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gumbet getting worse

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gumbet getting worse

Hi ive read through various forums that gumbet is going downhill ,as I write i am deciding whether or not to go back to gumbet for a third time .It seems that turkey is not the cheap option it used to be and also the people selling their eateries are becoming very antagonistic.So all in all it seems to me that it is becoming a very poor choice of a holiday resort .Please help me decide I know that the beach is very poor and dirty there but the people and the price used to make up for this ,any recent experiences would help me decide many thanks for reading this

Bodrum City, Turkey
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1. Re: gumbet getting worse

Well, don't know if I'm the right person to advise you .... but I'll give you my opinion and then somebody else may come along and give you theirs and you can see what you think!!

I was probably once one of the biggest fans going ... so much so that we bought a property out there. Couldn't get enough of the place, visited regularly for years and then lived there for six months of each year ... felt like we were really living the dream.

Last year, following the death of my partner, I went back five times .... each time being a little bit more disillusioned with Gumbet. I stayed there for three weeks this year and that really finished me off. In my opinion, Gumbet is dirtier, noisier and less friendly than it ever used to be. I also felt it to be more "threatening" when walking round. I never used to mind the hassle as I joined in the banter but this year being told to "f*** o**" because I wouldn't go in a shop was the last straw. There's nothing new in the shops so why would I need to go in every one and see what I saw last year?

I used to like the area round the Green House Apartments - but some bars, restaurants and shops round there are now just lying empty. Walking along Bar Street at night (not that I visit there but walked from a bar where I drank back to my apartment) was like running the gauntlet; more and more Turkish guys standing outside the bars/clubs ... it was like walking through a meat market.

There's not a lot of bars you can sit in and have a quiet conversation either .. loud banging music when you're trying to talk is so frustrating!!

Don't get me wrong, Gumbet will always have a special place in my heart as I have so many happy memories of times spent there in the past ... but in the future, I will return only for maybe a week a year, and then only to visit friends who live there permanently.

Sorry if this isn't the answer you wanted ... but it's my honest opinion. There's a few Facebook groups for people who love Gumbet and many of them are saying the same ... time to move on!!

Jak xx

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2. Re: gumbet getting worse

I dont think its just Gumbet that people feel like this about as other resorts have had the same complaints.

I have been going to Turkey since 1990 and have visited Icmeler every year for many years but after my May visit I doubt if we will return.

The hassle was worse,food not as good and the place didnt seem as clean.

The attitude of the hasslers will change next year when lots of folk give Turkey a miss!

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3. Re: gumbet getting worse

Hi jak its such a shame never seen negative about gumbet i wish things could change and it gets back to how it was, before its no longer a family holiday resort. Still a lot of nice people but some aggresive shop keepers we found. Will give it one more year i think as we love it and thefriends we have made over the last 9 years but some of them are leaving gumbet

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4. Re: gumbet getting worse

I hadn't been back to Gumbet for 8 years, until this year. We weren't staying there, our apartment was in Bitez, but we spent around half our evenings in Gumbet, and shopped there etc.

I actually think its the change of clientele in Gumbet (which is intentional) which has had the knock-on effect of more hassle from shopkeepers etc. There are many more AI hotels there now, which cater in the main for the Turkish and Russian holidaymakers. The Bar Street bars are totally geared up for the young Turks who traditionally used to spend their money in Bodrum instead.

There are far less British/Irish/Dutch tourists in Gumbet now, and they are the ones who traditionally spent the most money outside of their hotels. There also seem to be (to me after an 8-year break) more shops on the main streets, so theres even more competition among the shopkeepers. I was there in high season, last week of the English school holidays, and I really didn't think it was busy.

If you think the beach is poor, its not value for money, and its not cheap, then in your shoes OP, I wouldn't go back.

However, I don't think Turkey is bad value for money at all to be honest.

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5. Re: gumbet getting worse

Gumbet has never been my cup of tea,I much prefer Bitez but I think Elaine is right.In Bitez this year I noticed a lot less British and Irish visitors and a few less Dutch.There were however a lot of Swedish,some Check and Romanians.As they are all new visitors who as stated use AI may be they are being pursued for what money they do spend.Sorry but I dread the day that Russian tourists find my favourite resorts,Bitez &Dalyan as I think they spend little but demand a lot.Certainly they make their presence known.I now avoid resorts they have claimed as their own.When I go on holiday I go to spend and like to think I spread my money around as many resteraunts etc as possible,as they are all finding it hard now.

Dublin, Ireland
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6. Re: gumbet getting worse


If you have had enough of Gumbet why not try a different resort in the Bodrum area or another part of Turkey. It is a huge country and yes some of the resorts like Gumbet have become over commericalised but there are many that haven't so venture a bit further afield next year and you will find all the things you love about Turkey and none of the hassle

Have a look at this guide to see the other choices available still flying into Bodrum airport


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7. Re: gumbet getting worse

<<Hi ive read through various forums that gumbet is going downhill >>

not going, it's gone downhill, expecially in the past 12 months.

On sat night we was on about going again next year, as we meet up with a lot of other friends, so we do stay in quite a bit, and we do visit our safe bars (the one as 4 women, we won't get the hassle)

But this year even shopping, was a right pain in the rear, to be asked for £20 for a fake t-shirt, and then walking off, and being effed and jeffed at isn't fun.

I personally do not want to go back, but when as a group of friends we talk about where to go, if the majority want to go back to meet with others then yes there is a chance I will go. but they can go out for 2 weeks i'll fly out and meet them for 9 nights.

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8. Re: gumbet getting worse

Agree with you turkofile Gumbet has never been our cup of tea either... even when we stayed there 20 years ago we were not that fussed!

I got ordered out of a shop there years ago because this bloke kept following me and asking did I need help? and he turned nasty when I said "no i am just looking" and ordered us out screaming this is my shop get out!!!

My son likes to visit to buy clobber and there are a few nice guys that he buys off but it is always a quick visit although we did try a little Turkish place last visit for something to eat other than that we never bother to spend an evening there.... we also stopped for a beer as it said in HUGE writing outside on the blackboard.""Large Bira 5.99""" with an Efes logo above, however.. when the bill came it was 9lira for a beer..when i commented on it they said that was for Efes and the 5.99 was for Tuborg when we looked at the board on the way out it had in TINY smudged writing Turborb ....another con in our eyes don't these guys have the sense to know that you would never go back there???

As for Bitez - never seen SO many Brits there earlier this month! We commented on it as did lots of restaurants ....our beach spot and next door were 99% Brits.Now in August it was a differant matter packed to the rafters with Turks they were even bringing their own chairs on the beach as there were no sunbeds available and even as you left around 5ish they were waiting to grab your bed!!! It was the end of Ramadan though so a lot of them did not come in July their usual month ...Number 34 number plates everywhere!

We also noticed more so than ever this Summer on our trips that a lot times an extra bottle of water was added on our beach bill we are only talking 4 lira but not very nice at all....! It was never questioned when pointed out though just crossed off the bill.

But it must be pointed out also that we put a 50 lira note too much in our bill at our favourite restaurant and they returned it to us right away (we would not have known) honesty at it's best hey? they were rewarded with a litre of scotch that we were taking to a friend. :-)

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9. Re: gumbet getting worse

This is the first year for a very long time that we didn't go to Gumbet on holiday so I can't comment first hand on the changes but I have certainly heard a lot of people saying that it has changed for the worse, which is a real shame.

We have spoken to bar and restaurant owners over the last few years though who feared this would happen and they were blaming the hotels deciding to go AI for a lot of the problems, if people are eating and drinking at their hotels every night then there there is no-one spending money outside.

I have also heard the same about other resorts, particularly Marmaris.

We shall always return to Gumbet as it was our home for a long time and we have many friends out there but if it is the way people are describing then we will probably stay elsewhere on the Peninsula and just go in for visits. We actually prefer staying somewhere a little quieter now with the children.

I do find it very sad that it has gone downhill and I hope there is some way of reversing this but I have no idea how they will manage it.

West Yorkshire
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10. Re: gumbet getting worse

I too am a seasoned Gumbet visitor and have been going there regularly for at least 10 years. The bars we visit, including the 'spin off' bars owned by guys originally from the 'main bars', are pretty much as they always have been. We are well entertained by fun guys who are clearly dedicated to making our holidays the best they can, we have such a good laugh. However, we soon work out which bars are trying to flog diluted drinks and they will lose that business from us completely. There are plenty more to choose from that don't do that.

To be fair we don't buy loads of shopping...you can't really with the restricted baggage allowance. Three or four t shirts for DH, maybe a handbag for me and we would only ever buy from shops where staff are polite and respectful. The only shop where we came across an aggressive shopkeeper was in Bodrum. The guy was never going to sell anything to tourists with his attitude...fool!

I don't think Gumbet is as busy as it used to be and so competition between businesses must be fiercer....which is certainly not an excuse for shopkeepers being rude to the tourists there are. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you!

As I visit with my husband, I haven't experienced, or been aware of, the car stalking thing...which is very worrying. I have noticed that more Turks visit Gumbet than before and events are targeted at them. Can't really grumble about that. I've also noticed that Bar Street (which we only walk through back to our hotel) has far more loitering Turkish men, though I never saw or heard about them causing any trouble to anyone.

As I don't enjoy holidays in Spain or Greece half as much as I enjoy them in Turkey, I will still go there. I still think that if you shop around you can get a really good value for money holiday in Turkey.

I hope that some of the businessmen in Gumbet take the trouble to look at these boards and pick up on the negative themes. Their future success depends on it really.

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