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September jollies in Dalyan

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September jollies in Dalyan

Hi everyone and apologies for the delay in reporting back...we had another fantastic holiday in Dalyan but I've been nursing some serious Dalyan blues since we got back on Wednesday morning (a good 26 hours after our planned return but you all know that story lol!)

Our holiday started with a fabulous 3 day stay in Istanbul...here is a link to my trip report on the istanbul forum...


We finally arrived in Dalyan late evening on the 19th September and made it as far as Sinans for a quick efes and a shared plate of chips before the desire to sleep overcame us!

We were staying at our villa in gulpinar for 11 night but had 6 guests (family/friends) with us for 7 days of that so not much time to relax...

Some of our highlights included:

The weather! Absolutely perfect...I love this time of year in Dalyan: sunny days; balmy summer nights; not a drop of rain and less humidity than high season! Oh, and pomegranates EVERYWHERE!

Moonlight cruise on the lemon lounge - a very subdued evening where we had the pleasure of meeting Murdo and blackdouglas amongst others. It wasn't exactly the 'party' atmosphere we were expecting and I think we actually prefer the olive lounge boat but it was still a lovely way to spend an evening with fantastic food! I've never done a moonlight trip before so have nothing to compare this to, but it was very much a 'couples' night with stargazing, 'romantic' mood lighting and love songs playing so don't expect a wild night out!

Some great evening meals (as always) at altin tava, wishing well, bistro blue (HUGE portions), firats, cagri and, a new discovery for us, Lime! 8 of us turned up there on a Saturday night and it was completely full so we had to book a table for the following night. The food was excellent and I've even told to recommend the sea bass and the plank steak...the only slight disappointment was the total lack of veggie options on the menu (only 2 pasta dishes). We had 3 vegetarians in our party of 8 and the staff seemed more than happy to accommodate our order of a veg casserole, veg fajitas and a veg curry (all tasty) but I still couldn't help feeling disappointed that we had to request these dishes aside from the normal menu...surely it's not that hard to include a vegetarian section on the menu?

A homemade Turkish breakfast spread on our terrace including eggs, cheese, salami, tomato, cucumber, olives, bread, honey and jam enjoying the peace and quiet, admiring the mountain scenery, watching the birds and the butterflies...

Lazy days after our guests had left including a 'pyjama party' for two at the villa with a Chinese takeaway, angora wine and dvd's lol

Live music, cocktails, tambourines and bongos at Sunrays on more than one occasion...

Putting the faces to the names of some TA members at the LT's meet - we couldn't stay too long as our guests were waiting round the corner but it was great to chat to some of you :)

A huge breakfast spread at Ekin followed by a few hours at the beach...Loved visiting the turtle sanctuary but absolutely heartbreaking seeing a couple of loggerheads with absolutely horrendous injuries caused by fisherman! :(

The wild boar night at Asena! Thanks to Murdo, Bobbie, scouser, dangelabarry, happychappy, loumess, nursecarol and respective others for a great night! It was quite a laid back evening but we enjoyed some great food, music and conversation...I even got up to dance which doesn't happen very often haha! The evening did end on a slightly sour note though as volkan announced he had separated from his wife and had only returned to Dalyan for this one final night :(

Lovely, tasty, relaxing lunches at Dalyan iz cafe, Central Park and sevgi gozleme as well as delicious takeaway pizza from jiks bar on our last afternoon!

Pampering sessions at BC spa and kugu in town (I deserved it after completing the great north run and walking round Istanbul for three days y'know!!!)

And only a couple of lowlights:

Disappointing restaurants! The gecit used to be one of our favourite restaurants in Dalyan but we have been disappointed on the last few occasions due to poor service and long waiting times between courses...we gave it yet another chance but 8 of us waited 90 mins between starters and mains again this time and have come to the conclusion that they really can't cope with parties of more than four! Also disappointed with Ramazan Han (normally in our top 5)...the food was lovely as usual but we were left with a sour taste in our mouths after a very rushed meal, average service and numerous problems with our bill (sent it back 3 times due to overcharging...2x bottles of wine when we only had one, double price for main courses, extra beers etc). Hoping it was a one off as the food really was excellent as always!

The other half shouting at me to 'come and see the unusual wildlife ' on the driveway of the villa which turned out to be a SNAKE!!! Albeit nearly dead with numerous sharp puncture marks all over its body (we're convinced the cat killed it)

Cocktails at the rock bar - normally one of my favourite bars but I have to say the cocktail were really rubbish this time...the margarita I ordered was (almost) undrinkable :(

Our return flight. 26 hours of travelling from door to door and being forgotten about by TC and left at dalaman airport on our own! In fairness the reps and cabin crew were very good after the initial mix up but the icing on the cake for me was when they gave everyone on the plane a free meal but had no veggie meals so I had to go without! Livid! ;/

All in all, another absolutely fantastic (albeit laid back) holiday in Dalyan and already counting down the days to my next visit. My sister is out in Dalyan at the minute and is teasing me with daily reports...oh, what I'd give to be back there now!


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1. Re: September jollies in Dalyan

Brilliant! We probably crossed paths in Sun Ray without realising, was in there most nights for the last fortnight. Always thought Istanbul before Dalyan wasn't do-able from NCL, but you've proven otherwise. Might have to revisit that idea. Thanks as always for an interesting read Sel!


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2. Re: September jollies in Dalyan

Well done,sums up Dalyan perfectly.So much to do there.

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3. Re: September jollies in Dalyan

Great report, wish I was going back soon but as I only won a tenner on the lotto this week I will have to wait until next year now. Did you get to try Nar Danesi this time?

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4. Re: September jollies in Dalyan

Great report Sel.

I did do a previous longer reply...but it was lost in the defective cyber space of my dysfunctional computer. So good to meet up tho.

Regards, Mx.

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5. Re: September jollies in Dalyan

Great trip report Sel and I loved your report on Istanbul.

I wish I were there too, rain and all I think I would like to see Dalyan in a different season.

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6. Re: September jollies in Dalyan

Lovely report Sel, really enjoyed reading. There's a few reports I'll have to read through after my absence from the forum for a while.. Going back to work is a killer after 6 weeks off so haven't had the motivation to do anything else for a few weeks! Hopefully not long until you get back there :)

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7. Re: September jollies in Dalyan

Smashing review Sel, so sorry to read of your nightmare return flight, not a good ending to what sounds like a brilliant holiday.

Really sorry to here about Volkans marriage split, I met him and his wife in July at a "wild boar" night, they seemed such a lovely couple, and have obviously worked so hard to make the hotel and their special nights a success.......what a shame.

I'm back to Dalyan next Sunday, expecting a mixed bag weather wise, but still can't wait! Hope our paths cross one trip as there are so many names on the forum that I would love to put a face to!

Thanks again Sel for bringing the Dalyan dream alive!!

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8. Re: September jollies in Dalyan


Nice reports (the Istanbul one could be very useful next year).

Feeling the Dalyan blues myself this afternoon, piles of washing, 5 days on a course (with exams) in Birmingham next week etc etc.

Surprised about Ramazan Hans. Did you get bitten at all on Moonlight on LL? Did a moonlight on one of our first trips and did not really enjoy, plus we are not bothered about the Mudbaths. But may reconsider for next year however Ivy Lounge will also be up and running.


West Yorks
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9. Re: September jollies in Dalyan

Well Sel, what a FABULOUS report! Hubby and I have just returned from an overnight stay in the Dales and we were both engrossed in your Istanbul and Dalyan trip reports over breakfast this morning.

I love to see the orchards in and around Dalyan bursting with pomegranates, and of course the fresh juice is great at this time of year. Very thirst quenching.

I'm surprised at the lack of veggie options at Lime, especially as it's getting such great reviews. Hopefully they will see there is a demand and will cater accordingly. I was interested to hear about your experience of the wild boar evening too, as we thoroughly enjoyed this in June - what a sad ending to a lovely evening, and dare I say a little bit insensitive of Volkan to leave it on a down note - surely nobody needed to know about him leaving? I'm sad to hear that he's going, and of course it's awful for any marriage to break up so I wish him well, and Sebnem too. It would seem from another post that they drew time on their personal relationship a while ago and have kept things on a professional, business level. Such a shame though. I wonder if Sebnem's staying on at the Asena?

So what became of the snake in your garden? I think I wouldn't have rested until it had been evicted to the dense scrub over the road haha! Or preferably a bit further away.

Not long to your next Dalyan fix Sel. You'll soon run out of fingers to count on - lucky you! :-)

Newcastle upon...
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10. Re: September jollies in Dalyan

Thanks everyone... The delay coming home was just one of those things unfortunately but definitely not enough to spoil a lovely holiday!

L2R, the snake was pretty much dead by the time we found it and my OH was instructed to promptly very rid of it into the waste land. I do love all the wildlife in Dalyan but that's the first time we've had a snake in the garden and hopefully the last!!!!

Simon, I can honestly say the mozzies seemed to be at an all time low on this visit to Dalyan! When we went in May, I was eaten alive but this time I only came home with three bites and I got all of those in the last two days! I only put sin kov on for the moonlight cruise (no bites) and the wild boar night (2 bites)... The rest of the time I didn't bother with anything!

By the way, I'm glad some of you enjoyed my istanbul report too... If you have the opportunity to go there, I would highly recommend you do so! Next year, we'll be visiting Ankara for the first time as my youngest sister has just gone over to work there for a year :)


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