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Chilamate Eco Resort

My hubby and I have 3 nights booked in September that we are really looking forward to. Tonight I received an email from the owner saying that there will be a group of 40 students/chaperones there at the same time. They are staying in the hostel and will be out doing things during the day.

My question for anyone who has stayed here is, how intrusive are 40 kids going to be? We are booked into cabin #1 and I have no idea where this is in relation to the hostel. We are not really big kid lovers at the best of times and were hoping for a quiet retreat. Not sure we're going to find that now :(

The owner explained that the meal times are the challenge, but we might go out to eat if there are other restaurant options within a reasonable driving distance at night!

Help! We're not sure if we should be changing our plans or not!