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Where to stay at Kho Tao

Which Koh Tao hotels are on sale?
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Where to stay at Kho Tao

What is the best resort at the island. Is it aany 5 star resorts or hotel`s

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1. Re: Where to stay at Kho Tao

Coral Grand is probably an idea to considor, though certainly not 5 star , it has been around many years and popular.

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2. Re: Where to stay at Kho Tao

I am surprised that you are asking this question as your constant defence of Anankhira in the last few months has been amazing, especially as you have never stayed there. Also, I remember you have posted that you had booked a few weeks at Anankhira for 2006! I hope it goes well for you because it would be lucky to get a 3* from me! Even if it was in a good position and running properly with hot water, clean pools, a good food service and beauty treatments as advertised it would still only be a 3* maximum. The villas are nice but they are much, much smaller than advertised.

If you want the nearest to 5* accomodation on Kho Tao then go to the Ko Tao resort. It is a nice hotel with a beautiful pool and fantastic air conditioned rooms. We had room 101 which had a private balcony with a jacuzzi pool, two queen sized beds, a kitchen and a great view overlooking the bay and pool.

You will also get great food at a reasonable price. Room 101 was 5500bht per night and if you are truly after 4/5* accomodation then I think it may be the one for you.

Hope you enjoy Kho Tao!

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3. Re: Where to stay at Kho Tao

Koh Tao resort,Sensi Paradise,Charm Churee.

Good sensible resorts and fairly priced.Charm Churee has its own private beach -and a very nice one too.

I hope you enjoy your stay Thomas.Now that you have realised the truth about Anankhira it seems more likely.

BTW Koh Tao has lots of wooden bungalows for rent.A nice sized (approx 60 sqm) bungalow without sea view would run at about 7,000 baht per month.Fully furnished cement house for 15,000 a month.

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4. Re: Where to stay at Kho Tao

Hello here,

if you want the short version of my post:

-never go to anankhira, book something else on the island ( ex. koh tao cabana )

if you want to know why, continue to read.

in the end, we are very disapointed in this resort.

at the first day, after the horrible boat-transfer, we have been happy to be at koh tao and to be at our hotel, it looked nice.

like described by brent, it is not a westerised 5 star resort like you can find on koh samui, it is nicely made, rustic.

you have a comfortable living-room, a nice sleeping room, and depending on the villa you have ( actually there are only two ), you have a "outdoor"-bath, or a small bathroom.

the nicer bathroom is the one of the villa on the left side when walking down from reception.

but as they dont know how to construct buildings, these villas are already looking in some parts, as if they are ten years old without renovation.

if you go there, you can hope, that it will not rain, because water comes throug the roof on many many places...also in the small cabin, wich you must identify as your room to store your clothes...

unfortunatley, the didn't put anything inside, where you should hang your clothes,...you just can put your luggage on the bottom or on the small table..but be aware of the rain, because after a rain, everything inside your bag will be wet and brown. the brown color comes from the the color they paint the wood of the roof..

we had this in the first villa we stayes.

but dont even expect, that if you tell this to the service-personal, that you get an excuse for the damaged clothes, or that they will put your things in a dry place,...no they just put a towel on the bottom and wait until it stops to rain.

you wont find anything to put your wet towels on, nothing at all, you can put it perhaps inside your sleeping room on the roof-construction. if you like white towels, bring your own ones, towels of anankhira have almost brown spots of i dont know what..

the shower you find in the bathroom is broken, and if you are a women and have longer hair, dont wash your hairs to often, because with the 2 ml water that come out of the shower, you will need about half a day to get out the shampoo. you could perhaps jump into the pool to clean your hair of the shampoo ( if you like green algs instead )..

in the second villa, the small luggage room ist smelling awfully, the wooden bottom is full with funghi (?), mushrooms..because of the humidity wich also comes from the roof...

the bathroom here is also smelling like an open pipe from a toilet, not very nice..

if you want to use the aircondion in the room, don't expect something quiet, even expect ( in the first villa ) that you wont close an eye during the night, noise, vibrations an clickering sounds will fill the air....

ah, you could ask the personal about this, if they could do anything against these vibrations...they will "check it for you"..

next day, when you come back, and say, that nothing changed, they will check it again, and in the third day, when you ask them not to check, either to repair it, they say that they cant repair it...

if you are lucky like we have been, the next villa is empty and you can move there...

the aircondition really is more quiet, but still so loud, that you will prefer not to use it.

never expect you get the things you order for breakfast, there is always something missing, even if you say it twice before.

and dont expect something good, you get just some toast, instant coffee, if you are lucky some fruit, and if you have a good relationship to god, perhaps he can arrange it that you get a fruitjuice..

but everyday, there is something, you wont get whith the answer, that the boat with the merchandise didn't come to koh tao..

you can then go down to sairee beach, there you get everything.

but pay attention when walking down to the beach, because there is a great danger to break your feet, or legs on the way to there.

the path connection the resort to the street is nearly unusable, in the night never go there, you really will brake your bones !!

and if you have reached in the night the resort, don't expect that they will turn on the lights inside the resort, so that you could find the steps in the garden,...the dont turn it on because it is too dangerous with the humidity !!

and the view to the beach could be nice, if there werent the big pillars of rubbish 50 m away...

and as there are in the moment only two villas, the other ones are still in construction...the workers begin at about 8:30 am with the works...so..don't sleep to long...

all in all, they pretend to be the best on the island, they take the triple price of some other good resorts, there is no service at all, they even dont offer laundry service.....most things they pretend to offer on their really well done web site are different in reality.

they took 5500 Bath/night from us for the 2 weeks stay, for 1700-2200 ( high season 3000 bath ) you get a really very nice room in kohtao cabana, down on sairee beach, at the end of the beach, very quiet and in a nicely made park. i recommend to take this, you dont have there a separate living room, but everything else. You have around a lot of different restaurants you can choose from.

in ananhira food is not at all recommendable, and in the evening, you cant really walk the way down to the beach or back..

ah, and a last thing...we left anankhira 4 days earlier than booked..

we told it to them, and we told that we will leave next morning..

be sure that you wont get your last breakfast, be sure they will do everything, not to answer the phone, even if they are 5 meters beside the since 10 minutes ringing phone, be sure you will not get a cent back for the clothes they damaged, for the nights you couldnt sleep, for the rubbish around, for the dirty water in the pool,

just don't go to anankhira !