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Visiting delhi for the first time

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Visiting delhi for the first time

I am currently thinking about a trip to delhi in November, however I have heard horrendous stories about delhi. Being in a taxi and the taxi not driving you to your hotel but to travel agencies, not being able to buy train tickets because of people hounding you. I am very nervous about it, can anyone ease my worry?

new delhi
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1. Re: Visiting delhi for the first time

i dont know who is feeding you these stories. things are in a good shape here. you can book all your train tickets online, also there are lot of low cost airline which gives compitition to railways.

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2. Re: Visiting delhi for the first time

But one advice is that plan well in advance and have your reservations in place, so that you dont need to run around for train reservations. Further if you are booking in advance on the lowcost airlines you also save a lot

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3. Re: Visiting delhi for the first time

Plan well in advance to avoid nasty surprises and also the best prices could be found when booked in advance.

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4. Re: Visiting delhi for the first time

Flop - while what the others have said is very true, you should understand that you will get a lot of hassle and things wont always be as easy as they should be. And yes, taxi drivers, rickshaw drivers etc will always try and pull something but you have to be firm and vigilant and simply threaten to leave the vehicle without paying if they try any funny business. Never pay in advance!

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5. Re: Visiting delhi for the first time

The responses above all all correct regarding rail & airline bookings. However your query is about taxi drivers in delhi. they are anything but reliable -- i am specifically talking about the black & yellow metered taxis.

fortunately there is an alternative. their taxis as slightly more expensive, but 8/10 times (as opposed to (1/10)) you will get a reliable service. the taxi company is mega cab (1929).

Here is their website: http://www.megacabs.com/

Regarding general safety etc. read the intro chapters to Lonely Platet books.

I am afraid to say so, but there have been some pretty nasty cases of rape etc. with taxis & unsuspecting foreigners.

be especially careful at the airport upon arrival regarding which taxi service you use. Mega Cab has a stand in the DEL domestic airport. Not sure on Intl side, but you should be able to call + book one in advance for your arrival.

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6. Re: Visiting delhi for the first time

Hiya, I agree with most of the above, although don't let the message above scare you. As far as I know cases of rape are less common than London, and I haven't yet met anyone who has been robbed or anything like that by taxi drivers or anyone else in Delhi. While it's true that drivers of taxis (rickshaws, people on the street etc etc) are always trying to persuade you to visit places where they get commission- especially 'markets' and particular hotels- it is just something you encounter in most developing countries I have been to, and I find it less threatening here than some other places. I am a lone female in Delhi and find hassle sometimes irritating but not threatening. I have not yet had a rickshaw driver (or taxi etc) take me anywhere but where I asked to go- although they may be sulky about it. You just need to be firm. I now always say I am meeting my boyfriend outside where I want to go- that way they understand that you're not going anywhere else and don't try to persuade you any more. As for the train station, you need to buy tickets from the office for foreigners on the first floor- not anywhere else. Once you know that, you just say no to anyone who says they can get you cheaper tickets- that the office is closed, trains are full etc. Nobody will prevent you from buying train tickets, or be at all threatening, just 'hello- where are you going? You want a bus? Ah, you don't want that train" just say "Yes I do, I want to sit outside the closed office then etc" Once you get there, the foreigners office is really quite nice. It's air conditioned, friendly, with seats and helpful staff.. in fact- if you're from the UK, better than most train offices in England?! And sometimes less of a queue. Once in the office you don't get hassled at all so it's a nice place to hang out while waiting for trains. It is hectic getting there, but not scary. If you want to save yourself the hassle- mid-range hotels will often go and pick up tickets for you for a small fee, and lots of people have said getting tickets on the internet is easiest way, altho I've never done that. Basically, you will get hassled- but it is not nearlly as bad as hassle I have received in many parts of Africa or South America- and once you get used to it, is all part of the experience. I've found that you get a lot less hassle the more rural you go- with the worst of all hassle being in Agra. If you're a girl, the more you cover up- the less hassle you get. All in all, I've been to delhi a few times and quite like it!

x x

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7. Re: Visiting delhi for the first time

Hi flop,

The best idea is reserve your first night room with arrival by personal car so you don`t have to face many problem, becouse thease problems you know know, But taxi drivers from airport they make many stories to cheat you.

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8. Re: Visiting delhi for the first time

Delhi is fine, you will get hastled a bit and taxi drivers may ask for more but will back down fairly easy and remember if the worst came to the worst and you felt you had to pay its so little anyway!

I would book hotels in advance if you can just so your not panicked about it and getting places on time etc.

You will feel a bit over stimulated at first and a bit worried but within a day or so you'll notice the people are so friendly and helpful. They will not try to rip you off or con as some asian countries will (in my experience).

It is a great place to visit and you will remember it fondly.....just dont get the night train to Delhi!!!!

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9. Re: Visiting delhi for the first time

I just returned from India and had no serious problems in Delhi (I'm a 53 year old woman) but you do have to be on your guard, as the other posts suggest. Just be confident about where you want to go and get your driver to give you a quote in advance. If a driver tries to talk you into going somewhere you don't want to go, just get out of the vehicle. There will be dozens of other cabs and rickshaws wanting your business! I found almost all of them to be very helpful.I suggest you stay in a good hotel (we loved Claridge's and got a really good internet rate). Have your hotel buy your train tickets -- they will charge you a couple of dollars but it's really worth it. You do not want to navigate the train stations more than you have to....Yes, people will hound you but just keep moving -- you don't owe anyone an explanation. The more confident you appear, the better off you will be so don't be nervous and have a good trip!

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10. Re: Visiting delhi for the first time

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