behold on our way back in the bus we were stuck in traffic for 2+ hours (so total journey time took 5 hours as opposed to 2 hours ride)…and on the other side of the street (we were coming back to KL) there was an accident so big I have never seen anything like that before. Two private cars completely smashed, one car flipped upside down, one bus (looked like one of those transnational) roof missing and another bus in bad condition as well. It was horrific..so many ambulances and police cars, response team. It was BAD!

2. I also thought crossing street was some sort of game. Seriously. Didn’t like one bit about it. And be mindful of the motorcyclists.

3. Oh!!! The toilets in stations, and malls !!! GROSS!! Sorry ,if Malaysia needs to improve on one thing it gotta be their public toilets. Across the board, I found toilets to be maintained poorly, water all over, toilet paper missing, sits are mad nasty…on and on and on. And in some places they only have the squat toilets ..which I was used to once upon a time but not anymore. So, twice in two different places I had to ask to use the toilet for the disabled…first time, one of ladies was little bit annoyed with me…but I didn’t care.

4. With taxi I found whether they run on meter or you bargain the price- truthfully, it’s not much difference. As a matter of fact, once we told the driver to charge on meter but he wanted to fix a price…but guess what he agreed to run on meter and the price came $0.20 less than his quoted price. So, really not much difference-unless going long distance I guess.

5. And Blue cab charges more! Initial price is 6Rm as opposed to other taxies 3Rm.

6. If you are party of more than 2, for short distanced places I would say- get taxi. Don’t bother with Monorail.

Having said all that Malaysia is a GREAT place to visit, hands down one of our best trips to date!! My family is going there too in December!! Woo hoo..

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2. Re: JBR - Malaysia - some general thoughts

Excellent view points!

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3. Re: JBR - Malaysia - some general thoughts

Yes, you have some good points. There is more to fear from the traffic than theifs. Not all the lights work so it can be a little difficult at times. We got stuck in the middle of a multi laned road and were so scared, we didn't assess the situation properly before we started crossing, silly us. We were so lucky that there was a policeman on the other side and he blew his wistle and signalled us across. We were so grateful and never again.

You have a good point about the taxi's I think the taxi voucher system is a bit of a rip off.

As for the toilets, they aren't the best but at least they're readily available.

Kuala Lumpur certainly has a far way to go in improving infastructure but it does have it's own sort of quirky charm with both the old and the new.

Perth, Australia
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4. Re: JBR - Malaysia - some general thoughts

Hi there.

Motor bikes in KL. Grrrrr.

They think they own the footpaths.


melbourne australia
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5. Re: JBR - Malaysia - some general thoughts

My sentiments exactly. I never saw road rage and somehow everyone manages to keep out of each other's way without causing an accident. If we drove like that in Oz, there would be a lot of horn action.Same with crossing the road, just walk out in front of traffic with your hand up and they will stop or go around you.The motorcyclists are a law unto themselves. I love how they wear their jackets back to front so they don't get wind drag! The taxi fare perplexed me. Airport to the city in a Mercedes limo was RM74.50, return trip would have been double, but budget taxi was RM75 - go figure.There was an article the New Straits Times last week, regarding taxis, and what they should be charging.RM3 to get into the taxi, yet they all had RM6 on their meters when the journey began. One taxi we went in didn't even have seatbelts!

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6. Re: JBR - Malaysia - some general thoughts

Thank you all, this is useful..

Kuala Lumpur...
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7. Re: JBR - Malaysia - some general thoughts

Good JBR ... and all so true!! It's when you stop becoming a tourist and actually live here ... that's when the fun really begins!!! LOL.

Randolph NJ
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8. Re: JBR - Malaysia - some general thoughts

I think driving in NYC is easy compared to KL. The motor bikes are really crazy and get away with cutting cars off, passing any which way and really cause dangerous situations to pedestrians. Saw three very ugly wrecks while I was there and read about some awful tragedies in the local news of deaths on the road unfortunately. The taxi drivers are the same as in most places and do not drive well either. The toilets in public areas were gross. If I were a woman no way - I'd hold it until getting back to the hotel. I am honestly not a fan of KL after being there for a week. It was OK but I have plenty of over priced malls where I am too. The bird sanctuary was nice and Petrajaya was interesting (I never saw a brand new ghost town before) but after that I just didn't feel the charm unfortunately. Seemed crowded, not terribly friendly and malls, malls everywhere. I guess I don't get the draw but that is how I felt sadly. If I ever went back I'd try to get to Penang as KL just didn't do it for me.

Perth, WA
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9. Re: JBR - Malaysia - some general thoughts

Where do we book the Mercedes limo for RM74.50?

Edited: 20 October 2010, 18:30
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10. Re: JBR - Malaysia - some general thoughts

you think the drivers in malaysia are bad......!!

you want to see me drive!! lolx